Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

We Are Giving Away a Hammered Copper Cooking Set and More

We want to make your holiday cooking game a breeze. That’s why we joined forces with CNET to bring you the opportunity to win the grand prize trifecta: a top-of-the-line 10-piece hammered copper and...

Learning about my new copper pan

by manolotraveler 6 hours ago

I'd been wanting a larger copper saute pan for a while since my 10" was getting kind of crowded for some meals, so I finally took the plunge and got this new one on ebay. Now i'm trying to learn m...


Has anyone heard of this this copper cookware?

by Vinomattic 2 days ago

Hello. I bought this beast in Europe, and would love to know if anyone here has info on the brand. The stamp says Ronval Remerie, with Brux in the middle. It measures 3.7+mm thick, and has simil...

Copper: Tin lining vs Stainless steel lining. Falk vs Mazzetti. Which is better?

by Tektrex 12 months ago

Ok so after much research both here and elsewhere I've pretty much learnt all there is to know about copper cookware and thus am fairly informed of the various quirks owning such a piece might enta...

Do Falk frying pans have larger cooking surfaces than Mauviel?

by lisinka1 8 days ago

I have a Mauviel frying pan but am disappointed with its shape and lack of cooking surface. The Falk pans look like they have a different sidewall shape and thus a larger surface area. Can anyone...

Updates on the new Mauviel handles?

by kgrey 11 days ago

Does anyone have any updates on how the new SS coated Mauviel handles are holding up to use? I believe it was 2017 that they were released and I know there was some rubbing off of the black finish ...

Mauviel Copper Cookware Help

by Mom0f3babies 19 days ago

I need a little help. I have been drooling over the Mauviel 1830 12 piece set at William Sonoma for years now, I found someone locally selling the exact set with all the pieces managed to negotiate...

Mauviel 2.5 Lids are Thin

by mobiledynamics 20 days ago

Riddle me this. The 250C lids on the Mauviel I've observed seems really cheap and thin. The same 2.5mm thick 14L hammered stock pot that is tin lined, the lid on it is nice and heavy. What am I mis...

Help with stuck canele molds

by Sirrith 1 month ago

I need help! I have 4 copper canele molds that are stuck together (stacked). I've tried everything and can't pull them apart. I've tried heating them, cooling them, heating the lower one with bo...

The Great Copper Cookware Gallery on Chowhound

by SognSpatula 2 months ago

It was recently mentioned in another thread that we should have a central gallery for copper cookware since so little real info is available online. This is that thread. So post up your copper ...

Nickel Plating For Copper Cookware (UK)?

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 months ago

Hi fellow Hound's Please, is anyone aware of a UK based company that offers nickel plating for the interior of copper cookware? All the best, Steve

Are all tinnings equal?

by adriageerz 3 months ago

Hi everyone, While looking at the different tinning techniques used by some manufacturers, I wonder if there are tinnings that are better than others? Do the tinning methods make any noticeable ...

New! FALK COPPER Induction Cookware

by alexrander 4 months ago

That’s right, and it’s their 2.5 mm copper pans with an induction bottom that extends to the edge and a centimeter up the side. “The latest iteration of the Falk Copper Pot has come as a resul...

How "trashed" is your copper?

by FalkCulinairUSA 2 months ago

I get a lot of questions on the care and cleaning of copper. At times I get email from people that get terrified that they have ruined theirs and are in a panic. Because of that I am planning on...

Favorite curved sauce pan

by SognSpatula 2 months ago

I'm looking for a curved sauce pan in the 2.5 qt range. Do you have a favorite to recommend? I realize they're called all sorts of things, but the two I have my eye on are the Demeyere Conical ...

Origins of Manufacture. Do you care?

by FlamBay 6 months ago

I got into a debate with a friend of mine who is an engineer and an ardent fan of Falk Copper. In the debate I referenced All-Clad because I thought the Tri-ply would suit his copper conductivity ...

A Copper Artisan’s “Rememberance of things Past”

by alexrander 2 months ago

I found this delightful story while browsing internet images. I was intrigued with the photo of what was likely a thin copper pot simmering with an aluminum plate beneath it, as a sort of heat tame...

Who has copper saucepans of 1.1 / 1.3mm?

by TJFRANCE 3 months ago

Before developing an idea that is important to me, I would like to know if you have saucepans of 1.1mm / 1.3mm thick? If so, what interests me most is to have an idea of the number of people who n...

Handles on Matfer Bourgeat copper pans

by DonaldT123 3 months ago

I wanted to ask those members who own and use Matfer Bourgeat copper pans, how they like their handles? While I've been happy overall with the performance of my Atelier De Cuivre copper pans, their...

+3.5mm copper/stainless steel saute pan ?

by adriageerz 3 months ago

Hi everyone, New to Chowhound, but assiduous reader of the forum. And thanks to people like Kaleo, TJ, Betsy and others, I became a total copper addict. I found this small saute pan at a flea...

Antique copper pot help

by victorianplace 3 months ago

Recently acquired this piece and looking for any info about it. Cast iron handles. It measures 9 3/4" across the lip and 6" deep. Weighs a whopping 11.3 lbs. It's marked made in Germany on th...