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What does the number in the stamp mean?

by Curlyjeepgirl 1 month ago

I just received a Matfer Bourgeat saucepan that is stamped bourgeat 20. I see some others on sites like eBay and the say Bourgeat 24 or Bourgeat 18. What do the numbers mean?

Falk Fans

by Nannybakes 11 months ago

This is the 18cm saucepan, as I was cleaning it, I realized there is a rather large gap between the handle and the pot. There is also a gap at the top edge as well, If anyone else has this pan, wou...

Question re: Falk (USA) Sales - Black Friday?

by Politiceaux 2 months ago

All, does anyone recall details of past Black Friday sales from Falk USA? I would like to buy the 32cm frying pan, and it is currently 20% off, but I'm wondering if I may be able to do a little bet...

Was your Mauviel this beat up too? Defective?

by noff 2 months ago

I purchased 6 Mauviel frying pans recently from Amazon and Cutleryandmore. 3 sold by Amazon and 3 sold by Cutleryandmore. And they had minor defects like the pictures I have attached. This is a nea...

Responsive cookware and related techniques

by valveeta300b 2 months ago

For those who haven’t been around all the cool kids have been reading this thread. https://www.chowhound.com/post/performing-cookware-induction-1086816 To keep it short the thread focuses on findi...

Cleaning around cast iron handle

by Curlyjeepgirl 2 months ago

I have some crud around the cast iron handle on my mauviel pan (gross) and I don’t know if it’s rust or not. It isn’t budging I haven’t used the pan in a while, as we’ve been renovating and eat...

Mauviel or Falk?

by luisbravoavi76 2 months ago

Hello all! I have recently been aquiring more copper cookware pieces. I wanted to get a copper skillet bimetal pan but couldnt decide between the M250B 30 cm frying pan, a 32 cm falk or 32 cm de bu...

Saucier: stainless steel copper core vs aluminum clad on induction

by VFish 2 months ago

I am starting to second guess the choice of saucier I made and responsiveness. I don't know if someone can chime in. I am planning on induction and am currently cooking on a glass electric cookto...

Preheating cookware

by damiano 3 months ago

So, the topic of preheating cookware has come up. There seems to be a dispersion in how people preheat their cookware, even among experienced home cooks. My question is: (how) do you preheat yo...

Advantage to an unlined copper Polenta pot?

by gardenvespers 3 months ago

I’m wondering if there’s any great advantage, or disadvantage, to cooking Polenta in unlined copper?

Ideas for Storing/Hanging Pots & Pans in Small Apt

by manolotraveler 3 months ago

Hey everyone - I'm moving in a few weeks and wanted to get some ideas for how to store my collection of copper and carbon steel pans. Also thought it'd be fun to gather pictures of peoples' collec...

Ranking Searing Pan Materials

by WSP_Lee 3 months ago

Instructions 1) Please rank the following list in order of best searing pan to worst searing pan 2) Please explain why you picked the top one (if you want to explain the rest, that's great too) ...

Is Induction Cooking Going to Replace Gas and Electric Coil?

by gardenvespers 3 months ago

Hi All, I see quite a bit of talk on here, and elsewhere, about induction cooking. I have never used an induction cooktop myself, but I am intrigued by the claims of greater energy efficiency....

Copper Pots Legion Industries Infos

by TJFRANCE 3 years ago

Hello All, can anyone tell me about LEGION INDUSTRIES from WAYNESBORO in the USA? Are LEGION UTENSILS and LEGION INDUSTRIES the same? I see on their website the date 2012 in the price catalog...

Bottega Del Rame Tin Linings

by gardenvespers 3 months ago

I’ve noticed that the tin lining on my Bottega Del Rame pans seems more robust than others. Not sure why or whether others have noticed this too. Thoughts?

Copper pot ID please!

by Nyleve 2 years ago

My husband just pulled this out of his sister's apartment locker. We all assume it belonged to their mother, but I doubt she ever used it as I don't recall her cooking anything. Ever. It's in perfe...

Large copper Sauté vs copper 8 quart pot

by gardenvespers 3 months ago

Hi all, I’m currently looking to purchase a new tin lined copper pan or pot for home use. I’ve settled on either the high thickness straight side sauté with two short handles or an 8 quart pot ...

Does Bottega Del Rame - Mazzetti - make a traditional Sauté Pan?

by Neo1 1 year ago

The title pretty much describes the question, but I have few others. First, if anyone is familiar with Mazzetti, do they make traditional saute? I perused the site and could not find anything d...

Skillet: Mauviel M250 vs Demeyere vs AllClad

by noff 3 months ago

Hello Chowhound experts and experienced cooks, I'm a home cook so I do not work in a professional environment but I would like to have the best equipment because cooking is my favorite hobby. ...

Am I ruining my copper pots?

by wallsoflight 4 months ago

Hi copper pot owners- I am wondering if my gas stove is damaging my new Mauviel copper pots (m250c set). The patina on the bottom was drastic from the very first use. When I see pictures of the ...