Cooking Clubs


Cooking Club of America

by basil4me 15 years ago

I received an invitation in the mail to join the Cooking Club of America. For $12 a month I get to test different products, techniques and sometimes keep the appliance. Also comes with a monthly ma...

Savannah, Ga Cooking Club?

by Candy 3 years ago

Are there any fellow hounds here in Savannah or close by who would like to form a cooking club?

Cookbook clubs in Toronto?

by steelh 5 years ago

I've lurked here for a long time, reading posts, but this is the first time I've posted. I'm finally moving back into Toronto. While gone, I developed a large cookbook collection that I don't use a...

Cooking/supper club in the Rolesville/ Wake Forest/ N.Raleigh area

by edinaeats 4 years ago

I'm interested in organizing a cooking/supper club in the Rolesville/ Wake Forest/ N.Raleigh area for people who love to cook. The exact format is open to discussion, but my idea is themed eveni...

Looking for Inspiration for my Blog

by nnguyen 4 years ago

Hi there! I’m currently working on revamping my personal food blog and it would mean the world to me if you can help answer a few quick questions.Many thanks! XOXO 1. How did you learn to cook? ...

Starting a supper club

by mrshalf 4 years ago

What is one and how does one start one? I need foodie friends...

Interested in starting a Raleigh cooking/supper club?

by edinaeats 4 years ago

I'm interested in organizing a cooing/supper club in the Raleigh area for people who love to cook. The exact format is open to discussion, but my idea is themed evenings (cuisines, chefs, 100 mi...

Chowhound Supper Club?

by Smokeydoke30 5 years ago

Is there anything like this in LA or OC? I'm reading about herby's retreat with fellow Chowhounders and wondering if anyone from the West Coast would be interested in doing something like this....

Clinton Hill Cookbook Club

by badsuzanna 5 years ago

Do you have a million cookbooks that you've drooled over but never cooked from, or have only cooked from once or twice? Me too! I'm looking for a group of adventurous cooks to meet up on the fi...

Starting a Baking Club

by sandylc 7 years ago

I am interested in starting a baking club in my area with the goal of sharing my interest with others of similar inclinations. I have posted a notice on Craigslist to attract potential members...

Dinner Club Ideas

by yeoyeo 14 years ago

I have recently started up a dinner club in my area (Newport, RI). Any ideas for themes? I think this will be a great way to meet new people and try new recipes...

Need comments on a mobile-friendly potluck organizer

by mixersoft 6 years ago

Hi all, I wanted to come to this community with a mockup of a food app I'm building. It's a mobile/web-friendly community meal organizer (aka potluck planner) that puts the menus and recipes on the...

City life logistics + cooking (traditional)

by chloehk 6 years ago

This question has two parts. Question #1: cooking when living in a studio apartment I used to cook every day and loved it, but life changed and I now work a demanding office job in NYC and li...

Creating a Cooking/Supper Club

by dkennedy 11 years ago

Hi Fellow Chowhounders, My sister and I are in the process of starting up a Supper Club. I have tried doing some research online, and have found very little information on the subject. I did fi...

classic patisserie swap-meet or baking group

by lisa13 11 years ago

A recent discussion around the lack of traditional pastry available in the area leads me to ask the board at large: Is anyone interested in a baking swap meet, or some kind of baking club where ...

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