A great coffeehouse has excellent ambiance, good music, and craveable coffee. Talk with Chowhounds about the best coffeehouses near you, plus share your opinions on what makes a coffeehouse worthy of a visit.

Tim Horton's Goes All In With Pumpkin Spice Menu

Fall 2019 is looking like it might be the pumpkin spiciest season on record. First, we had the engrossing news that Hormel would be releasing the chic Pumpkin Spice Spam we've all been clamoring for...

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coffee house in San Jose?

by Autumn 15 years ago

A couple of mutual friends would really like each other, so I'd like to introduce them over coffee. I live in the penninsula, but one of the friends lives all the way out in Monterrey. We decided t...

New Brazilian Bakery/Coffeehouse - Union Square

by MB 15 years ago

Stopped in yesterday to check out this new (just opened 4 days ago) Brazilian bakery/coffee shop in Union Square. The sandwich board outside had one name on it, the sign on the building another (U...

UES Coffee House

by Cat Pop 15 years ago

I have about two hours to kill between work and dinner plans. The restaurant is on 3rd between 86th & 87th. I just want to sit with a book, read, and do a little light paperwork. Can anyone recomme...

Return to Sweet Rosebuds Coffee House (Cloverdale)

by Melanie Wong 15 years ago

Saturday I wandered by Cloverdale’s plaza to check out the exhibition of scarecrows. Then I had lunch at Sweet Rosebuds Coffee House, located on the plaza and across the street from the fire house...

Coffeehouses between Redondo Beach and Sherman Oaks

by RG 15 years ago

I am meeting someone for coffee this Saturday night. As it happens, we live pretty far from each other, so I am looking for a recommendation somewhere in between. I am not interested in a place ...

Good Vienna style Cake & Coffeehouse??

by mom22 15 years ago

Hi, Can anyone recommend a Good Vienna style cake & coffee house somewhere in the GTA (Hamilton to Scarborough / up to Brampton / Aurora / Markham???) We're dying for a great piece of cake, but t...

The Chameleon Coffee House

by Sandwich 15 years ago

There's a new coffee shop in my neighborhood I wanted to tell you about which opened about four months ago. This place definitely fills a void on the block of Pacific and Leavenworth. Nice owners, ...

Coffee House on Staten Island

by ClarkJames 15 years ago

I happened into a cool coffee house on Staten Island a year ago with mismatched furniture and what appeared to be a stage space in the back. Does anyone know the name of this place and if it is st...

GROUNDED coffeehouse uses dean's beans coffee

by mrnyc 16 years ago

GROUNDED is charming coffeeshop in the west village on jane street just just behind the CORNER BISTRO. they use organic free trade dean's beans coffee. they also have a small but eye catching varie...

Seeking coffeehouses to study ... please help.

by sc 16 years ago

I’m looking for coffeehouses or cafes that I can work for a couple of hours at a time. I have searched far and wide, and the task seemed hopeless around my neck of the woods. That’s why I’m finall...

Funky Coffee Houses

by SLL1065 16 years ago

While surfing the web, I came across a tribute mention to the late Curious Liquids cafe in Boston. Sadly, I never got to experience this except for a quick in and out take out order. This got me ...

Upper West Side Coffee House

by Janice 16 years ago

I miss Tea Lounge in Park Slope now that I'm back in Manhattan. Anyone know of a great place to sip and write without annoying cell phone users?

Boba In Bixby Knolls?--And 50's Coffee House, Too

by Chandavkl 16 years ago

Amazingly boba has made its way to Bixby Knolls, though only with Thai Tea, at Golden Café, 3819 Atlantic just north of Bixby Road. Actually Golden Café is a step above the typical neighborhood Ch...

funky coffeehouse/bar

by Emily 16 years ago

On a trip to DC this weekend, I found a great coffeehouse/bar called Tryst and was wondering if there was anything similar here. It was quite casual, with a full bar, an espresso/chai menu, and...

Coffee Houses in DC

by Pinkston 16 years ago

I live in NE DC near Galludet and I'm looking for a coffee shop that will give me a good place to work in when I need a change of scenery. Any suggestions for a place that is a quick drive from me...

Good lunch or coffeehouse/bakery places in Gardner, MA?

by Flori 16 years ago

Any good, reasonably priced (the cheaper the better) places for lunch and/or baked goods with a latte in the Gardner, MA area. Am going in a couple of weeks to check out the furniture outlets. Co...

study coffeehouse

by jenn 16 years ago

i'm a student that loves to study at coffeehouses. i recently moved to new york city and haven't found a good place to have coffee and study ... any recommendations? btw, i have a hard time getti...

Any intersting Coffee Houses in Ottawa?

by Michael 16 years ago

Help...are there any interesting places in Ottawa to enjoy a good coffee or latte with a nice dessert? Starbucks, Tim Hortons, Second Cup, just don't do it for me. I have tried the Bridgehead loc...

Great chai and coffee en route to Tahoe

by julia 16 years ago

I found a great coffee house with perfect chai in Colfax, right on highway 80 in between SF and Tahoe. I know this should technically go on the California board, but I wanted to alert all the SF Ba...

Coffeehouses in SF

by Juliet 16 years ago

I'm looking to broaden my horizons and try new coffeehouses/cafes in SF. Currently, Simple Pleasures way out on Balboa, Bazaar Cafe on California, and Oakside Cafe on Oak St are ones I like becaus...

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