Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cookware

Thanks for joining us for Cookware Week! In case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, the best recipes to...

The Lemme List

by HabaneroLady 4 years ago

I picked up a copy of "Consider the Fork" by Bee Wilson recently. In chapter 1 she mentions an American engineer named Chuck Lemme who, in 1988, rated all the available materials that cookware was...

Soy silver lined cocktail shaker question

by OaklandGal 10 days ago

I know this is unnecessary and rather ridiculous, but does anyone happen to have the Soy copper cocktail shaker that’s lined with silver? I was wondering about the effects of vigorous shaking with ...

Copper pot ID please!

by Nyleve 3 years ago

My husband just pulled this out of his sister's apartment locker. We all assume it belonged to their mother, but I doubt she ever used it as I don't recall her cooking anything. Ever. It's in perfe...

Choosing Rondeau

by raya_sc 1 month ago

Hello, I'm thinking of getting a rondeau but I have a few questions: 1) What size would be ideal for 2 adults and 2 small kids (maybe more kids in the future lol)? Occasionally I do cook for more ...

An assortment of copper questions

by AFiller 28 days ago

I’ve got two copper pans now — a Mauviel saucepan, and a Falk rondeau (24 cm) — and I’m very much enjoying using both of them, but I have some questions about copper that I couldn’t find a clear an...

Hestan Copperbond core thickness?

by gooster 2 months ago

I didn't see a thread on this, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience? It looks like an induction compatible line, with a copper core of undescribed thickness. Any info on the thickness?

Copper: Tin lining vs Stainless steel lining. Falk vs Mazzetti. Which is better?

by Tektrex 2 years ago

Ok so after much research both here and elsewhere I've pretty much learnt all there is to know about copper cookware and thus am fairly informed of the various quirks owning such a piece might enta...

Deep Scratch on Mauviel Copper Pan

by raya_sc 2 months ago

Hello, I'm new to the copper pan world and am glad to have found this community of experts. I just received my copper pan but sadly there's a deep scratch on the copper part, as though someone slic...


by MrStayPuft 6 months ago

I am starting to make the jump into copper cookware. I have seen much discussion here about Mauviel but wanted to make sure it was a solid brand compared to others of its ilk like Lagostina or Matf...

Thousands of 'scratches' on Mauviel M'250C stainless surface

by AFiller 2 months ago

I've just bought a Mauviel M'250C saucepan from Amazon, and on the inside of the stainless steel lining there are thousands of what seem like tiny scratches. These 'scratches' are on virtually eve...

Best hand cheese grater (Japanese copper?)

by josemartinlopez 3 months ago

What do people like for hand (not rotary or box) cheese graters here, I couldn't find any old threads on these? And are copper graters better than stainless steel, and are the flat Japanese ones go...

COVENTRY COPPER cookware to buy....

by NORMNESS 3 months ago

I'm looking to BUY a "Coventry Copper" pan and pot...used or new?

Well, now we know how Soy Turkiye makes their silver lined copper pans and probably how other makers used to do it before electroplating

by WSP_Lee 3 months ago

If you don't want to watch the video, the short answer is they just basically "weld" (probably using the wrong term) two sheets of silver & copper together.

Stainless-lined copper pans from the 1970s

by ellabee 7 years ago

On a raw, wintry, should-be-spring-but-isn't day, I'm procrastinating on cleaning chores by poring through The Cook's Catalogue. This book, acquired by my parents soon after publication in 1975, co...

Thickness of Aluminum Layer in Sauciers

by westes 3 months ago

The Demeyere Proline skillets have a massive 3.8 mm aluminum layer. This makes them very heavy, but if you own one you know that this product performs incredibly well. Everyone who has cooked in...

2.5 mm copper with stainless handles -- what are my options?

by AFiller 3 months ago

Hi, I'm looking for a 2.3 (+0.2) mm copper pan with stainless handles (and stainless interior). Having looked at countless threads on Chowhound, I see that Falk satisfies this criterion quite nicel...

Cooking in a Copper Fish Poacher?

by redlights 3 months ago

I think the final frontier of my copper collection would be a Copper Fish Poacher/Poissonniere. I don't allow purely decorative pots and pans in my kitchen because I don't have the space for them, ...

Compare stainless-lined copper…

by cameronreddy 3 years ago

So a friend traded me some items for a microphone, and one is the pictured crepe pan. It’s not in great shape, obviously, with a dent I’ll try to fix, but what I thought was interesting is to compa...

Diffuser plate/slab for more even and constant searing?

by Sear101 3 months ago

The purpose: Searing a protein on a non-reactive surface, 18/10, after a sous vide cook. The problem: My stainless pans won’t hold up to temperature drop. My Himalayan salt rock does do the job...

Copper Discounts at W-S

by kaleokahu 3 months ago

On one of my rare trips into a Williams-Sonoma store this afternoon, I spotted two steeply-discounted copper cookware items that are relatively uncommon: (1) A Ruffoni hammered, tinned 4-piece ...