A great coffeehouse has excellent ambiance, good music, and craveable coffee. Talk with Chowhounds about the best coffeehouses near you, plus share your opinions on what makes a coffeehouse worthy of a visit.

Tim Horton's Goes All In With Pumpkin Spice Menu

Fall 2019 is looking like it might be the pumpkin spiciest season on record. First, we had the engrossing news that Hormel would be releasing the chic Pumpkin Spice Spam we've all been clamoring for...

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arboretum village coffee house and cafe, west roxbury

by dchow 18 years ago

sister and i were planning on lunching at yucatan taco, but it was closed. starving, we went to the next closest place. and we were happy we did. from a menu of maybe ten sandwiches, we chose the...

Comfy yummy coffeehouse for this awful gloom

by SKL 18 years ago

Ok, I'm looking for a coffeeplace with all the fixins: great coffee, great light, comfy seating, un-obnoxous soundtrack ... preferably west of Beverly Hills. Any thoughts? This awful weather makes ...

coffee house

by Alan 18 years ago

I will be visiting New York, and I need a cafe or coffee house with honest atmosphere and something good to eat where I can spread out some paperwork and not worry about being hurried out to make w...

south berkeley coffee house

by Cory 18 years ago

Okay, so this isn't strictly a food question, but does anyone have suggestions for a good laid-back coffehouse in Berkeley south of UC that is open on Saturday evenings?

coffee house alternatives @ MGH?

by johnnym 18 years ago

I work at Mass General, and often for my lunch hour I like to go sit somewhere and have a cup of coffee or tea and read. I have been searching, but my options in the MGH neighborhood seem to be Sta...

Wonderful new coffeehouse in N. Conway, NH

by Flori 19 years ago

Finally - a fantastic coffeehouse in North Conway! It's at the traffic light right in the center of town and is called the Met. Wonderful, classy ambience combined with delicious coffee, fantasti...

Best coffeehouses, bakeries, lunch spots in Amherst, MA?

by Flori 19 years ago

On the Sunday (or Monday) after Thanksgiving I will be passing through Amherst and would like to know if there are any really good coffeehouses, bakeries and/or lunch spots that serve delicious, un...

Brasil Coffee House/Fast & Delicious in LIC report

by Jayask 19 years ago

My friend is in a line of work where he deals with businesses so often finds interesting places to eat. He has been raving about a new Brazilian takeout joint (with a few tables) and the woman (Kat...

Newton area coffee houses?

by dfpri 19 years ago

We're new to the area and I'm supposed to meet a friend for coffee on Monday morning. Does anyone have any suggestions for a pleasant place to meet someone for coffee in the Newton area? While I kn...

coffeehouses and pizza places in Park Slope/Windsor Terrace

by Megan the Librarian 20 years ago

I've lived in Windsor Terrace for a year and a half, and I find myself still in need of a good coffeehouse and a good pizza place (preferably with delivery). So far, I've found decent coffee at...

Breakfast/Lunch spots, coffeehouses, bakeries in Bar Harbor or MDI

by Flori 19 years ago

On April 29 I will be leaving for a four-day stay in Bar Harbor. Does anyone know of any really good breakfast/lunch spots, coffeehouses or bakeries there or anywhere on Mount Desert Island for th...

A coffeehouse with really good food!

by Jenji 20 years ago

To escape my children, I'd recently taken to working in some local coffeehouses, but was very disappointed in the quality of the noshing (I think the food leaves much to be desired at the Coffee Ta...


by TK 20 years ago

a good place near Penn Station to drink coffee and read?

Any good lunch/coffeehouses in Brattleboro, VT?

by Sarah Perkins 20 years ago

A brochure for Brattleboro, VT lists a number of lunch places and coffeehouses. Does anyone out there know which are good and reasonably priced?

Best coffeehouse or tea in manhattan????

by Richie 20 years ago

Hey again everyone,what's the best coffeehouse in manhattan or even a cool happening place for tea and open at all hours? Thanks,Richie Link: http://hometown.aol.com/javaandjazz/myhomepage/profile...

Coffee Houses?

by Marla 21 years ago

Just moved here from Ohio left behind a beloved coffee house...any around with flavor?

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