A ‘Top Chef’s’ Favorite Tool Is Actually a Camping Necessity

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Need Some Emergency Cooktop Help!

by bcemail 5 years ago

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we find ourselves in need of a new cooktop ASAP. We currently have a 30” 4 burner gas cooktop with a propane line. I have been interested in switching to inductio...

Experience with portable induction cooktop?

by redbeanbun 10 years ago

Greetings Chowhounders! I've been looking into a portable induction cooktop unit for a while but the picture isn't much clearer to me. There's a wide range of prices from $70 on amazon.com to $60...

induction cooktop

by JudyDenver 6 years ago

I went to look at gas 36" cook tops and came home wanting an induction. A chef who is employed by the appliance center, detailed why induction is preferable to gas. Sold. But which brand? The ...

Any experiences with Big Chill Induction Cooktops (or other non-pro induction cooktops)?

by nararabbit 5 years ago

The Kitchenaid gas cooktop in our home is nearing the end of its life after god knows how many years of dutiful service - 20 at least. While I like cooking with gas, I hate, hate, hate cleaning the...

Has anyone tried the NuWave PIC?

by Big N Fat 9 years ago

I just watched one of those Infomercials, this time advertising the NuWave PIC (induction cooking/warming unit). Has anyone out there tried it and if so, offer any pros and cons? Thanks, -BnF

Anyone use a Bluestar 30" Drop-In Cooktop as a kitchen upgrade?

Sid Post
by Sid Post 5 years ago

I am considering replacing my much hated glass cooktop with electric coil elements with a Bluestar 30" Drop-In Cooktop Model RBCT304BSS. My oven is on its last legs as well so, I am debating holdi...

Best brands of cookware for induction cooktop?

by LaureltQ 10 years ago

My coworker is considering getting an induction range but is unsure about her cookware. I think for the most part most of her stuff should work on it (just has to be a magnetic material or "induct...

Induction Cooktop - Best Layout of Burners?

by joyfulcamper 7 years ago

Looking for recommendations from cooks who frequently use 3 large pots simultaneously. I can't fit 2 large pots front to back on my 36" wide cooktop, and the induction cooktops I've seen are no...

Recirculating or downdraft vent for Bluestar range?

by chunter1001 6 years ago

I want to install a 30" Bluestar Platinum range into my home. Due to the placement of my existing range, there's no way to install a real vent hood. Our HVAC guy said it would require major demo, w...

Rangetop decision: wolf vs blue star

by keena 6 years ago

I love to cook. I do stir fry once a month or so and that high BTU burner is so appealing. I simmer every day almost. I was sure I wanted BS but I've loved my old wolf and the knobs are now stur...

Miele cooktop with touch control

by kaiking 6 years ago

We have a Miele cooktop with touch control back in December 2009. Three year later, the left front burner was broken and we spent Canadian $300. Now in 2015, the left front burner goes busted and w...

Newbie here: Collective wisdom re ceramic cooktops

by SusanConstant 6 years ago

I recently inherited a new ceramic cooktop as it conveyed with a home I'm purchasing. I now know: I despise ceramic cooktops. As it, the range, is brand new I'm not going to replace it anytime soon...

Big news for fans of induction cooktops

tanuki soup
by tanuki soup 11 years ago

I was just at my local electronics shop here in Japan and noticed that Panasonic is now selling "All Metal" induction cooktops. Not sure about the details because the catalog is in Japanese, but th...

Opinions on 3 Zone Portable Induction Cooktop?

by PutSomethingTogether 6 years ago

I thought this unit looked pretty cool by Caso. It has 3400 watts that are split on the hobs. I like the large cooking surface, in case you have big pots and pans. I think it is only available in E...

GE cafe induction cooktop: semi emergency decision

by mountaincachers 6 years ago

We have a 30 inch GE electric glass cooktop in our kitchen. Something got dropped on the corner and shattered it, so we're looking to replace. Induction seems appealing to me and we started look...

Induction cooktop

by maggielyn 11 years ago

Getting ready to finally do the remodel. Had been leaning toward high end gas cooktop like Wolf. Friend is urging that I consider induction instead . . . more efficient / easier to control / less p...

Do you really like the look of stainless steel appliances?

by stratford 14 years ago

It seems to be the fashion now, and HGTV talks about it as the needed thing for any kitchen upgrade. I guess fashion never last forever, but I wonder if people really think it's that beautiful. T...

Cant' decide between range or cooktop and wall oven?? Are Wolf and Sub-Zero worth the investment??

by KLMJGM 9 years ago

We are building a new house and are looking at different options in the kitchen. We can't decide between a 36" range vs cook top and wall oven(s). Also, we are wondering if it's worth the investmen...

Cast Iron (not enameled) on ceramic stovetop

by robertbobb 8 years ago

I'm moving somewhere with a ceramic-glass stovetop. I don't want to stop using cast iron but I heard that they scratch the surface. There's a similar post but it's about enameled cast iron, but min...

Why don't more Americans use induction?

by BobB 9 years ago

I recently got a new range with induction cooktop, and have been absolutely blown away by its capabilities. It far outperforms any electric range on the market with its instant responsiveness (here...

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