Delis in the Columbia, MD area that have tongue?

by AlecEllie12 3 years ago

Are there any deli's in the Columbia MD area that have tougue?

Bon Fresco - Columbia

by Jason1 12 years ago

A new sandwich place has opened in Columbia, just off of Snowden and Oakland Mills. I think that today was their first day open, so hopefully things will shake out well. On the plus side, the san...


by frankies1 9 years ago

Where can I find above-average Indian in Columbia? Silver Spring?

Good (Non Chain Food) in the Columbia, MD Area?

by SisterT 20 years ago

I like variety and I like good food. What I can do without are the chains. Living in Columbia, I have searched and searched for a few good restaurants that aren't major chains and have something sp...

What is the best crabcake in Columbia-Ellicott City area?

by kaydee 8 years ago

Have out of town guests that would like to go out for a really good crabcake dinner tonight....................any ideas?

Great Harvest Bread in Columbia - recommendations?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

What do you recommend from here? I've heard great reviews but not sure where to start.

Good Thai in Montgomery County, Laurel or Columbia?

by Mallomar 9 years ago

Looking for a good but not too expensive place where a group of four can have a weekday leisurely late lunch or early dinner without feeling rushed. We're coming from various directions so anything...

Salad bars in Columbia/Ellicott City area?

by kiki.c 13 years ago

Does anyone know if there are any restaurants with salad bars in the Columbia/Ellicott City/Howard County area? I know of the Mongolian Grill in Columbia and for desperate moments, Ruby Tuesday's, ...

injera...baltimore/columbia and points west??

by rachiesarah 9 years ago

So, MoCo is a bit of a trek for Sunday. Anywhere in Columbia, Ellicott City, heaven forbid Carroll County that have injera available?


by FoiGras 9 years ago

Hope the Chowhound Team doesn't consider this posting an issue as it isn't a restaurant topic. Just wanted to see if anyone has been to the newest location. I have been waiting until the crowds...

bars in Columbia/Jessup?

by jburgard 9 years ago

I volunteer weekly in a prison in Jessup, MD. I often want to go out with fellow volunteers afterward (only for a drink or two, early evening). But it's pretty much gun shops, liquor stores and div...

a nice brunch restaurant near Columbia, MD for a Baby Shower

by nannyred7 9 years ago

Would like a private area so we can do the shower 'thing' but would like a really nice (on the elegant side) brunch that at least serves Mimosas and Marys

Indian in Columbia MD

by jburgard 10 years ago

Mango Grove has reopened! Tuesday was their first day back, we ate their last night. They haven't quite grown into their new space yet but in the seating area the atmosphere is great. They don't...

Columbia area biz dinner and fun dinner in Balt/DC area

by globalsurf 10 years ago

Hello, I am putting together a business dinner for 6 in the Columbia area. Any recommendations for a good restaurant? Non-chain with great food. Doesn't need to be too stiff. Also, I have next ...

something worth eating in Olney/Columbia?

by jburgard 10 years ago

I'm dating a guy who lives in Highland MD, which is about halfway between Columbia and Olney. We eat well when we go into DC on occasion for theater, etc.. but sometimes we're really looking for so...

A Great steak in Ellicott City-Columbia area

by kaydee 10 years ago

I do not eat steaks so never seek them out. However, I want to take a steak lover out for a great steak. Any suggestions?

Mongolian Grill - Columbia, MD

by lrebetsky0423 10 years ago

One of my and my fiancee's favorite places, the Mongolian Grill, in Columbia is gone! We were just there about a month ago and tried to go on Saturday but they're totally vanished with some signage...

Restaurants open in Ellicott City or Columbia on Thanksgiving

by kaydee 12 years ago

My faimily will be away on Thanksgiving and so one of my daughters and I will be dining out. Does anyone know restaurants that will be open on Thanksgiving day?. A traditional dinner is not nec...

Recommendations for ARundel Mills, or Columbia, Md?

by yonderlambro 10 years ago

Any recommendations for dinner near ARundel Mills where we will be waiting out the hurricaine on Sunday on our way to BWI. after surviving 2 days in College Park...without any good restaurants!,