Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

Which 5 (or 8, or 10) Pieces of Cookware?

by Iluvcooking 5 months ago

If you had the opportunity to start your collection all over again, knowing what you know now, what 5 pieces would yo...


Angelus2013 commented 2 days ago

Copper: Tin lining vs Stainless steel lining. Falk vs Mazzetti. Which is better?

by Tektrex 18 days ago

Ok so after much research both here and elsewhere I've pretty much learnt all there is to know about copper cookware ...


TJFRANCE commented 4 days ago

Copper: Wegro

by verheyen 6 days ago

I'm looking into used copper cookware on the internet to complement my set of Falk pans. I saw an offer of pieces mad...


verheyen commented 4 days ago

Saddest Tin Lined Copper Pan in the World...

by rmarisco 8 days ago

This is (was?) an heirloom crepe pan. It hadn't been used in years. I put it on my glass topped stove on the only bur...


am47 commented 5 days ago

Copper & SS lining separation

by kgrey 12 days ago

I've heard it mentioned frequently that one of the "risks" of buying the copper/SS bimetal is that one day the two me...


TJFRANCE commented 5 days ago

Bottega del Rame - Copper Saucepan High Thickness

by Iluvcooking 5 months ago

Looking for thoughts and input on this 3mm, tinned, 2.5 qt saucepan compared to other high quality options out there:...


mobiledynamics commented 6 days ago

Unlined copper pans: beneficial or just more cost effective?

by damiano 8 days ago

So, I have recently bought a Falk unlined copper jam pan - to the ridicule of some of my family and friends. :-) I...


kaleokahu commented 7 days ago

Copperhounds - Cleaning Carbon

by mobiledynamics 9 days ago

For those that do more than braising, poaching or boiling in your cookware...... We've already covered copper poli...


kaleokahu commented 9 days ago

Prima Matera

by Libranflight 8 months ago

I bought a 28cm (not really, more like 26.5, right, Kaleo?) fry pan from Amazon in France, it was $212 delivered. ...


kaleokahu commented 12 days ago

Copper pot id request?

by Newlyn_Tinning 22 days ago

Hi all and hope you are well. Any ideas of what this one is intended for? Would love to hear your thoughts. All th...


Newlyn_Tinning commented 14 days ago

Copper and Eggs and a bit of Romantic Tradition from Mont Saint-Michel

by alexrander 16 days ago

"In 1873, Édouard Corroyer helped Annette and Victor Poulard, the son of a baker from Mont-Saint- Michel with whom A...


TJFRANCE commented 14 days ago

Mauviel M250C on sale on Massdrop, 129.99 for the 5.5" version.

by santiagodraco 2 months ago

Mauviel M250C on sale on Massdrop, 129.99 for the 5.5" version. 6.5" is already sold out. If you are not already...


kgrey commented 14 days ago

Falk Handles - Cast Iron v. Stainless

by Politiceaux 16 days ago

I'm considering a few Falk pieces and have engaged in this internal debate. I prefer the traditional CI aesthetic but...


alexrander commented 16 days ago

Copper pots better? why?

by Monica 8 years ago

Yes, they are beautiful to look at...makes you look like you are a serious cook but other than that, what's the real ...


choiceno2 commented 17 days ago

Copper pot ID please!

by Nyleve 7 months ago

My husband just pulled this out of his sister's apartment locker. We all assume it belonged to their mother, but I do...


Meekah commented 19 days ago

1.5mm copper vs 2.6mm tri-ply?

by LostArk 28 days ago

I'm starting from square one in the kitchen, but I want to do it right. I know tools don't make the chef, but I want ...


betsy_VA commented 24 days ago

Old copper pot

by damonnoel 27 days ago

I have a old copper pot that is hammered and was wondering if anyone could date it or where it came from. I don't see...


medlar commented 26 days ago

Copper bimetal - Falk vs others?

by Politiceaux 1 month ago

I’ve read different posts that extol the brushed finish of Falk pieces vis a vis its lower maintenance. Does anyone h...


Politiceaux commented 1 month ago