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The Most Romantic Gifts for Your Food-Obsessed Valentine

It’s been said that the best way to a person’s heart is through one’s stomach, which means that come February 14, food is of the utmost importance. Here you’ll find a variety of gourmet gift options...

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Please recommend intimate cooking classes

by blackbirdpie 11 years ago

Hi, Could anyone recommend a cooking class for the novice, non-vocational participant in the Bay Area that is intimate, truly helpful and fun? This is a gift for a friend...I don't live in your...

Home Chef Cooking School

by NancyKV6 5 years ago

Hey all. I am new to this but hope to connect with others who took classes in the past from the Home Chef Cooking School. I moved and lost my binder with all my recipes from the MANY classes I ha...

French hound coming to Seoul 2 - The return of the bearded one

Rio Yeti
by Rio Yeti 3 years ago

Dear 'China & Southeast Asia board', you've helped me tremendously last year when I came to Seoul (http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/980009), and it resulted in some great eating (http://chowhound.c...

The Farm Cooking School - Stockton NJ

by Foody4life 3 years ago

Great read in this month's issue of Princeton Magazine. They offer everything from knife skills to baking and more. More info: http://thefarmcookingschool.com/

Budapest Cooking Schools

by kja1 12 years ago

I'll be in Budapest in the fall and would love to take a cooking class or two. Google searches don't yield much -- can anyone recommend anything?

King Arthur baking conference VT

by geminigirl 3 years ago

Hello, just wondering if anyone has ever been to the KA conference? I can't go this year, but thinking it might be a fun fall weekend next year....I will put this on the local board as well. ...

Cooking class day trip from padova/Padua

by nowchow 3 years ago

Base at padova seek suggestions for day trip cooking class reachable by public transportation or short taxi from public stops

Cooking Classes in Taiwan?

by iaminvisable 12 years ago

We are going to Taiwan for a couple of weeks. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good cooking classes that we could take while we are there?

los angeles cooking school?

by aquaeyes4 10 years ago

can anyone recommend a good cooking school in LA? I can't go to Le Cordon Bleu because I work full time and wouldn't be able to attend their classes. I looked into Epicurean but it seemed like they...

City life logistics + cooking (traditional)

by chloehk 4 years ago

This question has two parts. Question #1: cooking when living in a studio apartment I used to cook every day and loved it, but life changed and I now work a demanding office job in NYC and li...

Knife Skills Demo/Class in Providence

by Tartinet 4 years ago

I just took a knife skills class at Stock Culinary Goods on Hope St-- it was a fun evening, and helpful. I think they do it monthly. It's sponsored by Urban Greens Co-op, and run by chefs from My C...

Sichuan cooking classes in NYC, private or otherwise

by SmallGoodThings 4 years ago

I find myself with several weeks off this summer in July and early August, and I'd like to use the opportunity to learn to cook authentic regional Chinese food -- especially Sichuan. I've searched...

Cooking Classes for Kids - Pioneer Valley

by irisica 4 years ago

Looking for your recommendations on cooking classes for children in the Northampton-Amherst area. We are willing to travel as well. TIA!

Americas Test Kitchen Online Cooking School (or, $500 for just ONE of several available courses. Are you kidding me???)

Mr Taster
by Mr Taster 7 years ago

With the success of high quality online cooking lessons like Rouxbe, how can ATK ask these kinds of exorbitant prices? $99 to learn how to make chicken stock in one hour with a "revolutionary" t...

Recommendations for Vacation Cooking Class?

by BernieBrewer 4 years ago

Before our son was born, my wife and I took an amazing all-day cooking class with a chef in Umbria, Italy that was one of our all-time vacation highlights(http://www.veliascookingstyle.com/cooking-...

kingarthurflour class calendar norwich, vermont

by divadmas 4 years ago


Renting Bologna Apartment for Two Weeks...Need Advice

by yanks26dmb 4 years ago

Hi...will be arriving in Bologna next week and staying for roughly 2 weeks. Very excited to have access to a full kitchen. I would really like to find some authentic recipes relying on local ingr...

Philly Hound Looking to Cook

by doxiemom 4 years ago

Greetings - I am a Philly Hound on my way for a Memorial Day Weekend. It's been several years since we were in the area, and during our last visit I regretted not taking advantage of an opportunit...

Cooking Classes in L.A.

by MagnoliaGardens 4 years ago

I am in disbelief about what a difficult task this is, but I can't find a reliable cooking class in L.A. outside of something specific (knife skills, bread baking, typical WIlliams Sonoma stuff). C...

baking class - beginner

by Rice is Nice 4 years ago

hi fellow chowhounds, As an adult now, i always wanted to learn the basics of baking and bread making, where can I find a class (best is free) where i can learn the basic fundamentals of baking?...

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