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Cognac XO

by Alizabelly 6 years ago

I am alcohol ignorant. :) I want to surprise my husband with an XO Cognac, but am totally lost as to whether I should buy Hennessy, Courvoisier, Remy Martin, Martell (something else?)....All I can...

What Brand of Cognac to Use in Gravy

by Wtg2Retire 7 years ago

I have decided to add a bit of cognac to the turkey gravy this year. I realized I know nothing about cognac. Don't want to ruin the gravy, so decided to ask you experts here.

Cognac tasting in Toronto?

by b00nes 7 years ago

My dad's birthday is coming up, he loves his cognac so I thought I'd take him out for an evening of steaks, cigars and cognac in Toronto. Can anyone recommend a good place to sample some great cogn...

Tesseron Lot 53 Cognac

penthouse pup
by penthouse pup 7 years ago

Surprised to report that a recently purchased bottle in no way has lived up to descriptions--no depth of flavor, no "tail" that comes with long-aged cognac, no sense of being something special. Inc...

I need some advice about Cognac in cooking please

by wednesdayaddamsd 8 years ago

I am going to buy my first bottle of Cognac in a few days. I will be using it for such things as Julia Child's French Onion Soup, among others. Can one of you be so kind as to assist me with a ...

A gift of cognac

by lavendula 9 years ago

I'm looking to buy someone a bottle of Cognac for a birthday gift. He's had Louis the Thirteenth and some amazing bottles. I don't want to spend that much, maybe around $150 -$200. I'd like to t...

Cognac and a Cigar

by Hughlipton 8 years ago

I am coming up to the City on October 1st. I have a very speical cigar I would like to smoke with a snifter of good cognac. Since restaurants and bars can no longer permit the smoking of cigarette...

The Best Cognac

by dalonzo74 13 years ago

Remy Martin is my new favorite cognac ive done the Hennessy and Courvasior thing whats you guys favorite any smaller companies that produce a tasty cognac out there?

Cognac vs Brandy

by Scoutmaster 8 years ago

Making Ina's company pot roast which calls for 2T Cognac. Would there be any appreciable taste difference if brandy is used?

Deau Cognac Anyone???

by DrinkinLife 8 years ago

Anyone tried or found Deau Artisian XO Cognac? It is there lowest one but gets very high Quality to Value marks from reviewers. I live in ABC controlled VA and ordering it did no good. Anyone c...

Cognac Recommendations

by CCSPRINGS 9 years ago

Looking for some new Cognacs to try. I like to sample the small producers and usually gravitate toward the softer styles. I don't like heavy oak or sweet tasting Cognac. I have a bottle of Axel G...

Cognac Recommendation for the Beginner

by Slylock 8 years ago

Okay so I've only been privileged to sample cognac on occasion and it seems delightful but as I am only a novice with a limited budget I would like to toast a special event this weekend in celebrat...

Need recs for spirits for mixing classic cocktails (brandy, cognac, rye, whiskey, bourbon, apricot brandy)

by SBackes 9 years ago

We currently have Maker's Mark bourbon (and a mini of Knob Creek).....stick with those or is there something better? Old Weller or Woodford maybe?? Prefer sweet & smooth For the rye I was thi...

Remy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac ....anyone???

by mrkma 9 years ago

Anyone ever tried it? Was discontinued in 2010 I believe so I bought the 750ml bottle I found at the local liquor store the other day . Came in a gift set box with poker cards and chips that have t...

Top Cognac or Armagnac under $ 100,-?

by Willem 10 years ago

Dear Chowhounds, I am looking for a very good cognac or armagnac under $ 100,- (or slightly above). It should be delicate, aromatic, smooth, soft but flavorsome. It has been too long that I ...

Remi Martin Louis XIII Cognac

by Jamie01 9 years ago

One of my boyfriends bucket list items has always been to enjoy a glass/shot of Louis XIII Cognac. We will be in San Francisco for his birthday weekend (Jan.18th) and I'd like to surprise him with...

Lafayette XO Cognac - anyone have an opinion?

by ncyankee101 9 years ago

I saw this at Hi Time wine on closeout for $40 (orig $80), I can't find much info or any reviews of it. Not really a Cognac lover so far though I have yet to try anything older than VSOP, and...

I need some help with COGNACS

by koegt 9 years ago

I have a few bottles at home and i need help with them. 1- Remy Martin VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac - they are at least 30yrs old. 2- Rémy Martin Extra Fine Champagne Cognac - still in its deca...

cognac from the 50's/60's

by chowmel 9 years ago

Cleaning out my farther's estate we came upon a number of unopened bottles of liquor that had been purchased on one of the trips my parents took to Bermuda in the late 50's and 60's. I passed on t...