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Chinese food in Corpus Christi

by amlwood 15 years ago

Can anyone recommend a Chinese restaurant (sit-down) in Corpus Christi? My husband and I are staying in Port Aransas, and I know there's nothing here on the island. I'm always nervous to try a Ch...

Corpus Christi / Port Aransas / San Antonio trip

by ab818 15 years ago

Hi, I'm a semi-long-time reader but first-time poster. My boyfriend and I will be going on a short trip in December to Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, and San Antonio. Any recommendations for good lo...

Thanksgiving dinner in Corpus Christi?

by zorra 15 years ago

We are going to Corpus with extended family members (all adults) for Thanksgiving, staying at our favorite B & B, the fabulous George Blucher House. Their amazing breakfasts will keep us going for ...

Thanksgiving dinner in Corpus Christi? (and a special birthday)

by zorra 15 years ago

I tried this about a month ago with no response--maybe someone will be able to help this time. We are four adults, spending the holiday at the sumptuous George Blucher House in Corpus. Tracy Love S...

Corpus Christi Seafood

by Paul Mollica 17 years ago

Any advice on a moderately fancy seafood restaurant in Corpus Christi?

Las Milpas in Corpus Christi

by dee lannon 15 years ago

Hey there - We are in CC for a couple of days...stocked up on past recommendations (headed out to Snoopy's right now) but wondering about a place near our hotel. In fact, I think the restaurant...

need locals & visitor help for corpus Christi Va-K

by gjohns 15 years ago

any helpful tips like tourist traps maybe we should avoid...we are all about "one the cheap" we love the wildlife aspect birds turtles etc....and any local favorite restaurants Our family 2 adult...

Corpus Christi -Republic of Texas Bar & Grill

by MAS 15 years ago

What's the scoop on this high-end place? What are good 'hound places in CC? Any price range/food, but especially BBQ? Thank much.

Corpus Christi- need suggestions for good chow

by Schaf 15 years ago

Will be in CC soon on business from the Midwest, but will have time to eat some good chow in CC & environs. Please help w/suggestions, particularly "local joints" that Texas Monthly or other media ...

Corpus Christi/Rockport , Texas

by Chad W. 15 years ago

Visiting family in Rockport, Texas Feb 18-22. Was hoping for some good food recomendations. All cuisines/prices considered. I live in New Mexico so some good seafood would be great. I heard Joe ...

Corpus Christi

by Chance 16 years ago

We are looking for great food in great places in Corpus Christi in the following areas: Steak Houses that serve fresh, dry aged, Prime or Kobe or Wagyu beef hopefully cooked over wood. Seafood ...

Food in Corpus Christie

by Bibliomaven 16 years ago

I will be in Corpus Christie/Alice this weekend. Can anyone recommend an great food/interesting dining experience? Thanks

Corpus Christi report

by bishopsbitter 16 years ago

Short trip to C.C. Labor Day Weekend. The food was quite nice there and the city itself felt more small-town than the sprawling likes of Austin or San Antonio. Very relaxed pace. At least on holida...

South Texas Road trip - Harlingen, Laredo, Corpus Christi

by jlawrence01 16 years ago

I need a vacation. I will be flying into Harlingen and meandering along the border to Laredo and then crossing over to Corpus Christi doing a little birding and enjoying the sights. I am looking...

What's good in Corpus Christi.

by charley 17 years ago

Will be traveling that way soon and looking for good local - especially seafood. Will be visiting Port Aransas - anything special there. Thanks!!

R there any decent places to eat IN CORPUS CHRISTI

by lucky lad 17 years ago

Asked this quistion last week, and received one reply. Hope I get some feed back or I will be stuck with Hotel food and/or MAc Donalds. :(

Corpus Christi report-long (Victoria too)

by Zorra 17 years ago

Well, there's lots of good food in Corpus: Thursday night: Italian at Mamma Mia's, downtown on Mesquite Street; there's no signage visible from Mesquite, but it's a freestanding yellowish building ...

NYC chowhound to Corpus Christi any Recommendations

by luckylad 17 years ago

Driving from Houston to Corpus Christi, Any recomendations for the drive down. Also need recommendations for places in and around Corpus Christi while we spend four days in town.

Corpus Christi vegetarian?

by Erika 18 years ago

Are there any restaurants in CC that have a decent vegetarian (not vegan) selection? My poor Northeast tastebuds can't handle meat. Thanks in advance.