Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

The Copper Skillet Controversy

by betsy_VA 11 days ago

I was reading an old eGullet thread about copper cookware where Sigma made a dismissive (but compelling) remark about...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 9 hours ago

Help! Falk v. Mauviel 24cm Sauté

by Iluvcooking 14 days ago

Decided it is time to pick up a 24cm sauté. I can get a Mauviel with lid for $399 or Falk with lid for $357. I am...


alexrander commented 1 day ago

Compare stainless-lined copper…

by cameronreddy 10 days ago

So a friend traded me some items for a microphone, and one is the pictured crepe pan. It’s not in great shape, obviou...


Angelus2013 commented 2 days ago

Best omelet pan?

by bagnut 4 years ago

I'm in the process of replacing my All Clad original Master Chef cookware with (mostly) copper. I'm also new to omel...


Angelus2013 commented 5 days ago

Paul Revere 1801 Signature

by rlichter 4 years ago

Can't find useful information about Revere 1801 pans. They appear to be made of solid copper (rather than plated stai...


Angelus2013 commented 6 days ago

Another dumb copper pan question

by Josh 8 days ago

I made a crustless quiche last night and was thrilled with the results. Incredibly even cooking, and about 30% faster...


kaleokahu commented 8 days ago

Rocky Mtn makes cookware jewelry

by cameronreddy 13 days ago

So I had a Ruffoni 22x22 stockpot that needed new tin. Sent it to Rocky Mtn Retinning. Also picked up a 24cm, 3mm eBa...


cameronreddy commented 8 days ago

No Knead Bread Vessels

by Libranflight 5 months ago

Like many, I got an ECI dutch oven because of the "no-knead bread" craze. I then heard why EH may or may not be bett...


MacGuffin commented 9 days ago

A little home refurbishing…

by cameronreddy 10 days ago

Inspired by what Rocky Mtn. did to a couple pots of mine, I thought I’d try my hand at it on a crepe pan (or whatever...


Iluvcooking commented 9 days ago

Does this copper pan need retinning?

by Josh 10 days ago

I picked up this pan yesterday. The vendor said it was lined with tin, and I can see some spots where it once softene...


kaleokahu commented 10 days ago

If Money Was No Object, What Cookware Would You Buy?

by Iluvcooking 1 month ago

Taking off on Kaleo's recent post "if you only had $1,000 what would you buy" post, what if you had unlimited funds? ...


Iluvcooking commented 11 days ago

Copper from France

by cameronreddy 16 days ago

Several folks had recommended that I consider adding some straight-sided saucepans to my batterie. Some counseled goi...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 11 days ago

French Copper Pots = lined with TIN or STEEL?

by beauxgoris 10 years ago

I've heard that it's pointless to line a copper pot with stainless as it just takes away it's heat conductivity, and ...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 11 days ago

Vintage copper questions grab-bag

by betsy_VA 15 days ago

I've been doing some eBay and Etsy shopping for vintage copper pieces and have some questions for the hive mind. 1...


kaleokahu commented 12 days ago

silver-lined copper pan

by alaughingdog 11 years ago

I bought a silver-lined copper saute pan at a rummage sale for $1 (one of those amazing occurences)and after I determ...


kaleokahu commented 13 days ago

Calling all copper experts

by leelee11 1 month ago

Has anyone ever seen vintage French copper pots with numbers on the inside rivets? If so, is this common?


leelee11 commented 15 days ago

Copper cookware--Duparquet

by HungryHobbit 5 months ago

Anyone familiar with this brand? Is it comparable to Brooklyn Cooper Cookware (I doubt it)? The site seams to lack so...


JustCharlie commented 15 days ago

Tinned copper: How fatal is this flaw?

by betsy_VA 1 month ago

Hi folks -- Long time lurker, first time poster. I picked up a lovely little 8 inch/20.5 cm Baumalu tinned copper (1....


Eiron commented 16 days ago

Best Copper Pan Brands in the World ?

by TJFRANCE 4 years ago

Here (but this is only my personal opinion) the provisional list of the best copper pans that had in my hands. 1 -...


betsy_VA commented 16 days ago

Help identifying cookware (& whether I may continue using them to cook)

by onefemalecanuck 25 days ago

Hi everyone, Very pleased to have found you. I recently purchased these beautiful three pieces from an antique...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 16 days ago