Colorado Springs

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Restaurants feeding Federal employees for free during shutdown

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

"I thought, we could probably do that here in Indianapolis," Brown said. "The beautiful thing about being a restaurateur, is that we're already positioned to help. We're in the business of hospital...

Looking for Denver area restaurant with amazing lamb Osso Buco

by mtairymays 5 years ago

A long time ago (probably around 2002), while traveling to the Denver area on business, I had lamb Osso Buco for the first (and last) time at an upscale Italian restaurant that I think was walking ...

NY foodies headed to denver / colorado springs

by Gup 5 years ago

Last minute trip! Looking for input on where to eat and drink. We will be in town 3/31 - 4/4 and will have a car. We will be in Colorado Springs and Denver splitting time. Open to all cuisines ...

Restaurants in Colorado Springs

by princess00 6 years ago

My husband and I have planned a last minute trip to Colorado Springs in the next two weeks. I am frantically trying to figure out dinner plans for our three night stay in the area. We will have o...

Colorado Springs for two nights?

by trotliner 6 years ago

Hi everyone! I did a search but all the CO Springs info seems to be at least 7 years old so I wanted to see if anyone had some recent info on great places to dine in the area? We'll be staying ne...

A week in Colorado Springs

by KyMikey 8 years ago

Will be in Colorado Springs for a few days at a clinical meeting at the Broadmoor (that's the only reason we'll be staying at the Broadmoor) Was there once before (6 yrs ago) on my own. Maybe 2 or...

Colorado Springs Catering

by ChicagoLand 7 years ago

I need recommendations for a catering company (or restaurant that caters) for an intimate event (14 guests)in Colorado Springs. I am less concerned about fancy appearance than I am about high-quali...

Urban Utopia in Colorado Springs?

by marlarella 7 years ago

My husband's company is putting us up at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs next week. On our free day I have rented us a car and would love to find a neighborhood with funky little restaurants (not...

Colorado Springs on Mothers Day but not *for* Mothers Day

by bgavin 7 years ago

Boston chowhound here. We will be in Colorado Springs for dinner on Sunday, May 11. I know, probably the worst, least chow-ish day, all year, to eat dinner in a restaurant. Any ideas? We would b...

ISO allergy-aware restaurants in Boulder and Colorado Springs

by smg0918 7 years ago

My family, including my peanut-allergic 14 year old son, will be vacationing in Boulder and Colorado Springs for two weeks beginning Friday. We are in search of restaurants in both locales that ca...

Dinner in Colorado Springs -- need advice!

by BL 17 years ago

I will be in Colorado Springs the week of Aug. 24 and will have one night to go out for dinner with a coworker. Where in the area should we go for a very good, but business casual dinner? All cuisi...

Any recent recs for Colorado Springs?

by Klary 8 years ago

(posted this on the Southwest Board by mistake, re-posting it here) We've been eating our way around Colorado and New Mexico for the past weeks, and browsing the Chowhound boards has been a grea...

Recommendations for Colorado Springs

by SoozyQ 9 years ago

We will be visiting some family in July and would like some don't miss recommendations. Our family is not very adventuresome when it comes to eating out so we would like to surprise them with so...

Brewpubs in Colorado Springs

by johnbycz 9 years ago

Hi all: Looking for good locally brewed beer in Colorado Springs. Any suggestions? A combination of good beer and decent food would help. I'm not seeing too many recommendations on these boards, ...

Mexican food in Colorado Springs

by Dave S 8 years ago

Hi, We're going to be in Colorado Springs for a couple of days later this month. Where are the best places to get Mexican food?

Colorado Springs - Sat. nite dinner

by Foodher 9 years ago

We're from Asheville NC and want to take relatives (2) out in COSprings for a Sat. nite dinner. Nice meal a place we can talk and enjoy the food and the meal w/o kids...

Colorado Springs -- DC Hound needs dinner options near Cheyenne Mountain Resort

by BRL 9 years ago

I have responsibility to plan a dinner for 5 senior level executives this Thursday evening. We are all staying at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort and the restaurant there does not seem to get good re...

Colorado Springs small wedding reception venue?

by deweyweber54 8 years ago

Greetings All! My Daughter is getting married in the Springs late September (Garden of the Gods for the ceremony), and wondering if you all have any recommendations where we could host a small 15 ...

Prime Rib in Colorado Springs

by jrlwest64 8 years ago

I will be spending a few days in Colorado Springs, CO in early May. I would like to go to a restaurant that serves a good prime rib. Any suggestions?

Colorado Springs recommendations

by taos 10 years ago

I'm spending a week in Colorado Springs in July. Any recommendations about food? I'm kind of a snob, particularly about eating real food (grass feed beef, organic produce, etc.) and good coffee. I...