Corn Flour

A Beginner’s Guide to Gluten-Free Flour

When the gluten-free movement moved in on us like a hurricane in the early aughts, many billed it as a fad diet or health trend-of-the-moment. A decade (and change) later, it’s clear that’s not the...

Goya Corn Flour, I'm Confused

by zackly 2 months ago

Does anyone know what Goya calls their corn flour? I don't want anything pre-cooked or treated with an alkali, just dried corn kernels ground fine into a flour? Thanks!

Corn, chilli and zucchini squares

by LakaKuharica 4 years ago

Chili gives these easy to make savory squares special kick, while zucchinis make them extra tender. Servings: 12 Total time: 60 min Prep time: 20 min Cook time: 40 min Ingredi...

Egyptian pupusas?! I can do it if I find a masa substitute!

by dosasuperstar 5 years ago

Hi everyone! Four summers ago I discovered Salvadorean cuisine at the lovely Balompié in SF, and I've loved pupusas ever since. Thing is, I live in Egypt and there's nowhere here I can get my fi...

Can cornflour be used to make cornbread?

by Lady_Tenar 9 years ago

I'm an American currently living in Ireland and I can't seem to find any cornmeal to make cornbread. I have found cornflour but I've never tried making bread with that. The back of the package give...

Is cornflour in UK baking the same as cornstarch in US baking?

by TerriL 10 years ago

Trying to figure out if cornstarch is the correct ingredient when 'cornflour' is called for in UK recipes. I can't imagine that it would be correct to use what we call corn flour in the US, as it i...

Uses of corn flour???

by Gracemama 9 years ago

A couple of weeks ago, my husband, who knows how much I love eating (and cooking) Mexican food, was grocery shopping when he stumbled across a package of corn flour.  He immediately snapped it up, ...

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