What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

Learn to Cook with Help from 10 of the Best Cookbooks for Beginners

Due to restaurant closures and social distancing measures in place to help combat coronavirus, many people are currently cooking at home for the first time. But what if you have no idea how to cook...

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More on Cookbooks: Raymond Blanc

by David A. 17 years ago

I missed the cookbook thread below but I wanted to throw in two cents for my favorite cookbook writer, Raymond Blanc, who runs the Michelin-two-star Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons near Oxford, England....

favorite latin american cookbooks

by wendy c 21 years ago

I am in that wonderful position of having some credit to spend at the bookstore, and have been having a good time browsing the cookbooks. I'm looking for either something that covers many diff...

Mushroom cookbooks?

by Natasha B 17 years ago

What are your recommendations for cookbooks/web sites (in English, French) offering interesting mushroom recipes? Thank you, Natasha

Used cookbook store in Los Angeles?

by glenmore 17 years ago

Anyone know of a used cookbook store in the Los Angeles area? I think it was mentioned by one of the local news channels. TIA glenmore

Alice B. Toklas cookbook - on sale

by Linda W. 17 years ago

A few weeks ago, someone was searching for recipes from the Toklas cookbook. While searching on B&N for something else, I noted that the Toklas cookbook is on sale for $6.98 and it's in stock - se...

Hazan Recipe for Pan-Roasted Breast of Veal..classics cookbook

by erica 17 years ago

I have just brought home 4 pounds of rib-bone-in veal breast. My butcher tried to discourage me from purchasing this saying that it was an "old-fashioned" cut and would be very greasy and fatty. ...

Cheap Cookbooks

by mc michael 17 years ago

Next to the Trader Joe's at Santa Monica & Fuller is a store that sells remaindered books. They have a lot of cookbooks--mostly 2/3 off. No Julia Child but lots of interesting things.

idea for cookbook lovers

by babyfork 17 years ago

So, I was replying to a post about Indian cookbooks, and I got this idea. You know how people participate in book clubs where they all read the same book and then get together to discuss it over t...

El Bulli cookbook

by susanj 17 years ago

Has anybody seen it yet? When's the English version coming out?

Online source for recipes from the Alice B. Toklas Cookbook

by Doug Mose 17 years ago

I'm looking for online collections of recipes from the Alice B Toklas Cookbook. Anybody know if they're out there? Or will those pesky copyright laws force me to buy a copy of the book? thanks

Chinese Cookbooks

by chamoudi 17 years ago

Looking to add to my collection of Chinese cookbooks. Any suggestions? must-haves?

Good Enough to Eat Cookbook by Carol Doumani

by maria 17 years ago

does any one have this cookbook? i am thinking of buying it on amazon but the price is holding me back. price is $60, so i first would like to know if it is worth it. and any other internet site...

sydney's kylie kwong cookbook finally out!

by david kaplan 17 years ago

I just ordered my copy tonight of Kylie Kwong Recipes and Stories. She is the owner/chef of Billy Kwong, the Chinese restaurant in Surry Hills, Sydney, which is my single favorite restaurant on the...

Tetsuya Wakuda cookbook

by SG 17 years ago

Does anyone have an opinion about this cookbook? Worth getting? Link: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1580082947/qid=1043426318/sr=1-35/ref=sr_1_35/103-3705776-2108644?v=glance&s=boo...

Historic Cookbook Treasure -- Online!!

by Nancy Berry 17 years ago

If you're interested in historic cookbooks, you must go to the link below. The Michigan State University Library has a project called Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project. ...

Favorite "arm chair read" cookbooks?

by Emma 17 years ago

A post below made me think about this -- what are your favorite cookbooks for pure reading enjoyment? Not necessarily the ones with the best recipes, but the ones you can read cover-to-cover (whic...

Is the cookbook "Mexican Gourmet" really worth $200?

by Dylan 17 years ago

Time to check out that cookbook shelf. I stumbled upon this book, "Mexican Gourmet" by Maria Yzabal (1995) - actually I didn't stumble upon the book itself, but rather the Half.com listing for it...

Best Italian cookbook? Best pasta cookbook?

by nancy Nosher 17 years ago

Interested in opinions on both. Of course the best Italian cookbook may BE a pasta cookbook! thanks.

hot dogs without nitrates?

by bluebetta 17 years ago

I'm no expert on hotdogs, so I was wondering if there are hotdogs that do not contain nitrates or are nitrates part of the definition of hotdogs?

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