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10 Essential Grilling Tools Under $25 to Make Your BBQ Better

Whether you’re looking to enhance your backyard BBQ game, beef up your next tailgate (keep the faith), or if you’re in need of the perfect Father’s Day gift, consider these $25 and under BBQ accessories...

Broke my 30 Quart (14 inch) Stock Pot Cover. Need a replacement lid.

by day963 1 day ago

Hi all! I was moving around some cooking supplies and accidentally dropped my 30 quart (around 14 inch) glass stockpot cover. It never occurred to me until now but where does one buy a replacement ...

SodaStream vs Vintage Seltzer at Costco

by Unkle Al 2 months ago

Those cases are getting heavier the older I get! What is the difference in cost of a liter of Vintage (bought at Costco) and a liter of plain seltzer made with SodaStream appliance?

Cheesecake water bath - What to use for WB that I own?

by sarahbeths 7 months ago

On a budget and just bought a 9 inch spring form pan for learning to bake cheesecake. Can't buy any more equipment. The book I was reading suggested a silicone pan for the bath. Well, I don't have ...

Ultrasonic Cleaner in the Kitchen....

by mobiledynamics 4 months ago

Ha, as much -analog- as I like going on in the kitchen, there is one piece of -tech- I would not mind. I have even googled it the last couple of years everytime it comes to mind.... Ultrasonic c...

Does COO Matter to you....

by mobiledynamics 7 months ago

Jp_overs recent post. And I think before that bloodboy....has got me thinking about the state of COO. In the realm of cookware, utensils, and whatnot, does COO matter to you. Granted we live in ...

The Flavoring from the Rivets and what hides Between the Seams

by mobiledynamics 7 months ago

Someone recently mentioned Charlies -oozing- statement.... Awhile back, I did a post on how much brownie points one took on a NSF rated item. (for me, it was more just about NSF rated utensils) ...


by mobiledynamics 7 months ago

Looking for a Peppermill. Normally I would just opt for Peugeot, but it does not seem like they are they are of prior years builds... Peugeot has always been my de-facto standard but recent rev...

What's your Unicorn pan?

by mobiledynamics 8 months ago

I recall Angelus started a top 3 pans of some sort. I have doubles/triples and then some of many that I'm pretty content with.. With the recent post of Betsys, reminds me, I need to stop hemming...

Let's get healthy cause we'd like to play with our tools when we get old

by mobiledynamics 8 months ago

Charlie posted a reply, which kinda stuck in my head - about how his CU sits like ornamental decorative objects. Well, not necessarily in that wording but you guys get the drift.... In seeing my...

What is this kitchen tool?

by ChervilGeorge 3 years ago

Any idea what this little guy is used for? I would guess that it's some kind of coring tool. Both sides are slightly sharp. Not enough to cut your fingers with. There is no serration. I guesse...

Anyone know what this is?

by CygnusX1 8 months ago

Trying to identify this for a friend. I feel like I should know what it is, but it's escaping me.

Cooking Thai food - three brief questions

by borisabrams 8 months ago

Hey! So a couple of quick questions i was hoping to get answered. Firstly, when it comes to making a curry paste, i dont have a mortar and pestle or a food processor. I do have a blender. O...

Does anyone know what this is?

by sleef 8 months ago

Hi - we found this cleaning out a relative's kitchen cupboard and don't know what it is. It looks like an attachment of some sort, but we couldn't find any other pieces. Does anyone recognize this?

First Ever Trip to Italy

by dfrostnh 1 year ago

First Ever Trip to Italy - what should I bring home? The trip will be in September to the Amalfi Coast and then Rome. I realize I can't bring back certain foods but perhaps a kitchen gadget as a ...

Spanish Clay Cazuelas...how to use?

by erica 2 years ago

On a long-ago trip to Spain, I raided a cookware store and bought about a dozen round cazuelas in various sizes. Shamefully, I've never used any of them. Does anyone here cook with these and if ...

Chef jacket from crookedbrook.com?

by bloodboy 1 year ago

Does anyone have any experience with this company? I am looking to purchase a complete uniform with them (jacket, pants, and apron) and was attracted to the fact that they are the only company I ca...

Heavy Extra Heavy SS Bowls

by mobiledynamics 11 months ago

I took a break from the forums due to F&F. I got a email on a thread I responded to earlier so I came back to the forums to respond back to that reply. Then I started getting moderated for some un...

Control Freak

by mobiledynamics 11 months ago

Got some extra sunday funday funds...... My only reference point on induction is just a pair of Viking single hobs that has lasted us for 2 kitchen renovations. I want to dabble more on induc...

What brand is this?

by hlborch 11 months ago

I acquired some cookware from my son and was wondering if anyone knew what brand it is? They are stainless steel and seem to be really nice quality pots and pans. They have what looks like an "L" o...

Extra Super Fine Mesh Strainer

by mobiledynamics 11 months ago

I did post this awhile back but revisiting this. Aside from the cheap asian supermarkets, does anyone know who make/makes a nice ~utensil~ in the realm of a strainer or some sorts that has a superf...