Delicious Things to Do with Leftover Cornbread

A pan of cornbread fresh from the oven is a wonderful thing, but leftover cornbread can be just as amazing. Here are our favorite ways to use it—they're so good you might want to bake extra in the first...

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Comfort LA has the best cornbread this side of the Mississippi

by ipsedixit 5 years ago

Like sweet crack. Almost better than a buttermilk donut. On second thought, it probably is depending on one's mood and temperament. And leftovers? Go fantastic with a sunny-side up egg,...

Big Chickie Report

by EatFoodGetMoney 6 years ago

Summary: Delicious, I can't wait to go back, chicken is the star of the show. Since I'm nearby I figured I'd try the recently opened Big Chickie. Got there around 5:30, not too crowded, but by ...

cornbread on hotplate in a pot (don't have a cast-iron skillet)

by bloodboy 6 years ago

http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/724435 I saw the above thread and was going to post this question there but I didn't think I should bump an old thread. http://makingmamaskitchen.blogspot.com/2...

What do you add to JIFFY Corn Bread mix? Creative uses? (rop)

by annb 14 years ago

In particular, I want to make a sweet-ish cornbread with pieces or puree of corn in it. How would you add that (and modify the other ingredients)? Thanks!

help me use my box of jiffy cornbread mix. . .

by stuckinschool 14 years ago

to make some moist and delicious mini corn bread muffins for a cocktail/wine party. let me start off by saying that i have no idea about baking. secondly, i have the boxes already so i'd like...

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