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cheap eats & corkage in Sherman Oaks, CA

by Theo 5 years ago

Looking for an inexpensive lunchtime spot in Sherman Oaks/Studio City that has a reasonable corkage fee. We do have our old standby of Cafe Bizou but were hopinbg to expand our horizons. Thanks f...

BYOB restaurants or those that charge reasonable corkage?

by comidaqueen 5 years ago

I'm looking for great restaurants that allow me to bring my own wine. I don't mind paying corkage, as long as it's not exorbitant. Preferably restaurants in Soho, Mayfair, or West/Southwest London....

Corkage and Chef's Table / Tasting Menu

by jfoods 6 years ago

Some friends and I were gifted some Very Nice bottles of wine, and we want to go out somewhere in Toronto for a great dinner to enjoy them. Obviously, that means we need a place that offers corkage...

French Laundry corkage fee - $150 Wow! [Yountville, Napa Valley]

by willyum 6 years ago

Visiting the Bay Area this weekend, dining at French Laundry, Atelier Crenn and Manresa. While skimming the FL wine list I noticed that the corkage fee is now a hefty $150, up from $75 the last ti...

Rancho Mirage/Palm Springs - Corkage Friendly?

by woojink 11 years ago

Hi, I will be in Rancho Mirage (Rancho Las Palmas) for a conference next week (Mon-Wed). Any suggestions on where I can go for great meals? Monday and Tuesday night dinner, possibly on Wednes...

Per Se Corkage

by porkpa 6 years ago

They've gone from an already high price of $90 per bottle, to one of $150. I'm guessing that of all the restaurants in the city that have corkage, this must be the highest price.

Corkage fees

by sanglier 6 years ago

I'll save my specific rant until I've digested the comments of my fellow Chowhounders, but for now, I'll ask, generally: what is the outer limit, in your opinion, of what is a reasonable corkage fe...

Kosher restaurants w/corkage

by KosherKing 6 years ago

Do any allow you to BYOB of wine with payment of a corkage fee?

Corkage in France

by collioure 6 years ago

I have a problem or two with a very nice bistro that opened in a neighboring village a year ago. We went four times in the first few months and not since. Because they refuse to put one red B...

Corkage at Restaurant Eve?

by dinwiddie 6 years ago

Does anyone know if Restaurant Eve permits corkage? If so, what is the policy, i.e., number of bottles, corkage fee, etc.?

Another corkage thread

by dinwiddie 6 years ago

There are plenty of threads about corkage. Folks have all sorts of opinions about it. I want to just put my view out there and ask that you respond politely and without a lot of thread drift into...

Boomers and the Emergence of the Corkage Economy

by zin1953 6 years ago


Corkage fees in New Orleans restaurants?

by karendor 6 years ago

Visiting in November (finally!) for T-day with the family. I am bringing several bottles of Sonoma County wine on the plane with me - cheaper than shipping -- and may want to take one or two out to...

Any BYOB or reasonable corkage fee restaurants from Miami to Palm Beach?

by hopegoode 6 years ago

Enjoy bringing a special bottle along to a good meal. Do any Chowhounds have recs to share? All price ranges welcome!

Any BYOB restaurants or places with corkage fees?

by hopegoode 6 years ago

Have some special bottles we'd like to take if there has been a change in the law to permit BYOB...

per se corkage

by alex1018 6 years ago

Looking for people with experince byob-ing to per se. If you have, please read on... A couple of years ago, I brought a bottle to TFL, and then also bought wine there, and they ended up not char...

Corkage fee at byob?

by seal 11 years ago

One local place, which I won't name yet, caught my eye by having a corkage fee when they have no liquor. Has anyone heard of a byo with a corkage fee before?

Needed: Restaurant with a Low Corkage Fee

by tito 7 years ago

I am looking for a place with a low corkage fee that has a menu to match well with red wine. Any help is appreciated.

corkage fees in Vegas

by Judybo 7 years ago

Are there any restaurants in Las Vegas that allow BYOB wine & charge either no corkage or a low corkage fee?

Wine Suggestions for this Interesting Menu / First Time Corkage Advice

by JBG89 7 years ago

Hello, I'm throwing a party at this restaurant and it would be great to get some wine suggestions. The menu has some portuguese influence but contains a variety of flavors. This will be my fi...