Sunshine Oriental, Concord NH Fans

by dfrostnh 1 year ago

We missed a final visit to Sunshine Oriental when they closed sooner than announced. We miss the food and friendly owners. If you were a fan of Sunshine Oriental, where are you getting Chinese ta...

Concord, NH: Something special or unique for weekday lunch?

by aregularjoe 4 years ago

Looking for a great local spot for a weekday lunch. Anything goes, just as long its good food made by people who care!

Concord NH Go Food Basket (Korean)

by dfrostnh 5 years ago

I had to make a mental note to remember to find this tiny convenience store on Washington Street in Concord NH. It's not a street I usually visit. Although it's a typical tiny store there's a sandw...

Concord NH

by geminigirl 5 years ago

Hello, looking for good casual dinner in Concord. Meeting a friend and she mentioned Common Man, Hermanos and a Thai place. Any thoughts on these or better places we should try. We are open to any...

Concord NH: Granite Restaurant at Centennial Inn

by dfrostnh 6 years ago

Finally had lunch at the Granite Restaurant. Lunch is only served M - F. My fussy friend ordered the battered haddock entre which came with cole slaw and French fries. I did not care for the aioli ...

Janet's Donuts Concord NH

by geminigirl 14 years ago

I know this place is long gone:( but does anyone have any of their recipies? I'm in the mood to try some donut recipies and I have such good memories from this place!

Willows Plant-Based Eatery (Concord, NH)

Jim Leff
by Jim Leff 6 years ago

Willows Plant-Based Eatery 55 S Main St Concord, NH 603-715-1095 This is a brand new (obviously) vegan place. A highly reliable source says it's devastatingly good. https://www.facebook.c...

Concord NH food news

by dfrostnh 7 years ago

I don't get to downtown Concord's Main Street very often but made a big effort recently to visit The Crust and Crumb. I've bought their bread at farmers markets but I had my taste buds primed for W...

Indian groceries in Concord NH

by dfrostnh 10 years ago

Stopped at the Sunoco gas station on Loudon Rd last night when I saw a sign "Katmandu Grocery" and was looking for dessert. I'm not familiar with Indian cooking so I didn't do a thorough search thr...

Concord, NH

by Thygesen 8 years ago

Looking for a good lunch place that serves wonderful salads, soups & sandwiches at a moderate price.

Food Delivery for Dinner Meeting in Concord, NH

by sarazoe 9 years ago

Hello, I'm looking for dinner time food delivery for a weekday evening meeting in Concord, NH. We used to use In A Pinch, and now use D'Angelos, and are just looking to mix it up (ie, I'm hopin...

Breakfast between Logan Airport and Concord, NH

by bowmorr 9 years ago

Hi, Taking I-93 this Saturday morning. Looking for suggestions for a nice breakfast along the way, or in Boston. Thanks!

lunch in concord

by rizzo0904 9 years ago

last minute plans to head up to concord to visit the planetarium. there will be 4 adults and 2 preschoolers. any recs for lunch? other cool places to check out in concord? we never head up that...

Sunny's Table--spicy and tasty in Concord NH

by whs 9 years ago

After being rather rudely turned away at Angelina's (no reservations) last night in the pouring rain, we tried Sunny's which is in the space upstairs. Are we glad we did! If you are craving a bla...

Recs for Sunday dinner before show at Capitol Center, Concord, NH?

by Tedmom 9 years ago

I was hoping to finally make it to Sunny's Table in Concord before a show at the Capitol Center on Sunday, but found out that they are not open Sunday evenings. Any alternative recommendations f...

help....sunday evening in Concord NH....WHERE TO GO FOR DINNER?

by lexpatti 9 years ago

looking forgood to great...no chains, really wanted to try Sunnys Table but not open....anyone know?

Sunshine Oriental Restaurant - Dim Sum in Concord NH

by wongadon 11 years ago

We went to check out Sunshine, formerly Fusion, on Loudon Road upon hearing that they offered dim sum - not bad, not great, but definitely closer than driving to Bedford or Manchester's North/South...

Rochester & Concord, NH

by marcialee 10 years ago

Still need help finding places to eat in these two town over the weekend.

Looking for good food in Concord and Rochester, NH ... [moved from General Chowhounding board]

by marcialee 10 years ago

Will be going up to Concord and Rochester, NH this week but haven't been able to find anything about good pizza or food....please help?

BBG Bliss Off 93 North of Concord NH

by JonSteinberg 10 years ago

Who woulda thunk that a short New Hampshire zig off the 93 would lead to Serious Smokehouse Action? A week ago, I woulda said it was as likely as finding that kind of Action on the Place Vendome. ...