11 Fall Slaw Recipes That Showcase Autumn Produce

Fall produce works its way into farmers markets and grocery stores pretty quickly. These fall slaw recipes take full advantage of it. [related_content align=left title=Get It Delivered Right to Your...

Reubens - Sauerkraut or Coleslaw? [Split from Pacific Northwest board]

by antrobin 13 years ago

[Split from this thread: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/486423] I have a question for Reuben afficionados. I've always had a Reuben with sauerkraut, but my girlfriend, who grew up in Jewish ...

Best Cole Slaw

by waderoberts 5 years ago

I know it's easy enough to prepare at home, but, sometimes, I just want to pick up a couple or for quarts to take home. Houston has cole slaw everywhere: groceries, seafood houses, BBQ joints. I...

Coleslaw Dressing

by kahakai 1 year ago

Have a mayonnaise based dressing on my potato salad so don't want mayo on my coleslaw. A while back I had a unique coleslaw dressing that had melted butter in it that was really good but I can't f...

So now my cole slaw is too salty

by Wendy Lai 17 years ago

I followed the board's suggestion and salted my cole slaw to draw out the moisture. I must admit I didn't have kosher, so I used regular salt. After about an hour the cabbage did yield a good am...

Looking for a vinegar slaw recipe

by danna 8 years ago

I want to mimic a slaw at a local bbq joint. (Hubba Hubba in Flat Rock , NC) They call it vinegar slaw, but it's not the typical boiled dressing slaw i'm accustomed to. It's fresher tasting...I t...

Battle of the Slaws: Mayo vs Vinegar based

by RealMenJulienne 6 years ago

I have been a lifelong partisan of the mayo slaw camp. A creamy slaw with Hellman's or Kewpie was my idea of the perfect summertime side. But this weekend I tried a vinegar slaw recipe that may ha...

Coleslaw recipe looking for Angels or Gunnings

by bang4dabuck 3 years ago

Still looking. I will say it tastes just like the school cafeteria one I had in elementary in Bowie back in the 60's. Angel hair, sweet not mayo'y or vinegary. No carrots or red cabbage. Seemed lik...

German deli cole slaw

by Gwenever 4 years ago

I was able to find a wonderful recipe for Brooklyn Potato Salad from metweezer on this site. I was wondering if anyone may have a Cole Slaw recipe from the old Brooklyn German Deli's, or have figu...

Help me with a collard coleslaw?

by ShoreIsNice 5 years ago

I need to use up a plethora of collard greens this weekend and want to do something new (to me) with them since the weather is going to be nice. I'm thinking, maybe, a "collard green coleslaw" but...

Still looking for now defunct Gunnings Crabhouse coleslaw recipe

by bang4dabuck 5 years ago

I know Angels Food Market is very similar but I now live in another country and even then I'd rather make it myself. I know very finely shredded and sweet not vinegary. Same style as my grade schoo...

Pfeiffer Cole Slaw Dressing

by Michele Cindy 17 years ago

I'm not a fan of bottled salad dressing, but when I add a bit of fresh garlic to Pfeiffer's Cole Slaw Dressing, it's pretty tasty, even without the garlic it's not bad. I'm wondering if anyone kno...

VEGGIE SLAWS/COLESLAWS! Home Cooking Dish Of The Month (July 2015)

by meatn3 5 years ago

Happy July! This is a month of picnics, grilling and fun so slaws will be a happy addition to any activity. Easy to make ahead and sure beats heating up the kitchen! Traditionally a slaw has me...

Pickled style cole slaw at Kosher Nosh. Glen Rock NJ

by jefpen2 5 years ago

Looking for recipe for this type of salad. No mayo. It didn't seem to have celery seed either. Carrots cabbage cukes. Any ideas?

Highland Park Market Italian Cole Slaw

by zitronenmadchen 5 years ago

Does anyone know how they make it?

Cole Slaw

by Herne 6 years ago

Is it still possible to buy fresh cole slaw in clear bags in Toronto. If so --where

Laurie Figone Shares Her Awesome Corned Beef & Slaw Recipes Just In Time For St. Patty's Day

by wrdunbar 6 years ago

Laurie Figone is known as the World Dessert Champion and more locally as a great cook. She was recently interviewed on Positively Petaluma and she offered her recipes for Corned Beef with a Kick...

Coleslaw best ever

by Puffin3 6 years ago

Just a tip. Made coleslaw yesterday. Researched 'The Worlds Best Coleslaw' on Google. The 'slaw' I made was definitely the best I have ever made my a mile. I sliced half a cabbage into fairly lo...

Thai Cole Slaw

by Wagonboy 6 years ago

Serving a nine pound, five hour brisket from the grill tonight and I want a sweet, Asian style cole slaw as a side. Pressed for time so I'd like to pick it up from a restaurant or market in the S...