Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

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Unboxing my 9-piece set of Navarini Rame tin-lined copper

by josemartinlopez 3 months ago

My Navarini Rame tin-lined copper skillets, pots and rondeau were shipped some time back, but I got too busy to open all the boxes. I got these via the Archibald London sale. Here are long delayed...

Cooking shakshuka in a tin-lined copper skillet?

by josemartinlopez 3 months ago

When I try cooking shakshuka for one in a stainless steel skillet, some of the crushed tomato and diced onion and bell peppers sometimes form a burnt crust at the bottom. Would this be easier avoid...

Copper pot lining - tin, nickel or stainless?

by Konuku 3 months ago

I know people have asked about their pot's lining on this forum so I hope you can help. I am a copper pot novice. This is literally my first copper pot! I bought it from a flea market in France yes...

Help finding a big (32-36cm) rondeau

by SheikYabouti 3 months ago

I’ve spent many hours reading this forum over the last couple of weeks and have purchased some Demeyere and Mauviel pieces based on what I learnt. Next I’m looking for a big rondeau but I can’t see...

Falk Copper Coeur Saucier or ... ?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 5 months ago

I'm looking for a small Saucier. I want something not overly large that has a rounded or curved transition to the side of the pan with a drip edge. I was thinking about an All-Clad or Le Creuset ...

Help me identify new copper pot

by rararobb 6 months ago

Hi everyone. I stopped by a sidewalk sale at Verjus in SF today. I found a thickish feeling copper pot that was a very aggressive price. I’ve always wanted to try a copper pot so went for it. It ...

The Great Copper Cookware Gallery on Chowhound

by SognSpatula 1 year ago

It was recently mentioned in another thread that we should have a central gallery for copper cookware since so little real info is available online. This is that thread. So post up your copper ...

A Step Backward--And Not Just In Time

by kaleokahu 3 months ago

This was new to me: Falk doing a 35th "Anniversary" line of copper bi-metal pans handed in... er... brass. Whaddahell???

Ruffoni from WS

by NoonVankai 3 months ago

Has anyone tried this cookware sold at WS? It reads as 1.6 mm and I’m assuming the SS is around 0.2 mm. Are they comparable to to Mauviel 150b? If they have similar performance, then it is at a bar...

William Sonoma Mauviel copper stock pot

by coppernew101 6 months ago

I have an offer from a neighbour who is moving, to pick up a William Sonoma made in France stamp copper stock pot , almost 11 inches tall and 11 inch diameter, hammered, brass handles with lid for ...

This... has arrived...

by ceasar2k6 4 months ago

I was checking dehillerin website and they suddenly have fedex shipping for 55 euro from 208 euro for some other service. I quickly went and grabbed 36cm rondeau. I then get email next day saying t...

Does Bottega Del Rame - Mazzetti - make a traditional Sauté Pan?

by Neo1 2 years ago

The title pretty much describes the question, but I have few others. First, if anyone is familiar with Mazzetti, do they make traditional saute? I perused the site and could not find anything d...

1.5 or 2 .0 quart copper pot as first copper pot?

by josemartinlopez 6 months ago

I'm thinking of buying my first casserole pot, a smaller one with one long handle. Probably used for sauces, reducing liquids and boiling eggs more than cooking soups or stews. I'm thinking of a 2 ...

What is sign of a good tin job?

by mobiledynamics 4 months ago

Blame it on my phone actively listening in the background......this showed up on my You Tube feed . And I only referenced noob-tin in my BBC score post just the other day. Anyhow, I know the YT...

Is This Copperware Worthwhile?

by therealdoctorlew 4 months ago

An estate sale near me includes a half dozen copper pots and pans. Because of the virus, there is no in person inspection. The items at the sale are sold more like an online auction from the pict...

Cost, search for the right Rondeau and other musings

by ceasar2k6 4 months ago

This post maybe a bit jumpy in topics, but I wanted to share my journey in the last month. Much of it was reading and research, other part was guessing, doubting, and asking questions. I hoped t...

Kirkland Signature 5 Ply Copper Core

by KPisupati 10 years ago

Has anyone purchased this set or are using it? I can't afford All Clad and this seems like a great deal. Anyone? Here is the link any pros/cons would be great http://www.costco.com/Browse/Produ...

What are your favourite things to cook in copper cookware?

by coppernew101 4 months ago

I am pretty new to copper and have been wondering what every one's favourite things to cook in copper is. Hope this will be a helpful thread for copper enthusiasts for ideas to try in their copper ...

Mazzetti / Bottega del Rame Copper thickness q.

by ceasar2k6 4 months ago

I specifically want to ask those who have their 2.5mm or 3mm models to measure the thickness in a few areas. Since it's hammered, it would be not exactly 3mm thick, so I am curious to see what thic...

Preserves in copper jam pot timings

by coppernew101 5 months ago

Anyone on here who makes jams/preserves in a copper jam pot? If so could you give the process you follow? I got a jam pot for my anniversary and have never made preserve before! I have read on a...