Columbus has a serious food scene, so get involved. Chat with Chowhounds about where to eat, from ice cream shops to dim sum restaurants.

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Prime Rib in Columbus, Ohio

by Diane in Bexley 5 years ago

Looking for Father's Day prime rib dinner in Columbus (or within 60 min drive). Price point is $30 or less per person for prime rib & side dish. Doesn't need to be fancy, but food needs to be good....

Any Restos/Food Shops near Blackwell Hotel 2110 Tuttle Park Pl Columbus?

by VivreManger 5 years ago

I have been surfing the Columbus resto recs, but since I don't know the city the neighborhoods and streets listed mean nothing to me. As a matter of principle I avoid hotel restos since they ca...

Restaurants in Columbus, OH

by chocolatetartguy 5 years ago

I'm thinking about attending an event at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, 50 North Third Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. I'm most interested in eating local food that I can't get in the...

Calling Columbus, Ohio Food Trucks

by Diane in Bexley 5 years ago

Would like to arrange corporate lunch/food truck celebration for Friday March 27 from 11 - 1:30 p.m. for 200 people in Arena District. Looking to pick up the tab in connection with project culminat...

Bento supplies in Columbus/Cleveland or Ohio in general?

by punkysquirrel 5 years ago

I'm trying to find a place that carries bento box supplies (boxes particularly). I know there used to be a place in Upper Arlington but it's been closed for several years. Some other places online ...

Need dim sum recs in Columbus Ohio

by Phaedrus 5 years ago

We have been going to Sunflower on Sawmill for years, just went today and not only was the food mediocre at best, the service was downright rude. We asked for ice water and soy sauce to start and...

Kihachi - Columbus OH

by JimGrinsfelder 8 years ago

Executive Summary: If you really really appreciate japanese food, this place was amazing and worth every single cent. I saw this place on an episode of Bourdain's No Reservations. It looked re...

Guanciale in Columbus Ohio

by captaincool729 6 years ago

Can anybody point me in a good direction to get Guanciale in Columbus Oh? I checked Carfagnas (they don't have it, despite what they say on the phone), whole foods, the North Market, Vincenzo's, an...

Columbus, Ohio – 1. Special Occasion Dinner & 2. Yummy, not pricey by Westerville

by Chow Harbor 5 years ago

I’m originally from Westerville but I became a Tampa Bay local/chowhound 20 years ago. So, I'm no longer in touch with the best places. We're food lovers with a wide range of tastes. 1. My mothe...

Columbus: The Legend of the Great Kahiki

by Jon 19 years ago

For the past year, I had been fantasizing about making an excursion to the legendary Kahiki Lounge in Columbus, OH. Then, I discovered that it had closed. The horror, the horror! Please share y...

11 dinners in Columbus Ohio

by loriengelmann 6 years ago

Hi! We are in Columbus for 11 days starting the end of June due to my 2 daughters fencing tournament. They are 14 and we eat pretty much anything. Some of the families we travel with are GF/ve...

Lunch between Pittsburgh and Indianapolis - (Columbus / Dayton?)

by wynnemat 6 years ago

Hello, I will be driving leisurely across country - Philadelphia to San Francisco - and am currently researching stops along the way. Regarding this section of the trip, we will be staying in Pi...

Not to Miss Places - Cleveland, Detroit area, Columbus maybe?

by MsAC 6 years ago

Hi all - Hoping for some guidance and an overview ... we're taking a road trip that will hit Detroit, Cleveland, probably Columbus - and I want to know what to eat. We're Californians who moved ...

Columbus on Memorial Day?

by mander 6 years ago

We have some relatives coming to town and are looking for a place for five for dinner close to the Arena district. I was thinking The Pearl or Marcellas but both are closed Memorial Day. Suggestions?

Columbus oh recommendations

by salesgirl19 6 years ago

Headed to Columbus for two days. I am looking for recs for two lunches and one dinner, staying in Easton and will have a car. Need a great lunch spot downtown for one of the days, will be close to...

Columbus - Short North area Restaurant

by sydney2 6 years ago

Planning on going to the art walk this Saturday in the Short North area of Columbus and looking for some place to stop for dinner. Assuming will need reservations? Any suggestions? Looking for good...

Recommendations for Columbus in early March

by Big Bad Voodoo Lou 6 years ago

Hey, folks. My wife and I (two Floridians) will be in Columbus for a few days in early March. We'll probably be staying at or near the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, but we won't have a car...

Steak in Columbus, Ohio

by Rachael5000 6 years ago

I will be Columbus this weekend for the Arnold Sport Festival. I am getting one meal where I can eat more of what I want rather than what is on my current meal plan for my training. What I am looki...

Columbus/Worthington during Arnold Classic help.

by SaraPA 6 years ago

We decided at the last minute to go to the Arnold Classic this weekend (3/1-3/2). Just an overnight trip and thus we had to book a hotel in Worthington, just above the 270. I imagine it would be ...

Gonna be in Columbus, Ohio Thursday 'till Sunday. What's great, fun

by masnole 6 years ago

interesting, New, cutting edge? Interesting selection of wine by glass important as well. Eat all cuisines, so really no worries there. Also, if there are any classic or iconic Columbus...