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Where to dine if only 2 days in Copenhagen?

by Anuta77 4 years ago

Hello, We will be in Copenhagen for 2 days, May 27th-May 29th. Would like to sample the best of Danish/Nordic cuisine this city has to offer... Planning for lunch and dinner on both days. This i...

Noma Mexico Pop-Up Forum

by seanwlee 5 years ago

Hi all, I created this Facebook page for people interested in the Noma pop-up in Tulum, Mexico next year from April-May. The link is posted below! Page is only for people interested in connecting w...

Looking For Seat(s) For Dinner At Noma - Any Remaining Date!

by mpepino 4 years ago

Currently spending the month of February traveling around Europe, and it would be the most unbelievable cherry on top of an amazing trip to be able to dine at Noma before it closes. I am a solo tra...

Looking for +1 seat to Noma today to dec 14th or in mid to late January to early February

by cline1229 5 years ago

I'm currently visiting in Denmark right now and am trying to get into Noma. So hard! Does anyone have an extra seat today until december 14? I will also be in scandinavia late january to early febr...

Noma lunch reservations, need two people

by hattieohara 5 years ago

My partner and I have made reservations at Noma in Copenhagen for lunch at 12:30 on December the 14th. The reservation is a table for 4. Therefore, we are looking for two people to join us for lunc...

Noma lunch 2 people needed 25.11.2016

by sahi 5 years ago

Me and my girlfriend have a 4 people reservation at Noma Copenhagen for lunch at 12.30 on November 25th. Our two friends cancelled so we are looking for 2 people to share our table! Please let me k...

Noma Lunch Reservation - November 22 - 1 person needed

by l_nomnom 5 years ago

Hello. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to get a reservation at Noma for lunch on November 22 @ 1PM. However, we need a third person to complete the reservation. We'd love for you to join us...

Noma reservation November 22, 2016

by l_nomnom 5 years ago

We have a reservation for three people on November 22 at 1PM and need person number three. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

Noma Dinner 11/30 @ 7PM – Looking for four diners to join us!

by kaestu 5 years ago

Noma, named the best restaurant in the world on four occasions, will shut its doors in February 2017 (its innovative chef, René Redzepi, will be exploring a new concept for the restaurant before re...

Denmark Trip Report

by turbowine 5 years ago

My wife and I just spent 9 or so days in Denmark, primarily in Copenhagen, but also in various other towns around the country. Never been there before (as adults; I was there as a young kid, and I ...

Noma diners needed November 12

by ozyl85 6 years ago

Hello, I am looking for 4 diners to fill a 6-person dinner reservation at Noma on November 12, at 19:30. My wife and I are in our late 20s/early 30s and are looking for friendly people to share ...

Noma - 2 seats available for lunch November 2, 2016

by itsjuni 5 years ago

Hello! My fiance and I reserved a table for four at Noma next Wednesday, Nov 2 for lunch at 12:30. Our friends just flaked and now we are looking for two people to fill the reservation.

Looking for 2 seats at Noma on October 13, 14 or 15

by Jezzer 5 years ago

Hi, I am looking for 2 seats at Noma on October 13, 14 or 15 for dinner at any time.

Noma reservation spots open with us November 2, 2016 (dinner)

by dakster 5 years ago

Hello! We have a reservation for 8 for dinner at Noma on November 2nd, 2016. The two groups of friends we were planning on going with dropped out, so at the moment we have myself and my friend A...

Looking for 2 seats at Noma on Oct 6, 7 or 8

by kanin 5 years ago

Did your buddies cancel on you? Looking to fill up that 8-top that was recently available? My wife and I are looking for any 2 seats at Noma for October 6, 7 or 8. We will be eternally grateful and...

Need 3 spots at Noma

by majik 5 years ago

I am looking for 3 seats at Noma on October 5 for dinner at any time. I will buy your drinks!!

Your +1 for Noma

by precogpunk 5 years ago

If you still have a seat, please let me know, or if you have two I would bring a friend. Anytime AFTER August 1st would work. I've been trying to score a reservation and failed 3 times (lowest ...

3 Extra Spots at Noma on 10/26

by radioh1323 5 years ago

I'm an American who made a reservation for 4 to Noma on October 26th at 7pm. My friends from Berlin were supposed to join but can't anymore, so I'm looking for 3 people that would want to join. ...

Noma - 1 seat available October 26th 8pm

by cursetine 5 years ago

I have reservations for 3 for October 26th dinner at 8pm. 1 friend flaked so we are looking for someone to fill the seat. We are easy going friends in our mid 30's traveling from California. ...

Looking for 2 additional diners to Noma in Copenhagen in December 2016

by motenaicomics 5 years ago

As you may or may not know, Noma will offer its final service on New Years Eve 2016 in Copenhagen. It will be closed from January to May 2017 before reappearing as a new restaurant in future. My gi...