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Copper Chimney Review - Negative and Long

by chowgal 16 years ago

Last night dined on the early side (6.15PM) at Copper Chimney. 28th off of Lexington. We were the only two there and the staff was sweet, friendly and VERY attentive. There was a lovely English ge...

Copper Chimney (replacing Euro Diner in Curry Hill)...info...

by dkstar1 16 years ago

So, taking Andrea Strong's advice in last evening's food blog discussion (nice to see some of you there), I stopped around the corner to Copper Chimney to poke my head in to see how its coming alon...

Copper River Sockeye at Costco

by applehome 16 years ago

Sitting next to the regular farm-rasied coho, they had a few packages of real copper river sockeye, so I decided to try it. I treated it more like trout than I would a salmon - it is a smaller and...

Copper Chimney (replacing Euro Diner in Curry Hill)...info...

by dkstar1 16 years ago

We've already covered this topic before, but I just found out that the owners of Pongol are the ones putting the new place, Copper Chimney, together. I stopped by to talk to the one guy and he said...

Champagne Brunch at Copper River Ranch Country Club/Fresno

by kim c 17 years ago

Well, it was meet the future in-laws at the Copper River Ranch Country Club on Sunday. We decided on this place for the gorgeous setting and very good buffet that is set out each Sunday from 11-2....

Dropped my All clad copper core fry pan and.....

by potmishap 17 years ago

there is a small dent in the bottom...very small...will that affect the performance of the pan..and how so?

Copper Chimney's Indian Buffet in Fremont

by eliseh 17 years ago

Copper Chimney offers a wonderful, high quality, high variety buffet. Several dishes are not typically offered in buffets. An example are greens bean and coconuts (perhaps prepared southern style)....

Copper Kettle Restaurant

by Caledonia 17 years ago

I'm attending a birthday dinner at the Copper Kettle in Sunnyside, a place which I know nothing about- has anyone been? any dishes to recommend? thanks. Caledonia

Birthday Brunch at Copper River Ranch/Fresno, CA

by Kim C 18 years ago

We enjoyed a wonderful birthday brunch for my 17 year old son at Copper River Ranch Country Club on Sunday morning. After church we headed to the Copper River Ranch Country Club on Friant Road. ...

copper mixing bowls

by Sheridan Moore 23 years ago

I am trying to find some place on line that sells copper mixing bowls. I need to have them arrive by 10- 19-98.Does anyone have any suggestions?

Copper River Reds

by AlaskaRedChile 18 years ago

Are the Copper River Reds in yet? What are the prices in Seattle? I will post Anchorage prices tomorrow. I am interested in your stories. Last year it was very interesting to know what you go throu...

places to chow near Keystone or Copper Mountain

by aet 19 years ago

Any recommendations for great family-friendly restaurants in or around Frisco, CO or Keystone or Copper Mountain Resorts?

places to chow near Keystone or Copper Mountain

by aet 19 years ago

Any recommendations for great family-friendly restaurants in or around Frisco,CO or Keystone or Copper Mountain resorts?

Copper "Silverware"

by Jacy 19 years ago

Hi all. Has anybody ever seen copper colored or copper plated flatware? I swear I've seen a set somewhere, or maybe I dreamed it up. Anyway, I'm desperately seeking, so drop a line if you have a le...

Lined copper pans

by Tom Meg 19 years ago

For years I've been perfectly content with my mismatched collection of cast iron, enameled cast iron, non-stick, and stainless steel surfaced cookware. But today I was seduced by a big beautiful c...

copper restaurant in carroll gardens......did it close???

by amy 19 years ago

just walked by tonight and noticed that Copper restaurant is now called Whim. Does anyone have any info? I am sad to see it go.

Copper cookware and retinning (longish)

by GG Mora 19 years ago

I'm bringing this subject up to the top from the All-Clad digression of a week or so ago. Dennison, you mentioned that the retinning place formerly on 26th St. was no longer around. I think you m...

Copper River Sushi

by anita 19 years ago

Just saw the Copper River string from a few days back.... just a reminder.... salmon has worms & needs to be frozen before you eat it raw. Didn't want anyone to get sick.

Copper River Sushi?

by Schielke 19 years ago

Does anybody know if any Seattle sushi bars serve copper river salmon as sushi or sashimi? I would imagine that it would be great. Thoughts? Ben Schielke

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