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Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.
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Used copper pot, let's talk about tinning.

by TJFRANCE 2 hours ago

I often see announcements of copper pots that condition: "no lack of tin", "tin in place", "tin natural oxidation, n...

Does country of origin of copper cookware matter

by runningwithknives 9 hours ago

Price of copper cookware seems to really vary depending on where it was made. I've heard that French cookware = good,...


TJFRANCE commented 2 hours ago

Can anyone identify this stamp on a vintage copper pot?

by Joygetty 2 days ago

Hi! i was wondering if anyone has seen this identifying mark on the bottom of a copper pot or piece of cookware befor...


TJFRANCE commented 3 hours ago

Baking in unlined copper?

by runningwithknives 6 days ago

Does copper bakeware need to be lined in tin? I just bought two copper baking pans and want to know if I ought to get...


kaleokahu commented 6 days ago

Kirkland Signature 5 Ply Copper Core

by KPisupati 8 years ago

Has anyone purchased this set or are using it? I can't afford All Clad and this seems like a great deal. Anyone? H...


houndmeat commented 6 days ago

Panasonic KY-MK3500 Induction Hob that accepts aluminum and copper Pots and Pans

by drrayeye 13 days ago

high energy--IR temperature control--takes all metals: Buy one at A...


Angelus2013 commented 9 days ago

What material is this copper pot handle made of?

by redlights 23 days ago

I found this 11 piece copper cookware set at an estate sale for $45 bucks. I figured even if it was lousy copper it'd...


TJFRANCE commented 11 days ago

Washed the copper right off of my vintage Revere pan......anyone heard of this?

by chipom 7 years ago

I've never cooked with any type of copper cookware before and I bought a vintage Revere 10 in. copper bottom pan to t...


betsy_VA commented 11 days ago

Copper daubiere for osso buco?

by betsy_VA 13 days ago

I'm planning to cook osso buco for the first time in a couple of weeks and I'm wondering whether this is an occasion ...


seefoo commented 12 days ago

Old Tinned-Copper Danger?

by HungryHobbit 18 days ago

Is there any danger in cooking in old, tinned copper? The tin is in decent shape, but clearly old and has a heavy pat...


betsy_VA commented 17 days ago

Opinions on Baumalu Copper Cookware?

by olympia 7 years ago

So, I stumbled upon several copper pieces at TJ Maxx and couldn't resist. They are 2mm tin lined copper sauce pans i...


nancytoran commented 20 days ago

Copper Cleaning

by mobiledynamics 4 months ago

R u a copper pot polisher ? I feel like such a amateur When I 1st started cooking, for the 1st couple years, every ...


BeeRich commented 26 days ago

Copper cookware - how often do you polish your copper ?

by CHSeifert 12 months ago

I'm about to buy a Mauviel M250 c 28cm rondeau with lid and wonder how often I can expect to need to polish it for it...


randiann commented 26 days ago

Best sellers on eBay/Etsy for copper cookware?

by Politiceaux 5 months ago

It's looking like it may be feasible to run a gas line to my new home, which wasn't the case previously. I'm excited ...


mk99 commented 1 month ago

Sautepan or Saucier

by Shapna 2 months ago

Hello, I am looking to buy a 5 -6 quart saucepan to cook curried meat. North Indian or Moghul style cooking require...


Shapna commented 1 month ago

Matfer Bourgeat 11’ Copper fry pan advice

by OaklandGal 9 months ago

I received the 11 inch Matfer Bourgeat fry pan from Amazon last week and it arrived with the branding stamp on the ba...


kgrey commented 1 month ago

Brooklyn Copper for Fall

by ReeseLee 2 months ago

Brooklyn copper is making the final adjustments to the new 3 quart small casserole for shipment in Fall 2018. Here i...


ReeseLee commented 1 month ago

Bottega del Rame - Copper Saucepan High Thickness

by Iluvcooking 7 months ago

Looking for thoughts and input on this 3mm, tinned, 2.5 qt saucepan compared to other high quality options out there:...


plim commented 2 months ago

Mauviel M'Cook Stainless Steel vs All-Clad SS/D5/Copper Core

by jbrady3324 6 years ago

I am looking to buy my girlfriend some SS pans (fry and 3-4qt suate pans) and a copper saucepan (most likely Mauviel ...


CHSeifert commented 2 months ago

Falk Copper Cookware compared to Mauviel M250c?

by CHSeifert 2 months ago

So I just bought my two first Falk copper items - a 20cm Mousselin sauce pan with stainless handle and a 18 cm saucie...


gooster commented 2 months ago