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The Most-Searched Kitchen Gadget in Every U.S. State

Cooking habits change depending on where you are and so do internet-searching habits around cooking, recipes, and those all-important kitchen tools. Empire Today recently looked at which kitchen tools...

Safety of hot water in polypropylene Aeropress

by Hiracer 4 years ago

Aeropress is a popular tool for making coffee and quasi espresso. Since July 2014 it has been made out of polypropylene. There is at least one study that shows 90% of all plastics leach chemica...

Nespresso Capsule Alternatives?

by Steph_Kirby 7 months ago

Hi, I am looking for alternatives to the Nespresso capsules to use in my Nespresso mini machine. So far, I only know of Lavazza. Are there others available in Canada? I find the Nespresso pods...

Phil filter - Vietnamese coffee

by grant.cook 11 months ago

I was wondering if anyone knew of a Boston market that sold a phin filter for making Vietnamese coffee. I know I can pick one up on-line but I prefer to wander around physical stores.

Nespresso vs Iperesso - anybody have experience with both?

by marlinspike 11 months ago

I have a Gaggia classic and a Baratza grinder at home. At work the Starbucks is far but even if it weren't I hate Starbucks coffee (partly just because I don't like any dark roast). I need somethin...

The Cookware Small Talk Thread, v2.0

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

The Mods have locked up v1.0 at 337 posts. Let's start a new one, hmmm? I'll go first. There was a thread recently that swerved out of appliances and into manual tools, specifically the Aeropr...

More Electronics--This Time for Coffee

by kaleokahu 1 year ago

New on Kickstarter is the FrankOne, a 1-cup confefe-maker that does electronically what the AeroPress does manually. $40 pre-release, $70 retail.

Any small kitchen applicances NOT made in China?

by Deenso 10 years ago

I'm getting the feeling that this is a fruitless search, but I'm looking for a new 4-slice toaster. I examined the boxes of every brand on the shelves at Target this weekend and literally all of th...

Best Coffee for a Percolator?

by NoFixedAddress 11 years ago

I just purchased a lovely stainless steel Cusinart Coffee Percolator as a gift to MOI:) My question: in your opinion, what is the BEST coffee to use for this unit? Regular, Beans? I did hear ...

Breville BDC650BSS Grind & Brew Coffee Maker, Anyone Own One?

by zackly 1 year ago

https://www.amazon.com/Breville-BDC650BSS-Grind-Control-Silver/dp/B00VGGVQCI/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&linkCode=sl1&tag=lpc-grind-brew-20&linkId=5813a6e46609d5c61860bd2df3bb4d04 My third or fourth...

Induction for tiny cookware

by sliverstorm 1 year ago

I picked up an inexpensive induction burner to use with my tiny 1 cup GSI Espresso Maker, which is meant for backpacking but I have grown surprisingly fond of. When I use it on my regular stove, th...

Keurig and freshly ground coffee

by bxgirl 6 years ago

I have been buying a variety if k-cups for my Keurig, since I got the machine about 4 years ago. I have decided to try buying fresh coffee beans, and then having them ground at the store. What gr...

Coffee maker recommendation?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 3 years ago

The last few regular drip coffee makers we had were complete garbage that lasted under a year despite not abusing them and following care instructions. Got fed up with them and bought a nice espres...

French Press sizes

by jayzeebee 2 years ago

Is there a reason they don't make French presses larger than 50 oz.? I've never seen one larger than that. I find it hard to believe that there wouldn't be a market for an extra large French press.

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker

by Antilope 6 years ago

Maybe You Can Fix That Broken Keurig Coffee Maker . My Keurig B70 Platinum coffee maker quit working recently. I have had it for nearly 5 years. I went through all of the de-scaling and cleaning ...

Alone but not lonely: Technivorm "one cup" vs. Bonavita 5 coffeemaker

by drrayeye 4 years ago

For the last 15 years, I've enjoyed one mug of early morning coffee from a $9.95 Chinese "no name" coffeemaker that has performed flawlessly. It originally may have brewed into a small glass caraf...

One Month Review: Zojirushi EC-YSC100 10 Cup Coffee Maker

by Neo1 3 years ago

For the past couple years I was forced to use a Keurig - which I hated for multiple reasons. But with my new found freedom from the shackles of green mountain pods, I was in the need for a new coff...

Clearly Overkill for Iced Coffee, but it Does Look Nice

by ferret 2 years ago

KitchenAid Iced Coffee steeper. https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B06XNVZDC7/uncrate-20

Coffee in a 100 cup coffee maker - Advice?

Dave MP
by Dave MP 11 years ago

I am planning for a party this weekend, and I'm renting a 100 cup coffee maker for the first time. I am assuming it will come with some instructions, but I thought I'd ask some advice here too. ...

Good small drip coffee maker for HOT coffee

by berlinrl 3 years ago

I'd like to buy my mother a new coffee maker. She is alone, so a small (4-8) cup unit would be great. She doesn't want a 1-cup unit like a Keurig. The challenge is that she likes her coffee r...