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Can anyone recommend a good light roast K Cup?

by roundboy111 5 years ago

I have been a Keurig user since November 2011. I have found that most of the K Cup offerings are way to dark of a roa...


pklepac commented 6 months ago

Tassimo Kosher T-Discs - will they ever make them?

by tamarw 4 years ago

Seems kind of odd to me that Tassimo has a competing product with the very Kosher (in comparison!) Keurigs, but they ...


briansimon commented 9 months ago

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Tom Hanks gives White House press corps a new Pasquini espresso machine

by Melanie Wong 11 months ago

" . . . The two-time Academy Award winner surprised the reporters . . . with a stainless steel Pasquini coffee maker,...

What do you store your used Nespresso capsules in?

by Fresh_Fit_Light 1 year ago

My husband got a Nespresso machine and as it turns out even I like it. We have gone through enough capsules now that...


Fresh_Fit_Light commented 1 year ago

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CBD- and THC-Infused Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"It's an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life," says BrewBudz Vice President Jeffry Paul. "Dri...

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Best K-Cup Coffee and storage?

by zackly 1 year ago

My search here resulted in no recent comparisons of K-Cup coffee brands. I just bought a small Hamilton Beach machine...

best website or store to purchase Keurig K cups

by pamd 7 years ago

Looking for where the best deals are to stock up on k cups. I know BB&B I can use 20% off coupon. How about other pla...


DonnaMarieNJ commented 2 years ago

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Hamburg bans single-use coffee pods from its government buildings

by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

"...While state governments making laws to 'save cities from themselves' can be a terrible idea, in Hamburg’s case, t...

Espresso pods in gta

by i_am_miguel 8 years ago

has anyone seen espresso pods for a good price in the gta? or online in canada? google seems useless at times.


evansl commented 2 years ago

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Looking for a single cup coffee machine for an office.

by sherrib 2 years ago

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a machine that makes one cup of coffee at a time. I want to be able to buy all sort...


by donn 9 years ago

does anyone know where to buy Senseo coffee pods in toronto ?


MarilynWillette commented 2 years ago

Nespresso coffee pods

by helou 5 years ago

Does anyone know about the kashruth status of Nespresso pods (sort of like K-cups, but specific to their machines)? ...


chicago maven commented 2 years ago

The environmental unfriendliness of K cups?

by fldhkybnva 5 years ago

I wouldn't describe myself as the most environmentally conscious person, but as I emptied the K cup bin at work this ...

law_doc89 commented 3 years ago

Favorite Keurig K Cups???

by cannedmilkandfruitypebbles 9 years ago

We have a machine at work and stock only Green Mountain Coffee's. Some are better than others, I like the Vermont Cou...


zackly commented 3 years ago

K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

by Arcadiaseeker 7 years ago

We recently received a Keurig coffeemaker as a gift. We love it but I am not sold on the Green Mountain Blend it came...


Peternag commented 3 years ago

Soup from a K cup?????

by rainey 4 years ago,0,1613090.story Do the folks at Campbell's actuall...

PHREDDY commented 4 years ago

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Green Mtn. Dark Magic Decaf for K-cups?

by mcel215 4 years ago

I usually stock up every few weeks at MB in Reading or Woburn. Now, it seems to be discontinued at the MB stores. I...

wawa coffe fans - now available in k-cups

by jujuthomas 5 years ago

My BIL is a HUGE wawa coffee fan, but the closest to them is Scranton PA, an hours drive at least. Last year we took ...

ocpitmaster commented 5 years ago

K cup ?

by ThePrettypoodle 5 years ago

Please tell me a version of hot chocolate that comes in K cups is sold by amazon and is Kosher. I need to order some:)

tamarw commented 5 years ago

K cups, Single servings, Starbucks...

by Florida Hound 5 years ago

I heard on the radio that Starbucks is introducing a single serving machine for sale for your own kitchen, and I assu...


cresyd commented 5 years ago