Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

A Comprehensive Guide to Cookware

Thanks for joining us for Cookware Week! In case you missed it, we shared our favorite cookware sets, accessories, and kitchen appliances, plus intel on how to care for all of it, the best recipes to...

New Hammersmith Brooklyn Copper Cookware by way of New Jersey

by alexrander 10 days ago

I’m so confused. New Hammersmith Copper Pans and website? I don’t know anything about it.

Cooking in a Copper Fish Poacher?

by redlights 1 year ago

I think the final frontier of my copper collection would be a Copper Fish Poacher/Poissonniere. I don't allow purely decorative pots and pans in my kitchen because I don't have the space for them, ...

What’s in my dream kitchen?

by saacnmama 3 months ago

I honestly don’t know. Between a trans-Atlantic move and storage locker theft, I’m starting over. My kitchen was made of hand-me-downs, gifts, & sales. Now I want to figure out a cohesive set of co...

Caveat emptor

by am47 1 month ago

Generally I try to steer clear of scouring other forums for suspicious cookware listings, but this one stood out as likely fraudulent. I'm curious what some of the real copper fans here on Chowhoun...

Mauviel Handle defective

by bulldogbreed45 3 months ago

Not happy. First purchase of a copper pan for my wife. Supposed to be a brand new Mauviel 250 frying pan. Pan shows up on time but the handles look like they have rust on them. Emailed customer ser...

Kitchenaid (Demeyere) 7-ply 5Qt Saute Pan Clearance

by ceasar2k6 2 months ago

From what I gathered, these were a failure for Kitchenaid (as usual). But, I just saw this pan on sale and having heard a lot about them in the past, I grabbed one. Now I see it's sold out and most...

Mauviel M'Cook Saute Pan

by curiouspeter 2 months ago

Is Mauviel M'Cook any good? I know their bimetal pans are highly regarded, but this line is 5-ply. How does it compare to All-Clad or Demeyere in terms of performance and maintenance? I am lo...

Copper skillet wanted; Dehillerin or ...

Sid Post
by Sid Post 3 months ago

I want to give a copper skillet a whirl. I want what is commonly a 10" Lodge cast iron skillet size as a minimum but, really want more of a ~12" skillet. Think two large hamburger patties or at l...

Sertodo Copper

by bulldogbreed45 3 months ago

Anyone have experience with their copper cookware? I can get their saute pan for a good discount.

Mauviel Copper M250 frying pans - good for sautéing/throwing vegetables?

by CHSeifert 4 years ago

To owners of the Mauviel Copper 250 frying pans: Do you think the heft of them makes them less than ideal for sautéing and throwing vegetables ? I found a local gastro shop, that is closing so...

Bottega Del Rame tin lined induction copper saucepan?

by Pertti 3 months ago

Mazzetis pans caught my attention as I notice they have a 22cm pan of "4L" volume and I have been looking for a straight walled saucepan of about 3,5-4L. I also badly want copper pan, but am restri...

Copper thickness question(s)

by Pertti 3 months ago

I know this of new production Mazzeti "high thickness, 3 mm" copper pans: "Please notice that saucepan is made FROM a 3 mm thick copper foil. Due to the hand hammering over all the surface fina...

Mauviel Copper with cast iron handles [Split from Falk Copper Cookware sale thread]

by alexrander 5 months ago

On a somewhat similar note, I just found out that Mauviel has started to make real cast iron handles again. At least for the time being Williams Sonoma here in the USA is introducing them on a new ...

Legit Dehillerin?

by justin89k 4 months ago

I just landed my first job post graduate school and I'm finally making big boy money. I'm looking to reward myself with a piece of cookware and wanted to get the opinions of some of the copper houn...

Falk Copper Lid Polishing Issue

by lisinka1 3 months ago

I have several Falk 2.5mm pieces and I have never encountered this issue with any piece other than this one. I cannot get one of the lids to go from the orange patina/oxidation back to its origina...

COVENTRY COPPER cookware to buy....

by NORMNESS 1 year ago

I'm looking to BUY a "Coventry Copper" pan and pot...used or new?

Michael Symon's Copper

by kaleokahu 4 months ago

So, yesterday Wahine was streaming a show (I think it was Symon's "Cooking Out"), and I saw him using a bimetal copper saucepan on his Weber grill. He didn't say it needed insulated sidewalls. Th...

Unlined copper pans: beneficial or just more cost effective?

by damiano 3 years ago

So, I have recently bought a Falk unlined copper jam pan - to the ridicule of some of my family and friends. :-) It is this one: http://www.falkcoppercookware.com/classical/28cm-copper-jam-pot/C...

Videos of people cooking in tinned copper pans

by Jirachi 4 months ago

Hey everybody, we all know about the tinned copper cult, we know we love our tinned pans, we know the satisfaction of a wooden spoon in an old pot, and your pan with your favorite tin lining (you k...

Trouble cleaning copper pot

by yasdaz 4 months ago

Hi, I have a new copper pot and cleaned it after using it about 5 times. I am having real trouble cleaning it (I researched all the cleaning tips and options). I tried ketchup and the pot ended up...