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When Is Amazon Prime Day 2020? And What Kinds of Deals Can You Expect?

It's official: Amazon Prime Day 2020 is happening now, Oct. 13 and Oct. 14. The online retailer's annual sales event usually happens in summer, but was postponed due to coronavirus, with long shipping...

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Summer 2020 Cookware Deals

by jankdc 1 year ago

Since it is officially summer, I thought to start a new thread. There are still active deals in the Spring 2020 thread.

What pan should I buy?

by aakaak123 1 year ago

I recently upgraded my cookware and bought an All Clad 10" fry pan, 2-qt. saucepan, 3-qt. sauté pan and 6-qt. covered stockpot. I also bought a Darto 25 (10 inch) carbon steel pan. I own a Dutch ...

Has anyone used Our Place cookware?

by boran 1 year ago

I am thinking of buying from this brand OurPlace. The cookware and dinnerware look really nice. Wondering if anyone tried and has good experiences with this brand: https://fromourplace.com/products...

What is this used for?

by Kayburntitagain 1 year ago

Came across this vintage handmade pottery “casserole”. Looks like a regular casserole on the outside but there is a raised perforated cylindrical pipe on the inside. I can’t figure out what would b...

Any recommendations for set of cookware? I heard about All-clad, green pan, etc. but not sure which one to pick?

by boran 1 year ago

I am looking for a new set of cookware and have heard about all-clad, green pan, le creuset, etc. Which one should I buy? I am thinking all-clad now but they are so expensive. I hope to buy somethi...

Pls help me choose a new skillet

by laredo 1 year ago

I need a new skillet really bad but can't decide. My NS is wearing out. I need to replace it but don't want NS. I have a couple of old cast irons but can't get them seasoned properly, yet. Work...

Cookware For New Grad - Which Would You Choose? Help, please!

by Kate9299 1 year ago

Son just commissioned as a new officer in the military. He will be moving around a lot in the next 7 years, including the possibility of overseas. His present from me will be a set of high quality...

Cristel Castel'Pro stainless?

by Pertti 1 year ago

Hi, Does anyone own any pieces from this newest line by Cristel, maybe even a complete set? Been eyeballing this and casteline hard. Casteline seems to be reviewed very positively, and would ind...

Stainless steel cookware: Le Creuset vs Mauviel

by Ajwheatley96 1 year ago

I'm looking into both manufacturers and cannot decide which would be the better investment. I'm aware that the stainless steel cookware from Le Creuset is actually manufactured in Portugal, but ...

Radiant or Induction for new kitchen?

by RosieCotton 1 year ago

Chowhounds, I'm considering switching to induction, but I'm worried about not being able to use some of my pots and pans that I've collected over the years. What are some good suggestions for subs...

Handles on Matfer Bourgeat copper pans

by DonaldT123 2 years ago

I wanted to ask those members who own and use Matfer Bourgeat copper pans, how they like their handles? While I've been happy overall with the performance of my Atelier De Cuivre copper pans, their...

Porsche vs. Jeep vs. Cadillac (basic cookware)

by khall56 1 year ago

The title may seem odd at first for this community, but I think you'll understand quickly enough. I'm separating from my spouse of over 30 years, so I find myself with the daunting (yet strangely ...

All-Clad is the Pitts!

by palladin10075 4 years ago

I been a chef in New York City since 1988. Although I never had the pleasure of trying All-Clad anything, almost 30 years cooking with stainless steel cookware, I know a thing or two to say the le...


by onefineleo 15 years ago

I love mine......have loved them since 1973 when I got them as a gift. They have served me well for all of these many years. How come I don't hear much about them? What's the story with magnalite?

Help Please. Looking For A Copper Tinner In Israel?

by Newlyn_Tinning 2 years ago

Hi all, Dont suppose anyone can put me on to a retinner in Israel? Trying to source a service for someone that would like to get a few bits done. Hope you can help & all the best, Steve N...

Pampered Chef reviews? Love their stainless steel mixing bowls!

by RollWithIt 5 years ago

I was packing up my kitchen today and noticed on the bottom of my favorite mixing bowl that it was made by the Pampered Chef. After looking it up I realized it's kind of like a Tupperware brand, y...

Breville Thermal Pro

by am47 2 years ago

Given there's been a lot of discussion lately about hybrid cookware, I thought I'd check again whether anyone has tried any of the Breville Thermal Pro SS cookware made by Meyer in Thailand for the...

Restoring faded enamel cookware

by DrBrDaly 2 years ago

I returned from a recent vacation to find several of my enamel cookware pots with a milky appearance because they were washed in the dishwasher by my housesitter. It's not a major issue but I am w...

Cookware help

by IrOr 2 years ago

Hello everyone! I'm new here, have read many posts, and love the wealth of knowledge and information shared here. I need help with choosing the best home cookware. Cost is not a factor, ju...