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Dinner in Concord

by coffeebrownies 7 years ago

Taking my young colleagues, a couple of whom are barely drinking age, out to dinner in Concord during a three-day meeting. Looking for somewhere fairly quiet (us old folks need help hearing), but ...

Best tamales in Concord

by laati 7 years ago

Looking for handmade, yummy tamales in Concord - taco truck works so does a grocery store or even a restaurant that does to go ... Any suggestions?

DJ's Bistro in Concord

by pane 8 years ago

A colleague and I decided to try out all the Polish/German/Eastern European places near Walnut Creek and Concord. Recently we visited DJ's Bistro on Sutter Street in Concord. I ordered the smal...

Todai in Concord was closed, now re-branded as Tomi

by sparbanns 8 years ago

This was very recent, like just this month. Anyone tried it yet?

Cuba Linda, New in Concord

by postcarbon 8 years ago

[NOTE: We've split this from the thread titled "Any Gems in LaMorinda" here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/816263 -- The Chowhound Team] I began working in Concord 2 years ago and have CH fo...

Great Hungarian/Eastern-European Food at DJ's Bistro in Concord

by ashleys 13 years ago

Don't even ask me how I stumbled unto this place. Okay, if you insist. My brother spent a year abroad in Budapest and ever since has been on the hunt for good Hungarian goulash, to no avail. Then ...

Pan Fried Chicken Buns at Imperial Seafood in Concord

by Chandavkl 9 years ago

I'm always looking for different items, so when I was at Imperial Seafood in Concord I quickly jumped on the pan fried chicken buns, which I had never encountered before. These buns were similar ...

99 Ranch/Seafood City: Concord Chow getting even better?

by jmarek 10 years ago

Below is some promising news from the SF Business Times. Let's hope these projects truly happen! Quoting: Concord will welcome two new Asian-themed grocery stores this fall. 99 Ranch Market ...

Sushiya Concord -- Lunch All You Can Eat Sushi

by S U 10 years ago

With the economy these days, I thought I'd pass on some info about Sushiya in Concord which just opened about 2 months ago. I've posted relevant info first, then my review below. Sushiya 2002 Sui...

Imperial Seafood Restaurant, Concord

by mmerino 11 years ago

I searched but didn't see any results that matched this resto Name/location.I apologize if this has been covered. I had a surprisingly nice dim sum breakfast Sunday @ Imperial Seafood on Willow Pa...

Concord - Breakfast places

by kc72 10 years ago

Any breakfast places in Concord (nr. Willow Pass ad Fry Way) on a weekday?

Best Mexican food in Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill, or Concord

by llchow 10 years ago

I've been in London for the past 3 months and they don't even know how to pronounce guacamole, much less make it! I'm looking for someplace good and authentic. I can go for anything from a hole-i...

Didar Persian Cuisine in Concord

by goddess.girl 10 years ago

This newly opened restaurant on Clayton Road in Concord is very nice. Our family went friday night for a birrthday dinner, and we enjoyed both the food and the service. The location is the former...

Persian & Afghan in Concord

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 10 years ago

I happened to be nearby so checked out Super Tehran (Persian) and International Foods (Afghan) in Concord. Both bake bread daily and have canned and frozen foods, sweets, fresh produce, etc. Int...

Large, late, casual group dining in Concord

by lexdevil 10 years ago

Looking for a place to take the Little League team on a Monday night in July. Game is 6:00 PM at Mt. Diablo HS, so dinner is likely 9:00 PM or later. Group will be 30+, 14 of whom will be 14-year...

Fresh Afghan Flatbread and Bolani Daily at Afghan Market, Concord

by jmarek 10 years ago

The wife and I stopped into this little store after picking up some fresh tortillas at El Molino, in the same strip mall. It is a gem. Much of the selection was various Afghan, Pakistani, Persian...

The best sushi in Concord

by Glendalough 11 years ago

This is really sad, but sometimes the pre-packaged sushi at Safeway in the deli area, is better than what you will find in some of the sushi restaurants. I hate that. I don't even consider that s...

Korean in Concord? Korean BBQ Plus! and Hankook Market

by rworange 11 years ago

Any Chowhound opinions on these places? I stopped by the market which has the same owner as the BBQ. http://www.koreanbbqplus.com I know zilch about Korean food, so a lot of this was lost ...

El Molino Tortilla Factory in Concord

by Johnny E 13 years ago

I was in the Concord area today and drove a little out of the way to go to one of my favorite eats in the bay area. El Molino is located in the back of a strip mall on on Monument Blvd - about 2 mi...