Copper cookware is gorgeous and practical. Chowhounds know all about it, from where to buy it to how to care for it and what to cook in it.

Copper Cleaning

by mobiledynamics 9 days ago

R u a copper pot polisher ? I feel like such a amateur When I 1st started cooking, for the 1st couple years, every ...


Cam14 commented 1 hour ago

I'm fascinated by these copper lids...

by pinkmagnolia921 8 days ago

I found this listing on eBay and am fascinated with the lids on these copper pans. I've seen these on Daubieres befo...


betsy_VA commented 1 day ago

Copper Skillets

by mobiledynamics 4 days ago

Many Clad Skillets on deck - Pair of Prolines in 12, 11. A trio of sizes in the I5. If I buy a copper skillet, wh...


betsy_VA commented 3 days ago

Paul Revere 1801 Signature

by rlichter 4 years ago

Can't find useful information about Revere 1801 pans. They appear to be made of solid copper (rather than plated stai...


luisbravoavi76 commented 4 days ago

Mauviel M250, why no pouring lip?

by CHSeifert 6 days ago

I now own several Mauviel M250c copper pans and wonder why they don’t have a pouring lip? Cheers, Claus

tim irvine

tim irvine commented 4 days ago

Has Anyone Ever Seen A Handle Like This?

by Newlyn_Tinning 28 days ago

Hi All. Just wondering if anyone has come across a handle like this? Apparently it is iron sheaved with copper?...


TJFRANCE commented 5 days ago

Mazetti Copper opinions?

by Politiceaux 8 days ago

All, I've noticed that Mazetti makes a number of 3mm pieces for what seem to be very reasonable prices. Does anyon...


alexrander commented 7 days ago

Tin-lined vs. Stainless-lined Copper Rondeau

by Politiceaux 8 days ago

I recently scored a fantastic deal on a tin-lined 3.2mm Mauviel 28 cm Rondeau. I am curious as to whether this or...


kaleokahu commented 8 days ago

Unlined copper pot

by polish_girl 10 years ago

I found this beautiful, handmade copper pot in the souks of Fes over the summer...Of course, I had to pick the unline...


jdamianp commented 9 days ago

Best sellers on eBay/Etsy for copper cookware?

by Politiceaux 21 days ago

It's looking like it may be feasible to run a gas line to my new home, which wasn't the case previously. I'm excited ...


Politiceaux commented 9 days ago

Mauviel Copper Lids - Flaw or a ~feature~

by mobiledynamics 12 days ago

? At WS, the 250C Mauviel. I observed the lid had a slight rock to it. No side by side, but up and down. Upon further...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 10 days ago

Mauviel - new copper line from them called M'3S

by CHSeifert 8 months ago

Just saw, that Mauviel is releasing a new line called M'3S, but information is very sparse. I'm guessing this is a...


kaleokahu commented 11 days ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware -- Worth the Wait

by kaleokahu 2 years ago

Brooklyn Copper Cookware 3 Quart Sauté—Worth the Wait See, Figure 1 --It's here! The BCC Story A few yea...


Politiceaux commented 17 days ago

Stainless-lined copper pans from the 1970s

by ellabee 4 years ago

On a raw, wintry, should-be-spring-but-isn't day, I'm procrastinating on cleaning chores by poring through The Cook's...


alarash commented 17 days ago

Even heat challenge -- copper diffuser plate?

by athanasius 7 years ago

I've been reading many of the recent threads about experiments comparing cookware of various materials with great int...


alexrander commented 17 days ago

Why is thick copper cookware so rarely available new?

by drrayeye 2 months ago

Is it merely price? Is it changing stovetop energy sources--gas, electric, induction? Is it the emergence of SS/cop...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 22 days ago

Restoring a vintage copper pan

by damiano 2 months ago

Imagine buying a new copper pan, made with the unparalled expertise and materials from more than a century ago, in a ...


TJFRANCE commented 26 days ago

Matfer Bourgeat 11’ Copper fry pan advice

by OaklandGal 5 months ago

I received the 11 inch Matfer Bourgeat fry pan from Amazon last week and it arrived with the branding stamp on the ba...


JustCharlie commented 26 days ago

24 cm Copper Rondeau or Saute?

by enjay_eats 5 months ago

Hello y'all. I cook for two on a GE Profile gas stove whose burners are not very large. And because of this I typical...


pinkmagnolia921 commented 1 month ago

Vintage copper cleaning challenge: Burned-on adhesive

by betsy_VA 3 months ago

Hi folks -- Welcome ideas on whether and how to tackle the residue from a price sticker that is marring my otherwise ...


betsy_VA commented 1 month ago