What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

Learn to Cook with Help from 10 of the Best Cookbooks for Beginners

Due to restaurant closures and social distancing measures in place to help combat coronavirus, many people are currently cooking at home for the first time. But what if you have no idea how to cook...

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Good Lebanese cookbook?

by divstudent 16 years ago

I love Lebanese food, and was recently lookingfor a kibbeh recipe when I realized that not only did I not have a kibbeh recipe, but I didn't have any cookbooks with Lebanese food in it! So--does a...

Recommend a Good Sauce Cookbook?

by NaomiB 16 years ago

I'm looking for a cookbook all about sauces to give as a Xmas gift to a friend of mine. Any recommendations?

cookbook authors at Hollywood Farmer's Market - Sunday 12/7 9a-1p

by Debbie 16 years ago

Haven't seen this posted here, hope it's an ok topic for this board, apologies in advance to the Chowgods if not. This coming Sunday December 7th The Cook's Library is sponsoring a holiday cook...

New England Clam Shack Cookbook

by galleygirl 16 years ago

I just got the coolest book out of the library, and I had to post about it here, because it's recipes from "our" greatest hits. New England Clam Shack Cookbook, by Brook Dojny. Campy, corny, full o...

Anyone get the new Edna Lewis/Scott Peacock cookbook?

by ted 17 years ago

Just wondering. Ordered it to give as a wedding gift to a friend and hadn't seen any reviews other than the Saveur article and a story in yesterday's AJC. Any thoughts?

Best cookbook for cakes.

by dmj 16 years ago

I am looking to add to my collection of cookbooks. What is your favorite book for cakes? I already have the Cake Bible. Thanks in advance.

Candy cookbooks

by Samantha 17 years ago

I have decided I want to learn how to do candy (Esp. toffee) and don't quite know where to start. Does anybody know of a good cookbook for candy? Ideally one that is available nationally. Thanks!

slow cookers/crockpots - seeking cookbook and device

by Jill D 17 years ago

I'm interested in figuring out the slow cooker/crockpot scene but haven't much of a clue. Perhaps someone here does. Am interested in determining: 1. what's the best cooker? Best = smartest feat...

German cookbook recommendations?

by papayagirl 17 years ago

We just returned from Germany, and now we're hankering to learn to make the basics. Any cookbook recommendations?

Low-Carb Cookbooks that don't suck?

by The Pie Queen 17 years ago

I'm eating low-carb (not no-carb) and it works really well for me, even as a chowhound cook. When cooking at home, I can generally just choose recipes that don't include simple carbs like rice and ...

River Cafe cookbook.Opinions?

by Westy 17 years ago

All - Has anyone tried any of the River Cafe cookbooks? They look ineresting, but I think success would depend on the cook's ability to come up with some fairly exotic ingredients and access to ...

For the cookbook collectors...

by Zoe 17 years ago

Here are some cookbooks (with a heavy baking emphasis) that caught my eye on a recent trip to Amazon. Most will be coming out in the next few months... quite a crop! Home Baking: Sweet and Savory...

Pastry cookbook

by orla 17 years ago

I am looking for a great pastry/doughnut/beignet type recipe book. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Pizza cookbooks

by Pizzalover 17 years ago

Any ideas? Yes, I know with homemade pizza just about anything is good, but this is for someone just starting to do pizzas at home. Thanks

Used cookbooks: local book sale

by aromatherapy 17 years ago

In Medford Square, this Saturday 9/20. See link for details; click on Cookbooks for a (very) few titles & prices. I work on the sale crew; it's a nice selection and prices are low. Link: http://...

Czech desserts - recipes and/or cookbook recommendations?

by FML 17 years ago

I was just in Prague, and I tried some delicious Czech pastries. Can anyone offer recipes for the following and/or good Czech dessert cookbooks? -kokoska -oreckova koule -kacenka -puncova koul...

Rotisserie cookbooks/recipes?

by PollyG 17 years ago

We finally bought the rotisserie attachment for our grill and it is wonderful. So far, we've made lamb and pollo a la brasa (Peruvian-style chicken). But we are looking to expand our horizons. D...

easy foolproof cookbook for beginners

by neazie4 17 years ago

Want to get my a new cook a easy to use cookbook. Any recommendations?

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