Products to Help Reduce Food Waste

According to the NRDC, Americans waste nearly 40 percent of the food they buy—does this ring true in your household? If you find that plenty of produce, meat, and even dry goods end up in your trash...

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Allowing my compost to fzeree

by TroyTempest 8 years ago

I keep my compost in a modified 55 gallon plastic olive barrel. My problem is fruit flies in the compost. At least it is a problem to me. Every day when i take the lid off to throw something in ...

Compost Cookies in the philly area

by givemecarbs 8 years ago

So I read supertaster's article and now I am keen to try some compost cookies. I think I saw them at Whole Foods in montgomeryville but I was on a mission to buy some propolis for a sick friend and...

Compost bags?

by cpingenot 8 years ago

Semi food related... I've been composting for two years now, dropping off in Cambridge either at the drop off center or the Whole Foods on Prospect. This is made MUCH easier using compostable bin...

Composting in or near Boston

by thefatkid 8 years ago

Hi Chowhounders-- After an exercise in futility in Googling, Yahooing and Binging composting in Boston, I'm unable to find a place for me to drop-off my food scraps for composting in or near Bos...

restaurants in santiago de compostole

by karen gold 9 years ago

will be visiting Santiago de Compostole in the Galicia area of Spain. Looking for recommendations for restaurants.

Worm vs. regular composting

by NanH 9 years ago

Is there any benefit to starting a worm composting system over my normal composting? I have extensive flower and veggie gardens.

Can my compost be saved?

by MamaCrunch 9 years ago

I should probably start by saying that the pile smells sweet and there are worms present. Last summer had a compost tumbler going and it cranked out great compost but I quicky found that we had...

Compost cookie hack

by Pistou 9 years ago

After utter disappointment with the recipe that's floating around on the internet for Momofuku Milk Bar's compost cookies, I've come up with my own version . . . thin and crispy instead of thick an...

compost pail - worth it?

by dalnrice 9 years ago

I'm late on gifts this holiday season. I want to buy my mom one of those fancified compost pails. do I get the stainless steel, the ceramic, or the bamboo one I just found online, with the liner ...


by lilmomma 10 years ago

Who does this? Can anyone help me get started? I was thinking maybe I should do the worm thing. I feel terrible throwing out food peelings and such in the garbage can or down the disposal. I li...

Green persimmons -- any uses or just toss and compost?

by bgbc 9 years ago

The Hachiya persimmon tree in my yard is dropping 5+ green persimmons a day. I'm talking really green and underripe -- the fruit's the size of an apricot. Are there *any* uses for these? Are they p...

Urban Composting

by happybellynh 10 years ago

I've been composting off and on for a couple of years, mostly depending on where I was living and how much space I had (last year composting in the community garden bins). But I've recently bought ...

compostable picnic flatware cheap in bulk?

Robert Lauriston
by Robert Lauriston 10 years ago

Costco has Trellis Earth biodegradable knives, forks, and spoons for $30 / 1000 (vs. $9 / 500 for Dixie conventional plastic). Anyplace to find that stuff cheaper?

Barrel Composter Advice

by normalheightsfoodie 10 years ago

I belong to a community garden of 13 plots, each the size of a parking space. We have not had goodluck with the traditional composter where you put material in the top. We would like to get a bar...

Don't compost this year's blighted crops

Karl S
by Karl S 10 years ago

Just remember: as you clean up this year's garden, be careful to avoid putting blighted or fungally-infected plant remains in the compost bags or bin. And, if you rely on public compost in the ...

Help Ants in my worm composter

by normalheightsfoodie 10 years ago

I have a multi tray wormcomposter in my garden. Ants have invaded the top shelf, how can I get rid of them without harming the worms or the integrity of the compost and worm tea? Thanks

When is compost ready?

by melly 10 years ago

I have a spinning composter...fairly large. We put straw, grass clippings, and peels of veggies, etc. in there. How do I know when it is ready to put in my garden? It is the first time I have co...

a compost miracle

by katydid 17 years ago

not a miracle, but this is cool... for years my family has been simply throwing our food waste into a nice bucket and taking it out to our lovely plastic stacking container in the backyard. Last ...

Compost your kitchen scraps, help save the earth and save money!

by ruthlessruminations 11 years ago

Composting is becoming more and more popular, in fact you can head to your Local Sam’s Club and snatch up a plastic compost bin for about $150.00. Why would you want to spend $150 on a compost bin ...

Food scrap collection for composting?

by lgss 12 years ago

Cambridge, MA is running a trial of providing household containers for food scraps that residents can bring to a recycling site to be composted. Some restaurant and health food stores are particip...

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