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Cookware Accessories

Double Boilers

by susanrdrgz 20 days ago

I found myself suddenly aware that I no longer had a double boiler since replacing old cookware and needing to melt c...


am47 commented 15 days ago

OXO Colanders

by susanrdrgz 1 month ago

OXO Good Grips have holes all the way to the top while OXO Softworks only have holes at the bottom. Which would be mo...

susanrdrgz commented 1 month ago

Spanish Clay to use?

by erica 1 month ago

On a long-ago trip to Spain, I raided a cookware store and bought about a dozen round cazuelas in various sizes. Sh...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

What is this kitchen tool?

by ChervilGeorge 10 months ago

Any idea what this little guy is used for? I would guess that it's some kind of coring tool. Both sides are slightl...

Caitlin McGrath commented 2 months ago

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Kitchen Hoods - Is yours spotless?

by mobiledynamics 2 months ago

New kitchen planning. Haven't started the shopping yet, but I am leaning on something that is still looks ~beautiful/...

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Air Fryer Cookware

by njmarshall55 2 months ago

Recently purchased an air fryer from one of the TV shopping shows. It comes with some inserts (rack, square pan, etc....

Easy way to remove a pan lid?

by DuffyH 3 years ago

I need help getting my pan lids to release their seal. Here's what happens: 1. I place lid on hot pot 2. Pot coo...

DuffyH commented 2 months ago

Has anyone tried a WokMon?

by travelerjjm 3 years ago

I was looking for wok burners last night and I saw an article about the WokMon:

justbeingpolite commented 3 months ago

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La Cuisine, Old Town Alexandria, retirement sale...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

After 47 years on Cameron Street in charming Old Town Alexandria, VA., founder Nancy Pollard and her 'cuisinettes' ar...

The importance of handles on our cookware ?

by CHSeifert 3 months ago

I followed the All Clad thread about the unergonomic handles and was a bit amazed how heated the discussion can be ov...

Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

Cookware and Engraving (Demeyere)

by Libranflight 4 months ago

My DH and I were discussing the gift we are giving a couple that are getting married, I suggested engraving their nam...


VFish commented 4 months ago

Potholder Problem

by Deborah R. 1 year ago

This is going to sound trivial, but it really isn't. I can't seem to find truly heat-proof potholders anymore. I used...

Libranflight commented 4 months ago

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Carrying case or cover for Kettle Pizza

by nuraman00 4 months ago

Is there a good carrying case or cover for the Kettle Pizza? This official one needs the have the Kettle Pizza dis...

Zwilling J.A. Henckels holiday sale underway in Pleasantville, N.Y.

by gutreactions 4 months ago

The annual Holiday sale is on out of the new Pleasantville headquarters of Zwilling J.A. Henckels on special dates th...


randallhank commented 4 months ago

Is there a safest healthiest type of cookware? (non toxic)

by newbiefor1 4 months ago

I want no chemicals or leaching of harmful amounts of toxins or metals. What do you use personally? I use Cast ...

kaleokahu commented 4 months ago

Help! Need to find Flavorseal by Cory cookware handles...bought in the 60's...

by 1Cookie 7 years ago

Can anyone tell me where I can find replacement handles? This cookware was my grandmother's and it still performs ama...


bobbie1 commented 4 months ago

Recommend Mortar and Pestle?

by Seitan 8 months ago

My trusty marble mortar and pestle, which I've had for over a decade, just cracked. So, I'm looking around for a new ...


GibsonGirl55 commented 4 months ago

Amway cookware handles

by bkhuna 11 years ago

I have some pieces of Amway Queen cookware circa 1977 that need replacement handles and knobs. My wife is convinced ...


jjhung88 commented 4 months ago

2017 Summer Cookware Deals

by Libranflight 9 months ago

It's summertime, yay!!! Starting off the new Summer post for cookware deals, put your deals here and happy cooking!

kaleokahu commented 6 months ago

Need some recommendations for an online restaurant supply company

by Zinful 6 years ago

Anyone have any luck using on online restaurant supply house? I need a bunch of kitchen workhorse supplies (tongs, m...


gail1950 commented 6 months ago