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Fairway Market Coffee K-Cups Italian Roast Source

by davisesq212 1 year ago

With some of the Fairway Supermarkets closing, does anyone know where Fairway sources their Italian Roast K-Cups? I absolutely love it. I use it when in a rush and also for convenience sake. T...

Best Decaf K-Cups?

by zackly 4 years ago

Any suggestions? Nothing exotic and available in supermarkets. Thanks!

Can anyone recommend a good light roast K Cup?

by roundboy111 9 years ago

I have been a Keurig user since November 2011. I have found that most of the K Cup offerings are way to dark of a roast for my and my Wife's tastes. They just produce a cup of coffee that tastes li...

Tassimo Kosher T-Discs - will they ever make them?

by tamarw 8 years ago

Seems kind of odd to me that Tassimo has a competing product with the very Kosher (in comparison!) Keurigs, but they aren't doing anything about creating Kosher products to go with it. A post on...

Tom Hanks gives White House press corps a new Pasquini espresso machine

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 years ago

" . . . The two-time Academy Award winner surprised the reporters . . . with a stainless steel Pasquini coffee maker, which retails for more than $2,200. The lavish gift was accompanied by a sta...

What do you store your used Nespresso capsules in?

by Fresh_Fit_Light 5 years ago

My husband got a Nespresso machine and as it turns out even I like it. We have gone through enough capsules now that I have started having to fill up one of the recycling bags. It's not quite ful...

CBD- and THC-Infused Coffee, Tea and Cocoa

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

"It's an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life," says BrewBudz Vice President Jeffry Paul. "Drinking coffee or tea is something that's part of your every day.... There's also ...

Best K-Cup Coffee and storage?

by zackly 5 years ago

My search here resulted in no recent comparisons of K-Cup coffee brands. I just bought a small Hamilton Beach machine that uses K-Cups. In the past I haven't been a fan of K-Cup coffee because I f...

best website or store to purchase Keurig K cups

by pamd 11 years ago

Looking for where the best deals are to stock up on k cups. I know BB&B I can use 20% off coupon. How about other places or websites with best deals? I'm looking for best value, not best variety op...

Hamburg bans single-use coffee pods from its government buildings

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

"...While state governments making laws to 'save cities from themselves' can be a terrible idea, in Hamburg’s case, the decision seems really wise. The law only applies to staff in government-owned...

Espresso pods in gta

by i_am_miguel 12 years ago

has anyone seen espresso pods for a good price in the gta? or online in canada? google seems useless at times.

Looking for a single cup coffee machine for an office.

by sherrib 6 years ago

Hi Everyone, I am looking for a machine that makes one cup of coffee at a time. I want to be able to buy all sorts of different flavored pods (for the boss and for important customers) but I al...


by donn 13 years ago

does anyone know where to buy Senseo coffee pods in toronto ?

Nespresso coffee pods

by helou 9 years ago

Does anyone know about the kashruth status of Nespresso pods (sort of like K-cups, but specific to their machines)? I got an answer on Wiki which stated that only those manufactured in Orbe and Av...

The environmental unfriendliness of K cups?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

I wouldn't describe myself as the most environmentally conscious person, but as I emptied the K cup bin at work this afternoon, it occurred to me that this is quite the waste. It seems that in man...

Favorite Keurig K Cups???

by cannedmilkandfruitypebbles 13 years ago

We have a machine at work and stock only Green Mountain Coffee's. Some are better than others, I like the Vermont Country blend. But for Christmas, I got a Keurig for my home and am checking out ot...

K-cups for Keurig Coffeemaker?

by Arcadiaseeker 11 years ago

We recently received a Keurig coffeemaker as a gift. We love it but I am not sold on the Green Mountain Blend it came with. It's a bit thin. I love a really dark roast. Questions -- can you buy k-c...

Soup from a K cup?????

by rainey 8 years ago

http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-k-cup-soup-20130905,0,1613090.story Do the folks at Campbell's actually know what "soup" means? Hint: it's something that simmers long enough to deve...

Green Mtn. Dark Magic Decaf for K-cups?

by mcel215 8 years ago

I usually stock up every few weeks at MB in Reading or Woburn. Now, it seems to be discontinued at the MB stores. If anyone knows who carries it, I'd appreciate a lead. I have checked Kohls, BB&...

wawa coffe fans - now available in k-cups

by jujuthomas 9 years ago

My BIL is a HUGE wawa coffee fan, but the closest to them is Scranton PA, an hours drive at least. Last year we took him 2 lbs of their ground coffee, which he brews once in a while. Since he's hoo...