Authentic Chinese in Columbia, SC area?

by henry66 5 months ago

For years, our go-to place for authentic Chinese food has been Sun Ming in Irmo. Wonderful Szechuan and Hunan specialties, noodle soups, chow fun etc. In the day, lots of Chinese families and uni...

Good Barbecue in or near Columbia and Greenville

by dcbbq 2 years ago

I plan to take a barbecue eating trip to upland South Carolina and welcome recommendations. I especially am interested in places that cook only with wood. Thoughts?

SC Midlands best BBQ (on a Monday)

by mcristy 5 years ago

Hi all! I know there are so many posts here that go into great detail on great regional SC barbecue but I need some help getting around many of their weekend only hours. I will be driving from Char...

Columbia, SC

by robinsilver 12 years ago

We are going to be in Columbia for a wedding in a few weeks, and are looking to fill in a few meals. What we would like recommendations on is lunch on Sunday, possibly barbeque. We are certified KC...

good(and cheap) eats in Columbia, SC

by dan 18 years ago

Hi there, out on another business trip away from the sun soaked beaches of Florida. I need to know where to eat in Columbia, SC. I just came back from a wedding trip to Nashville and it was an eati...

Building a rack to roast a whole cow in Columbia

by JeffRhinoBannister 4 years ago

If anyone has ideas please post pictures. I am redoing mine as it is falling apart and I want to improve it. I am using 1.75 inch 3/16 thick. So far I have an 8foot main center support. I am al...

Thai goods

by foodideas 5 years ago

Where in Columbia, SC can I find Thai goods to give to my families and high schools that are hosting Thai students?

Chowhound Faves in Columbia, SC?

by ElaineL 6 years ago

Looks like we will be visiting Columbia, SC often over the next 4 years. Looking for recommendations for chowhound favorites there. Have already had lunch at DiPrato's. Thanks!

Dinner in Columbia, SC (Downtown)

by Tiger66 6 years ago

We'll be in Columbia next Thursday night, staying downtown. Bourbon and The Oak Table both look sort of good. Can anyone recommend one over the other? How about other options? We're looking for goo...

A visit to South Carolina: Lexington & Charleston

Chris VR
by Chris VR 6 years ago

Just got back from a visit to Lexington, SC. My in-laws just moved to the south shore of Lake Murray, so we were looking for some food options that would keep everyone happy. They are pretty basi...

The Beacon

by craig 20 years ago

We were visiting in the south and had read about Spartanburg's Beacon Drive-in on this site and in guidebooks. But, really, the food was not good at all. I liked the BBQ at Three Little Pigs in Gre...

The Oak Table in Columbia SC

by Rufus Dog 6 years ago

Since I usually study up here and ask questions about new places, I figured that I ought to contribute as well. Just had supper at Oak Table. I have always wanted to love Oak Table, but the food w...

The Oak Table in Columbia SC Sunday Supper (Paella)

by BobBigEater 7 years ago

They had a great dinner Sunday night with the Bovinoche Chef Rhino Bannister. This is a dinner they do once and month and some of the proceeds go to a charity that night. They had fried pigs ears...

Open fire Paella Dinner in Columbia SC

by BobBigEater 7 years ago

I was working in Columbia SC today and saw where The Oak Table is doing an special dinner on March 22 that will include a real paella made over an open fire. I really like the Oak Table but I can...

The Oak Table in Columbia SC

by BobBigEater 7 years ago

I just finished the best piece of fish I have ever had in my life. I have been here 4 or 5 times and really like looking at the State House across the street. I also had a great fried lobster who...

Bourbon (the place not the drink) on Main St. in Columbia SC is great.

by BobBigEater 7 years ago

Looks like over 100 bourbons and 13 different Absinthe selections. The bar food is good, simple yet good. Example Creole Pimento cheese, Boudin Balls salads and burgers, The Dinner food is what ...

Greenville SC to Charleston with perhaps stop at Columbia? Looking for eats along the way

by few 7 years ago

Taking a drive on a Sunday after a wedding in Greenville south to Charleston. I see Columbia is along the way. We plan to leave late morning, so will have likely had breakfast in Greenville at ...

Kid friendly, local, in Columbia SC

by harrism 8 years ago

Hi all. My family is meeting up with friends near Columbia SC tomorrow, and might need a place for supper. I'd like to go somewhere that is local (not a national chain) and must be kid friendly (th...

Restaurants in Columbia, SC

by jeb263 8 years ago

I am staying in Columbia, SC for several months while in training. Any recommendations for good food nearby? As a professional eater, I'm interested in all cuisines in a range of prices. I'm willi...