What cookbooks can you not live without? Chowhounds weigh in on the tomes they turn to again and again. Discuss your favorites, recipes from past books, and talk about upcoming cookbooks.

The Best Cookbooks for Beginners

It’s never too late to learn something new—especially when it comes to cooking. These cookbooks highlight chefs with different perspectives on learning to enjoy cooking. Whether you have a family or...

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Cookbook trading session?

by Thi N. 17 years ago

So - I was tooling around town, desperately on a search for Olney's Lulu's Provencal book, when I had an idea - Anybody interested in doing a cookbook trade-off? I've got a bunch that I grew out ...

good fish markets and cookbook store in LA

by okiespice 17 years ago

I'm coming to LA and desperately need to find some great fish markets in or around Santa Monica. Any suggestions? I also heard about a great cookbook store somewhere in LA...

Asian Cookbook recommendation

by Jim 17 years ago

I want to recommend a delightful cross-Asian cookbook I recently saw at a friend's house in Chicago and purchased cheaply on the net [about $16 WITH shipping]. It's called "The Essential Asian Cook...

Great Cookbook

by Caitlin Wheeler 17 years ago

Often on Chowhound I see posts asking questions like "What's the difference between bleached an unbleached flour?" or "How do I get my vegetables to keep their color when I cook them?" I personall...

New Gray Kunz cookbook?

by Rachel M. 17 years ago

I saw a thread from back in August mentioning Gray Kunz & Peter Kaminsky's new cookbook, Elements of Taste. From the relatively recent review in the NYT, it looks pretty interesting, but has anybo...


by Chris Dickman 17 years ago

Does anyone know what the name of the cookbook which has Portland restaurant's best recipes, and where you can get it?

Haitian Recipes/Cookbooks- Needed ASAP

by Edna 18 years ago

I'm having difficulty finding Haitian recipes and cookbooks on the internet. Any suggestions?

Best cookbook for amateur baker?

by Can 17 years ago

I really enjoying baking whenever I have the time. For a Christmas wish list I'd like to put a pastry cookbook on it but I am torn as to what is the best cookbook for my level of baking. At first...

Need BBQ (not Grilling) Cookbook Ideas

by Tom Hall 17 years ago

I pulled my bro-in-law's name for the Xmas drawing. He grills OK but has a new offset cooking device designed for slow cooking and has yet to get the hang of it. I thought one or more books on th...

Message to Chili (WAS: Marc Veyrat cookbook)

by mike 17 years ago

Sorry to clog up the board with this but, Chile, fool that I am, I did not actually confirm my order for the Veyrat cookbook and as a result it's been delayed. Did you buy one and, if so, how does ...

What's your favourite cookbook?

by Charlene Leonard 17 years ago

What book could you not live without, which one inspires you and provides comfort when all else has failed? I love anything by Nigel Slater, the way he describes food makes me go weak at the knees....

New cookbook by Sally Schneider: opinions?

by Katerina 17 years ago

I've been wondering about the new, annoyingly-titled "A New Way to Cook", by Sally Schneider. Normally I wouldn't think of picking up anything that calls itself "A New Anything" (even worse are ti...

Cookbook inquiry

by Hazelhurst 17 years ago

I've just been made a loan something called "Bull Cooks & Authentic Historical recipes & Practices" by George Herter & Berthe Herter (apparantely privately printed by Herter in Wasea, MN in 1960). ...

Marcella Hazan cookbooks

by e p 17 years ago

I have been convinced by the various adulations posted on this board to buy one of Marcella Hazan's cookbooks (I love to cook, have always noticed her cookbooks but never bought one). I am wonderi...


by KEN 17 years ago

I am looking for suggestions of cookbooks detailing regional jewish cooking from around the world, especially french or chinese (there was a signifacant jewish community in shanghai during wwII). I...

Jean Joho/Bruce Sherman/Cookbook fans take note!

by mike 17 years ago

Hi there: In May, I started a conversation on French places for a visiting food fanatic to eat and got some great recommendations. Alas, a family emergency put paid to the trip at the absolute la...

Cookbook for BEGINNERS!!

by Denise K. 18 years ago

Fellow hounds, Though I love going out, as a sheltered only child (and 4 years of living in a college dorm without a kitchen) I have yet to learn how to cook. Now that I have my own apartment, I...

Favorite recipes/cookbooks - for hounds who are also maniac cooks

by Susan Marme 18 years ago

Made Marcella Hazan's recipe from "Marcella's Italian Kitchen" for cabbage rolls with beef, prosciutto, and Parmesan cheese filling last night (I know, not very summery, but...)and was musing on th...

cookbook bookstore in Paris

by becky 18 years ago

I am wondering if anyone knows the name of a bookstore in Paris that sells only cookbooks. I know it exists, I am just not having any luck finding it...Thanks.

Self-published Cookbooks

by Dee 18 years ago

The recent thread on recipes from old Gourmet magazines got me thinking about self-published cookbooks which I love to read. You know what I mean...the recipe collections published by churches, cl...

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