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Greater Westchester outdoor farmers markets: 2018 season...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Always excited when farmers markets begin spreading their larder from town to town. I noticed busy receptions to the Wednesday market in White Plains. The same for the Larchmont market. Have you st...

Natural Casing Hot Dog Brands in NYC Area?

by zackly 8 months ago

I'm looking for an all-beef natural casing hot dog available in the NYC CT or Westchester suburbs. I know the usual suspects like Nathan's and Sabretts but I'm wondering if there are some other bra...

Regional Southwestern at Boxcar Cantina, Greenwich...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

There's not a whole lot of Southwestern cooking going on in the Westchester/Fairfield area. When we want our fix we head over to bustling Boxcar Cantina on Old Field Point Road, Greenwich/Byram. So...

Asian market east of Hartford?

by CA319 8 months ago

I recently moved to Glastonbury from Boston and I'm looking for an asian market where can I stock up on cooking staples but also get the occasional bunch of thai or holy basil. I've been to A Dong ...

Old Lyme Inn, CT: Any experiences to share?

by gutreactions 9 months ago

We've been sitting on a gift certificate to Old Lyme Inn in Old Lyme, CT. We are planning to stay over and take in some local delights, dining and jazz this fall. Have any chowhounds been there? Ho...

NEW ENGLAND'S: 38 essential restaurants from Eater

by BostonBestEats 2 years ago

NEW ENGLAND'S: 38 essential restaurants from Eater * I've only been to (9/38), so I'd better get out more! CONNECTICUT: ~Sally’s Apizza (New Haven) ~Sea Swirl (Mystic) ~The Place (Guilford...

Restaurant Recommendation - Middletown CT

by BarnacleSally 9 months ago

I"m having a little trouble coming up with a restaurant that would fit the needs of my group of friends and am hoping to get some help/ideas here! We are a group of 5, ages 30-70 with 1 gluten free...

D-TRAIN'S Hot Pepper Sauce

by Mike 16 years ago

I recently had a habanero based hot sauce at a restaurant in Connecticut that was superb, D-TRAIN'S Hot Pepper Sauce. It was hot with a sweet bite. I can not seem to locate it online and wanted t...

Oyster River Tavern: dining along the shore in West Haven...

by gutreactions 11 months ago

We spent a few sizzling days along the shore in the Milford, CT. area. One day a group of us drove over to Oyster River Tavern on the Milford/West Haven line, right on the shoreline. It turned out ...

"Whale" Hunting in Connecticut

by Phil_A_Mignon 11 months ago

I'm a craft beer freak. Taking the family to Mystic for a vacation in a few weeks. While I can't justify taking "excursions" to Trillium, The Alchemist, Tree House, Hill Farmstead, or the like ... ...

The Sinclair in Fairfield, CT?

by RickNamer 1 year ago

Had dinner in Fairfield last night and parked near a restaurant under construction in the Brick Walk. Looks like it is called The Sinclair - they say small plates, mussels in a pot and kettle cook...

Ships Restaurant Westport, CT (back in the day)....

by tjd241 8 years ago

Dating myself here (granted), but does anyone remember the restaurant in Westport Center ( CT )... Called Ships?? I'm talkin during the 80's, it was there on the Post Rd right smack in the center o...

Fairway Market private label ice cream is darn good...

by gutreactions 1 year ago

We have been enjoying the private label ice creams sold at Fairway Market. They are actually made in partnership with artisanal producer High Road Craft Ice Cream out of Marietta, GA. So far we hav...

Grateful for the Grateful Deli

by DonShirer 1 year ago

Took the family for lunch at the Grateful Deli & Bagel in Westbrook, and all were very satisfied with their meal. The Magnolia Wrap and loaded Grilled Cheese went over well, and noting that they h...

Grano Arso opens with beautiful contemporary Italian & perfect pasta (Chester, CT)

by kattyeyes 1 year ago

New and noteworthy at the corner of Main Street in Chester--you're gonna love it here (we do!). We're talking about whole grains milled to make bread and pasta and a focus on what's fresh and local...

Hard rolls in Wallingford, Ct area

by Scargoe 7 years ago

Looking back at least 15 years or so, there was a bakery in Wallingford, Ct named the New York Bakery which made their own hard rolls, with or without seeds, which were the best I have ever had. T...

Scotch Plains Tavern

by BarnacleSally 1 year ago

Does anyone in know when Scotch Plains Tavern is opening in Essex, CT? I drove by the other night and it looked like lights were on and cars were in the driveway but the website still says coming s...

Best Thanksgiving dine-out/take-out in West/Fair?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

It's Thanksgiving. It's a wonderful holiday, but perhaps you have no plans, or just want to leave the work to others. Some restaurants will be closed, while others have established a rep for being ...

Grano Opens in Chester

by DonShirer 1 year ago

Grano, an intriguing new "Italian Eatery & Bar" has opened for dinner at 6 Main St. in Chester, CT. With a limited but innovative dinner menu featuring local produce, they expect to also offer lunc...

Dinner for Large Party - Christmas Eve

by krisrishere 1 year ago

It looks like family will be descending upon Connecticut for a Christmas Eve meal. Because I'm just moving back into the area and not quite settled, we were thinking of going to a restaurant for d...