Advice on Colorado Corkage Please

by aledm 13 years ago

We're moving to Vail for a winter of skiing and I was reading the posts about restaurants in Colorado generally. There was a comment in a thread that said Colorado as a state forbids corkage. What ...

The Charter Oak | St. Helena - Napa Valley

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

The Charter Oak opened in June in the space that housed Tra Vigne for years. It's the more casual operation from Chef Christopher Kostow. I had a chance to try it in September.

Looking for Restaurant Recommendations in Maui

by foodieto123 3 years ago

Hello fellow foodies, we are very excited to be visiting Hawaii in March. Staying in Wailea area but ok to drive for about 30 min for an experience meal. Ideally looking for outdoor seating and ama...

I am a cheapskate and do not want to buy a restaurant's wine or their flights of wine

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 5 years ago

This is more of a hypothetical question. Hypothetically, you have a budget conscious couple on a date at a "destination" restaurant for the area. They love wine, but the flights are out of their bu...

Corkage in Japan

by Drgiggles11 4 years ago

Do restaurants in Japan generally allow corkage (with a fee)?

'BYO' in Toronto

by Meggers12 4 years ago

Hi all, Hoping you can help me out. I am helping a family member - who lives in Australia - plan a party in Toronto (on a Saturday). They are thinking somewhere 'BYO' - I think this is a big th...

Leisurely lunch downtown Toronto w/ corkage?

by gourmandee 5 years ago

Hi all, Can you suggest a place to have a leisurely lunch? I usually bring my own wine so paying for corkage isn't an issue but would prefer not to. Had hoped to go to Carbon Bar but it's only op...

Farmer's Bottega San Diego

by turbowine 5 years ago

Went to Farmer’s Bottega in the Mission Hills district of San Diego (on Washington) and had a good experience that I thought I’d share here. 5 stars based on service, 4 for food alone First o...

Greater Boston Restaurants with BYOB

by treb 6 years ago

Since the bill passed, I thought starting a thread, so we CH'ers can identify places that allow BYOB, would be helpful. I hope it gains some momentum and adds value to our region. Please indic...

Restaurants with no corkage in Napa

by rworange 13 years ago

Found this link that lists restaurants with no corkage in Napa. http://www.napavalleylifemagazine.com/pub_display.htm?ID=17 They mention - Bleaux Magnolia - Compadres Rio Grill - Downt...

Corkage at Spanish (Barcelona) restaurants?

by bouncepass 6 years ago

Does anyone know whether there is a corkage culture in Spain (and if it depends on location, Barcelona specifically)? If wanted to bring a nice bottle to Disfrutar (one that I'm positive they won'...

Any "free corkage" restaurant recs?

non sequitur
by non sequitur 7 years ago

Jeez, I'm spending too much time on Chowhound lately. I had 2 flat tires in 2 days and spent a lot of time sitting in a waiting room. Anyway, I'm cleaning out a 400-bottle wine fridge (drinking...

Wolfgang Puck @ the Bel Air Hotel

by sydvischus 6 years ago

I'm having a 50th birthday dinner for the husband there in a few weeks. I've been told there is a $40 corkage fee, which I thought was a lot. I am not familiar with the wine list, but for those wh...

Pacific Dining Car-Wine Corkage Fee!

by brwencino 17 years ago

A friend of mine tells me that the wine corkage fee at Pacific Dining Car is $35 per bottle! A wee bit high?

Restaurants that allow diner to bring wine--corkage fee?

by bhoward 6 years ago

Quick--what are the very best restaurants that allow diners to bring their own vino. Thanks!

Orchard City Kitchen (Pruneyard, Campbell)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 years ago

Orchard City Kitchen is the comeback venture for Chef Jeffrey Stout, co-founder of Alexander's Steakhouse and chowhound alum. I've been tracking its progress and the bones of a website is up and re...

Corkage Disappointment in Vegas

by mcgrath 12 years ago

I love great food and great wine. I'm a fairly serious wine collector (500+ bottles) and have several Big Occasion wines I like to break out a few times a year. My wife and I will celebrate our...

steakhouse corkage venting

by shanshan 6 years ago

I wanna go to steakhouse but I don’t want to pay for a $100 bottle of wine that costs $25 at Duane Reade, let alone tip 20% on top of it (although really I have no problem with the tip). So many s...

Corkage fee at retail shop/winebar

by Midlife 13 years ago

I'm interested in knowing the view of posters here about whether or not it is reasonable for a wine shop to charge a small corkage (say $5) for bottles bought in the shop and consumed at the shop's...

What are your thoughts of this restaurant corkage fee policy?

by Fowler 8 years ago

We were visiting some out of town friends recently and they suggested we dine at a restaurant for dinner one of the evenings. When our friend called to make the reservation he asked what their poli...