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Cookware Sets

Shopping for a cookware set? Get expert advice from Chowhounds on brands and types. Ask questions, share your experience, and find reliable tips from real cooks.

Palm Restaurant Cookware

by Chemicalkinetics 8 years ago

I am sure many of you have these the Palm kitchen goods (from towels to pepper mills) at Home Goods. I don't see the...


Sandijo commented 1 day ago

ScanPan TechnIQ

by Angelus2013 20 days ago

Williams-Sonoma recently started selling ScanPan TechnIQ cookware. Supposedly it's more for "commercial kitchens" des...


Angelus2013 commented 8 days ago

Old Tinned-Copper Danger?

by HungryHobbit 18 days ago

Is there any danger in cooking in old, tinned copper? The tin is in decent shape, but clearly old and has a heavy pat...


betsy_VA commented 17 days ago

"Home and Cook Sales" (ala All-Clad VIP sales) not shipping orders?

by santiagodraco 27 days ago

Anyone else experience this issue with these guys where you place orders and they set and either cancel or never ship...


DuffyH commented 24 days ago

Best sellers on eBay/Etsy for copper cookware?

by Politiceaux 5 months ago

It's looking like it may be feasible to run a gas line to my new home, which wasn't the case previously. I'm excited ...


mk99 commented 1 month ago

Fat free stainless steel cookware

by dan10 2 months ago

I'm considering a set of stainless steel cookware from either All-Clad or Inoxia Both cookwares are made of 18/10 ...


kaleokahu commented 2 months ago

Saladmaster metal taste mouth

by bloodboy 2 months ago

I have some Saladmaster cookware in the house for a few weeks so I decided to try it out. All I did was boil some tap...


kaleokahu commented 2 months ago

Kitchen Supply Stores in New England?

by plnelson 2 months ago

I'm looking for a kitchen supply store near me (35 miles NW of Boston. I posted a question like this a decade ago bu...


breadchick commented 2 months ago

Cookware Be the first to comment

Dreamware from Polders Old World Market?

by bloodboy 2 months ago

Does anyone have any experience with this company and their Dreamware line of wooden utensils? https://www.polder...

Recipes for testing out cookware

by bblonde 2 months ago

Hi all. Not sure whether to post this in cookware or home cooking, but because I'm looking for recipes or at least...


drrayeye commented 2 months ago

Do you remember what led you to the cookware forum?

by mobiledynamics 3 months ago

As I was typing on another thread, it spurred a question. Do you recall how you came to the CH cookware subforum. Any...


Libranflight commented 2 months ago

Mystery Le Creuset Cast Iron Set

by Asteria214 3 months ago

Recently my mom happened upon an estate sale where a woman was selling various cookware sets. She lucked up on a 6 pi...


BigG commented 3 months ago

Upgrading cookware All-Clad, Calphalon, Le Creuset?

by Briennewitt 4 months ago

I recently got married and am working through what to keep, what to return and what to buy. We originally registered ...


Angelus2013 commented 4 months ago

Your three "forever" pans

by Angelus2013 10 months ago

So you find yourself down-sizing to just three cookware pieces that you'll use for the rest of your life. What would ...


BigG commented 4 months ago

Mazetti Copper opinions?

by Politiceaux 4 months ago

All, I've noticed that Mazetti makes a number of 3mm pieces for what seem to be very reasonable prices. Does anyon...


alexrander commented 4 months ago

Le Creuset or Zwilling SS sets?

by Cookingmamabear 4 months ago

Hello, I am trying to decide between these two sets. Le Creuset 3 ply SS 5 piece set or the Zwilling Prime 7 piece se...


drrayeye commented 4 months ago

Info/Identify Master Chef cookware set, not All-Clad or show related.

by IVcrane 6 years ago

My grandmother had bought me a set of Master Chef pots and pans back in 2001. This set has no reference to All-Clad's...


Allaina commented 5 months ago

Cookware Small Talk - The Spring 2018 'Bird of Paradise' Edition

by damiano 6 months ago

Let's start a new thread. What is on your mind these days cookware people? Is it the Lacor paella pan you've been eye...


damiano commented 5 months ago


by onefineleo 12 years ago

I love mine......have loved them since 1973 when I got them as a gift. They have served me well for all of these man...


cancunman57 commented 5 months ago

No pressure cooker love

by JohnLearnsToCook 7 months ago

I've been following the various threads on ideal cookware sets, and I've been quite surprised to see that (thus far) ...


TeresaWA commented 6 months ago