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Breville Control Freak on sale for next few days on MD

by santiagodraco 1 month ago

For those interested in a premium induction cooktop the Breville CF is on sale on Massdrop for $400 off.... I've o...


OaklandGal commented 1 month ago

New All Clad Sauté Pan bigger than my largest burner (glass electric cooktop). Should I keep it?

by jamestreanor 3 months ago

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I've searched online but haven't found clear information on this. Hopefully this is the...


Angelus2013 commented 3 months ago

Scratches on Glass Cooktop

by cassis 9 years ago

The surface of my new glass cooktop is scratched and pitted after only 6 month's use. The manual warns against slidi...


mal3601 commented 11 months ago

Does anybody LIKE their ceramic cooktop?

by dingey 5 years ago

Recently remodeled our kitchen, swapping out an ancient rusted "stainless" steel cooktop for a ceramic top. Unfortun...


ojino commented 1 year ago

Electric cooktops: need opinions on solid element vs glass

by pmburk 8 years ago

We currently have a glass cooktop in our kitchen. We're in the process of replacing all of our appliances (changing c...


Javenvandevendar commented 1 year ago

Drop in cooktop 36 inches: best kind?

by cmandtp 1 year ago

ignitors on DCS by Fisher and Paykal cooktop went after 11 years. repairman said it was from cleaning fluid build up....


alexrander commented 1 year ago

Induction versus Electric

by eburgcook 2 years ago

I've got a 5-year old Thermador induction 5 burner cooktop, silver. The edges are beveled inward and I've chipped it ...


Indy 67 commented 2 years ago

Upgrading to higher-end appliances, want to hear your installation experience

by enickerson 2 years ago

Hi! My husband and I are looking to upgrade from the appliances that came with our house to something more premium. W...


mobiledynamics commented 2 years ago

Cooktop for Wok

by PiperBob 2 years ago

My wife and I are planning on upgrading our kitchen. Currently I use a 30 BTU burner on the carport for stirfry. ...


PiperBob commented 2 years ago

Anyone love their 30" gas Cooktop

by Cam14 3 years ago

Not considering induction because we lose power occasionally and enjoy the ability to cook during power outages. We ...


Cam14 commented 2 years ago

Bosch Induction Cooktop Question

by troukhad 2 years ago

My old Bosch cooktop broke and just to avoid any sizing problems and to keep it 30 amp i decide to go again with Bosc...


troukhad commented 2 years ago

Need Some Emergency Cooktop Help!

by bcemail 2 years ago

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we find ourselves in need of a new cooktop ASAP. We currently have a 30” 4 burner g...


Cam14 commented 2 years ago

Experience with portable induction cooktop?

by redbeanbun 8 years ago

Greetings Chowhounders! I've been looking into a portable induction cooktop unit for a while but the picture isn't m...


DuffyH commented 2 years ago

induction cooktop

by JudyDenver 4 years ago

I went to look at gas 36" cook tops and came home wanting an induction. A chef who is employed by the appliance cent...


eslmama commented 2 years ago

Challenge: find me an induction capable griddle

by danna 7 years ago

The new induction cooktop is on order and of course I'm almost through with my "buying opportunity" spree, weeks in a...


NumberSix commented 2 years ago

Any experiences with Big Chill Induction Cooktops (or other non-pro induction cooktops)?

by nararabbit 2 years ago

The Kitchenaid gas cooktop in our home is nearing the end of its life after god knows how many years of dutiful servi...


drrayeye commented 2 years ago

Has anyone tried the NuWave PIC?

by Big N Fat 6 years ago

I just watched one of those Infomercials, this time advertising the NuWave PIC (induction cooking/warming unit). Has...


sugiebear15 commented 2 years ago

Anyone use a Bluestar 30" Drop-In Cooktop as a kitchen upgrade?

by Sid Post 3 years ago

I am considering replacing my much hated glass cooktop with electric coil elements with a Bluestar 30" Drop-In Cookto...

Sid Post

Sid Post commented 3 years ago

Best brands of cookware for induction cooktop?

by LaureltQ 8 years ago

My coworker is considering getting an induction range but is unsure about her cookware. I think for the most part mo...


gooster commented 3 years ago

Induction Cooktop - Best Layout of Burners?

by joyfulcamper 5 years ago

Looking for recommendations from cooks who frequently use 3 large pots simultaneously. I can't fit 2 large pots f...


Olivia_Afrin commented 3 years ago