ISO Bianco DiNapoli canned tomatoes

by goody1720 1 year ago

I haven’t been able to find these amazing canned tomatoes in a long time. Any leads as to where they can currently be found in the metro west (Acton/ Concord) area?

Specialty chocolate in/near Concord

by kszal 4 years ago

I have previously bought European chocolates for kids' stockings at Cardullo's in Cambridge. We moved out NW to Groton and I wondered if there is anything available nearer to us? Any ideas would ...

Bondir Concord Just Okay

by StriperGuy 7 years ago

Hit it last week with my SO. Sat at the bar and had three half plates: - Scituate Lobster Coquillage (really a fluke dish with an oyster on the half shell) - Rye Flour Bucatini - Cassoulet...

Fife and Drum – Northeast Correctional Center, Concord, MA

by dlee388 11 years ago

Today I decided to check out the lunch at the Fife and Drum restaurant at the Northeast Correctional Center (NECC) in Concord. Good, basic food and lots of it for the incredible price of $3.19 for...

Woods Hill Table brunch

by bublsort 5 years ago

I was looking for a nice place to take my mother and sister-in-law and since I saw the recommendation here I thought I would follow up. We were there for brunch yesterday, which I gather is a new...

Saltbox Kitchen Concord

by tatsu 6 years ago

Went for lunch last week, had 3 dishes, Burrata which was big and super fresh, good milk quality. I had also Swordfish, a not so big piece but good value at $22 with lamb bacon succotash. Then an $...

woods hill table (concord)-a rave

by cookfood 6 years ago

great service-excellent food-great decor *2 cocktails-well crafted with hard to find liquors, house made bitters etc awesome wine list-all sustainable, organic, or biodynamic * crackers wi...

The perfect Concord/Lincoln morning

by Blumie 6 years ago

Wake up. Put the dog in the car. Better if there's more than one and they're Labrador retrievers. Head out to Verrill Farms as early as possible for their incredible scones. If you get there ea...

New Restaurant in West Concord

by Kat 7 years ago

I've heard rumblings of a new restaurant in West Concord going into the space recently vacated by the much-missed (by me, anyway!) West Concord Supermarket. Does anyone have any idea as to what it ...

Why does the Acton/Concord area have NO GOOD RESTAURANTS?

by Disgruntled suburbanite 15 years ago

With the amount of discretionary income in this area, you'd think there wouldn't be such a lack of decent dining options. Restaurants are either stuffy and underwhelming, decrepit hole in the walls...

Superb Meal - 80 Thoreau Concord, MA

by StriperGuy 6 years ago

Had a quick dinner: Skate in Brown Butter on a bed of coins of baby potatoes and swiss chard: Delicious, flawless execution. House Made Tagliatelle with mushrooms and pieces of Ribeye: Pasta...

where to buy a gateau Concorde

by msmouser 8 years ago

We had a wonderful little French delicatessen in Lexington, MA called L'Alouette, But sadly, the owner went back to France, and his successor ruined the place. He has now gone out of business, W...

Restaurants in Concord/Lexington

by skimom 6 years ago

I'd like to get my niece, who lives in Acton, a gift certificate for dinner for 2 for Christmas. I'd like to spend about a hundred for 2; they don't drink much. Any suggestions for a nice date nigh...

ISO 100% sorghum syrup/molasses in Acton/Concord area

by skippy66 6 years ago

I'm looking for sorghum to be used in a dessert I want to try for thanksgiving. Any suggestions?

Bondir Concord Brunch?

by Kat 7 years ago

Has anyone had brunch at Bondir in Concord? I just booked for Mother's Day but I am uncertain. Not sure how reliable Opentable reviews are, but they are mixed on Bondir. Many of the comments compla...

Best Hot and Sour soup, Concord, MA area

by momoftwo 7 years ago

I am on a quest for a wonderful hot and sour soup in my area. I am intersted in what others favorites are. I can;t really describe what I like but am willing to expore based on recs here. I love th...

Acton/ Concord Holiday Meal

by Kat 7 years ago

Greetings - I need to plan a holiday meal for a party of 7 on a Sunday evening. 6 of us are food lovers, 1 just eats to live. Bondir is my first choice, but Opentable shows no availability. I'm goi...

Concord Cheese shop recs

by momoftwo 7 years ago

I've been gifted a certificate to the cheese shop. I'd like to put together a charcuterie platter for thanksgiving. Can anyone recommend some nice combinations?

Late night snacks/drinks in Concord?

Chris VR
by Chris VR 8 years ago

I know the chow scene is a bit sparse here, but I'm finding myself spending some late nights in Concord over the next 2 months, and looking for a place that's open after 10pm for snacks and drinks....