This Easy Trick Makes the Best Tasting Beans You've Ever Tried

When it comes to quarantine cooking, pantry staples like beans get a lot of play. But how do you make them taste better? Here's an incredibly simple and ingenious tip for the best beans you'll ever...

Questions on Confit Cooking of Chicken / Turkey

by westes 21 days ago

I want to experiment using the confit method to cook chicken or turkey. Traditional confit is a duck fat used as a poaching substrate for the meat. It is cooked *below* the boiling point of wate...

Duck Confit recipe Washington Post

by tre2012 6 months ago

I have a friend who loves duck confit and prefers to always make it herself. Last month (April 2021) WP published a recipe so I printed it out and gave it to her. She tried it immediately and said ...

Dinner Kits and Prepper Kits by Prairie Restaurant (San Francisco)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Chef Anthony Strong of Prairie in SF is offering a dinner kit, $54, each week for pick up or delivery. There's also a larger kit, $96, of high quality pantry staples . . . Galician razor clams, any...

where to buy Duck Confit and duck fat in DC NOVA?

by jrl2929 13 years ago

Can anyone recommd a gourmet store (preferably up 270, but doesn't have to be) where I can buy Duck confit and duck fat? Trying out cassoulet this weekend and would like to make it as authenticall...

The Farm Table Restaurant | Placerville

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

While I did not have a chance to eat at The Farm Table Restaurant, across the street from where I was staying, I studied the posted menu and would certainly try it in the future. Especially after t...

Chez Rene

by sarafinadh 3 years ago

We landed here on a friend's recommendation, who touted it as a solid choice for classic French Bistro fare and she was right. Service was all very French while still being friendly and willing to ...

Duck confit cooking temperature preferences?

by rezpeni 11 years ago

Cooking some confit today but my books seems to have a range of temps. Zuni and Keller both suggest temps of around 200. Simon Hopkins, Whittingstall, and Fergus Henderson suggest temps closer to 3...

Duck Confit in DC

by Steve 4 years ago

For so long now I have seen 'duck confit' on menus being used in verious other dishes like tacos, eggrolls, and salads that I fear that 'confit' has become meaningless. I'm pretty sure i've seen po...

Duck confit question

by letaylor96 13 years ago

Does anyone know why just the legs are used for *most* duck confit preparations? Are the other cuts just not as good au confit? I've only made leg ..but I want to do breast. Has anyone had brea...

Garlic confit botulism?

by killmanjaro 6 years ago

I just ate a dish of pasta with garlic confit drizzled over it, the garlic confit was made yesterday and left out overnight. Should I get rid of the rest or am I good? I just put the confit in the ...

How long can I leave my confit duck in its own fat for?

by stef75 4 years ago

Hi Please can anyone help me? i know its a old post and im not expecting a rely. I made some confit duck legs, salted then first then cooked in duck fat for a few hours till almost tender. I placed...

can I freeze duck confit?

by A Fish Called Wanda 16 years ago

I got a little carried away in the store today and bought too many duck legs for confit. I know it can stay for couple of months if stored in its own fat, but I usually freeze fat so that I can re...

Duck Confit Slow cooker?

by rkraus5 4 years ago

Thinking of making duck confit, I usually make it from a Bon Appetit recipe however I want to make it on a week night and was wondering if it would be possible in a slow cooker? Any thoughts? Anyon...

Advice Needed! Pork Belly Confit Still Good After Two Months In Refrigerator?

by Franzisaurus_Rex 5 years ago

FOOD BRETHREN! I need some advice. I have one last piece of pork belly confit in the fridge. I brined these bitches for about 5 days (brine included pink curing salt), vacuum sealed the squares ...

duck confit

by dalewest 10 years ago

Dear Hounds, I purchased a small whole duck at my local coop 2 days ago. I was planning to cook the whole thing with a method I have used before that involves first steaming for a about 40 mi...

Confit of Opah Belly?

by 4Snisl 6 years ago

I am currently poaching opah belly at a low temperature in the oven- seasoned it with salt, thyme and lemon zest overnight, covered it with olive oil and have had it in a preheated 250'F oven for a...

Rabbit confit cooking tips

by borntolovefood 6 years ago

Once in a party I was offered a taste of some rabbit meat from a can someone brought back from England. The taste was so good that I regretted I only took a wee bit of a sample. By the time I circ...

Duck confit?

by DevorahL 6 years ago

I just bought two duck legs for Pesach. I've never worked with duck before and I really want to get it right! Does anyone have a foolproof beginners method for duck confit (I don't have access to t...

Duck confit

by NatashaDeAcutis 6 years ago

Can you purchase duck confit legs or breasts in a supermarket in toronto?