Oreo, sugar, gingersnap, or chocolate chip: What's your favorite cookie? Talk about all of them and more here, from recipes to baking tips to where to find great cookies at bakeries near you.

What Is the Difference Between Sugar Cookies and Snickerdoodles?

This time of year, we’ve got one thing on the brain: cookies. But what is the difference between sugar cookies and snickerdoodles? Whether you’re carefully cutting out stars and stocking-shaped cookies...

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Cookies topped with chocolate stars??

by Googlequestion 20 years ago

I need recipes for those cookies topped with chocolate stars, but I don't even know what they're called. Does anyone know about those and have recipes or know Web sites with recipes? I'm hoping t...

mani's cookies

by s 20 years ago

Man I love those Mani's cookies, particularly the chocolate-dipped versions of chocolate chip and peanut butter. Sucrose free (maltose-sweetened chocolate), sweetened with fruit, they are exceptio...

Italian Cookies?

by megm 20 years ago

A friend with slight chowhound tendencies recently took me to her favorite italian cookie outlet in Hartford... which no longer exists. I vowed to find equivalent cookies for her somewhere within ...

Mani's L©A©'s chocolate-dipped cookies: something like them in NY?

by stephanie 20 years ago

NY has everything - except mani's cookies! I particularly love their chocolate-dipped chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies ?two different cookies, not peanut butter chocolate chip?? Anybody kno...

Personalized Fortune Cookies

by Sharon 20 years ago

I am looking for a very small supply of Fortune Cookies that I can personalize for a gift. Do you know of anyplace in D.C. that will sell less than 1 dozen and I can insert the messages on my own....

Garlic Chcolate Chip Cookies

by Michael 20 years ago

In the “Food that Makes you go Huh?” thread I mentioned Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies and someone requested that I post the recipe here. A variation of this recipe appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer ...

Best Cookies

by CookieGuy 20 years ago

Where can one get really good chocolate chip cookies around Boston? With nuts, walnut or peacan.

Black and White Cookies

by cynthia olphie 21 years ago

I am researching desserts of NYC again... Does anyone know where the best black and white cookies can be found here in the city? Also, any history or interesting background info?? Anyone have...

Black and White Cookies

by Joan Winston 21 years ago

I made the "Zabar's" black and white cookies according to the recipe in Molly O'neils column in last Sunday's New York Times magazine. BOY! Were they ugly. They tasted great though. The recipe c...

Fortune cookies by the bulk?

by GJ 20 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, Does anyone know of a place in SF Chinatown that sells fortune cookies by the bulk? I need about 100 of them for an upcoming party. Thanks so much!

Custom cookies/cookie cutters

by Tom G 20 years ago

Does anybody know of any GOOD baker who will custom make cookies?? I'm getting married in September and am looking for somebody to make cookies shaped like Italy (where we're spending our honeymoo...

chick pea flour candy/cookies

by adrienne 21 years ago

I have only found Iranian chickpea flour candy/cookies in Iranian shops in LA or in London but not here in NYC. Was wondering if anyone had encountered them anywhere? They are tiny flour-y (very ...

cookies and couscous--other moroccan?

by Zora 22 years ago

just ate another lovely meal at cookies and couscous, relatively new moroccan place on thompson. the switch over to the fall menu makes me very happy--prunes and almonds in everything now. desser...

Good Cookies In Miami????

by Miami Movie Guy 21 years ago

Any leads for really good bakeries in Miami/Dade that make "old school" oatmeal cookies???

Arnhem Cookies

by Tom Meg. 21 years ago

Reading all that recent cookie stuff inspired me to attempt John Thorne's recipe for the "Best Cookies in the World". They turned out pretty great, but I'd still like to try the "genuine" article ...

Black and White Cookies

by Ruth Kennison 22 years ago

My husband and I return to New York twice a year from L.A. where you can't get a decent black and white cookie (also called half moons in my youth in Boston). We are looking for the best the ci...

Girl Scout Cookies in Brooklyn

by Jim Leff 21 years ago

It's that girlscout cookie time of year (somewhat easing our disappointment over the impending demise of douw myu season). The link below brings you to an order page, but I've heard you can find tr...

cookies revisted (just one more time)

by Christy 21 years ago

I just read the Special Report on cookie baking, and was horrified -- horrified! -- that nobody mentioned Leslie Glover Pendleton's excellent book (One Dough, Fifty Cookies) on this subject. LGP ha...

Still more about cookies...

by Jennifer 21 years ago

Greetings Chowhounds. I know this topic has already been much discussed, the report has been written, but still I couldn't resist adding my own 2 or 3 cents. One trick that I noticed was implicit...

Black-and-Whites (aka half moon cookies) What bakerys make them in Chicago?

by Colleen 21 years ago

Thanks Lee for finding me in NYC's chowhound, I was lost. I appreciate the suggestions re: my search for my old favorite cookies. Does anyone out there know where to find Black-and-Whites in town?...

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