What's the Origin of the Word 'Cocktail'?

No, it doesn't have anything to do with a rooster—but it does have something to do with a horse. Type origin of word cocktail into your search engine and you may see a dictionary entry that explains...

Daiquiris, Piña Coladas, etc

by prima 5 days ago

Anyone know where to get a good daiquiri or piña colada in TO? Rhum Corner, Bar Chef, Civil Liberties and Patois don't have them on their current menus. Thanks for any tips!

Summer 2021 COTM Cocktail Companion: David Lebovitz's DRINKING FRENCH & Website Cocktails

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 15 days ago

Welcome to our Summer 2021 COTM Cocktail Companion, where we’ll be stirring, shaking, and sipping our way through David Lebovitz’s Book DRINKING FRENCH: THE ICONIC COCKTAILS, APÉRITIFS, AND CAFÉ TR...

Summer 2021 COTM Cocktail Companion VOTING

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 25 days ago

Welcome to our voting thread for Summer 2021 COTM Cocktail Companion. There was a variety of nominations, but only two emerged with more than a single nomination each, and so the vote is between ...

Summer 2021 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion NOMINATIONS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 month ago

Are you a fan of cocktails (or mocktails)? Join us in nominating titles for Summer 2020 COTM Cocktail Companion! Any cocktail-oriented recipe resource — book or website — is eligible (but check the...

Summer 2020 COTM Cocktail Companion: PUNCH WEBSITE RECIPES

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 1 year ago

Welcome to the discussion and reporting thread for our 2020 Summer Cocktail Companion, PUNCH. We'll be mixing up drinks all summer long using recipes from https://punchdrink.com/recipes/ In addi...

Kentucky Derby is May 1: Any Food & Drink Plans?

by gutreactions 2 months ago

A few years ago, we decided to get a big container of Kentucky Fried Chicken with all the fixins on Derby Day. Last year was curtailed, as it was with so many other events. What about this year? Wi...

Summer 2019 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companion: BATCH COCKTAILS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 2 years ago

Hello and welcome to the reporting thread for our Summer 2019 COTM Cocktail Companion, BATCH COCKTAILS: MAKE-AHEAD PITCHER DRINKS FOR EVERY OCCASION by Maggie Hoffman. Time to roll up our sleeves, ...

Rangoon - Nice Burmese in Prospect/Crown Hts

jen kalb
by jen kalb 2 months ago

Its pretty amazing to eat Burmese food in ones own neighborhood. Finally COVID and all we made it over to this newcomer at Prospect and Classon Aves which presents its dishes with style and a menu...

Best non-alcoholic beverages: share your favorites!

by gutreactions 7 months ago

Want to cut back on my alcohol consumption during this pandemic. We enjoy our wine and beer, but we want non-alcoholic alternative drinks, too. Especially when dining out. A friend recently tried H...

Bourbons for cocktails?

by mstrimel 6 months ago

I like bourbon and my current pour is Knob Creek 9 y.o., however I just saw a cocktail recipe (Gold Rush) that specifically stated 4-8 y.o. bourbon. I'm not overly fussy, but it got me thinking ......

Bryant Lake Bowl | Minneapolis

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

This drone video to publicize Bryant Lake Bowl during the pandemic has won critical acclaim and gone viral. Checking here, the local 'hounds have recommended the spot for breakfast, birthday partie...

Soy silver lined cocktail shaker question

by OaklandGal 5 months ago

I know this is unnecessary and rather ridiculous, but does anyone happen to have the Soy copper cocktail shaker that’s lined with silver? I was wondering about the effects of vigorous shaking with ...

Billionaire or Scofflaw

by walkoffdinner 5 months ago

Was introduced to these cocktails about 4 years ago at great bars like Adesso, Comstock, Bourbon & Branch & a terrific Miami joint, the Pawn Broker in the Langford Hotel. Most now all defunct, RIP...

What's Your Go To Drink for Christmas Day/New Years Day?

by treb 6 months ago

Do you have favorite libation for Christmas Day and New Years Day? For Christmas day, I like an old school martini, 3 olives on the side. Has to be very dry (just a whisper of vermouth). New ...

G & T

tim irvine
by tim irvine 10 months ago

I hadn't really enjoyed G & Ts for many years but recently tried Fevertree light tonic. It has no artificial sweeteners despite being labeled light. It is eminently drinkable and very refreshing....

Northern Ducks | Mid-Market, San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 7 months ago

Northern Ducks opened a month ago in the Twitter building, taking over Dirty Water's space. It bills itself as a dim sum lounge with full bar and outdoor seating in the courtyard. The food offering...

Large Ice Cube Trays, Not Rubber?

by zackly 9 months ago

I like big ice cubes when I'm drinking whiskey. I bought silicone ice cube trays a couple of years ago that makes cubes approximately 1 1/2" square. I find the rubbery taste/smell of the ice cubes...

Covid cookbook challenge

by covidcooking 10 months ago

8 years ago, I decided to cook a new recipe from every cookbook in my collection. I decided to do it again with the outbreak of covid to focus my energy on something positive (and to eat well.) I a...

Summery drinks on the rocks - any suggestions?

by damiano 10 months ago

So, it's official - we are in a heatwave! I'm talking about Western Europe now. Time for a drink - but nothing fancy, something that is easily put together, preferably containing some ice. What do ...

Summer 2018 Cookbook of the Month Cocktail Companions: SHRUBS and BITTERS

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 3 years ago

Welcome to the reporting and discussion thread for our Summer 2018 COTM Cocktail Companions, SHRUBS: AN OLD-FASHIONED DRINK FOR MODERN TIMES, by Michael Dietsch; and BITTERS: A SPIRITED HISTORY O...