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health food stores/co-ops in Victoria?

by carol 17 years ago

Hi, I'm wondering if there are any Whole Foods-type places in Victoria. I know there is a chain of big health markets in Vancouver, but I don't know of any in Victoria.

Park Slope Co-op vs. FreshDirect

by Anna S-M 17 years ago

Has anyone heard rumors about Co-opers leaving to buy their groceries from FreshDirect? Is there a mass exodus? And are co-opers excited (shorter lines, etc.)? I'm a reporter for the Sun and I'm ...

Central City Co-op

by fatmonky 18 years ago

I'm just wondering if anyone has ever heard of this, and/or bought groceries via them? The website is interesting, to say the least, and it isn't too far from where I am. cheers PJ Link: http://...

Bethesda Co-op Questions

by specialteach 18 years ago

I am a new to the area (and to chowhound) and have been intrigued by the Bethesda Co-op. After checking out their web site I have a few questions. 1. Can anyone shop there or do I have to join....

health food store or co-op in tribeca

by joequimby 18 years ago

anybody know of a helath food store in tribeca? i went to one about a year ago, but have subsequently forgotten it's name/locale. any ideas out there? domo.

The Pie Guy @ Harvest Co-op

by SeriousPig 18 years ago

Now that Lent and Easter (which is celebrated twice in my household) are behind us, I feel it is safe to talk about my latest obsession. The Pie Guy is a small company located in New Hampshire an...

Food co-ops and CSAs

by FJ Young 19 years ago

Thanks again to all who shared their neighborhood dining & housing savvy in the thread below. Now that we are completely sold on Andersonville, we come to the next chow-related question--food sh...

Farmers Co-op

by Vital Information 19 years ago

A while back, there was some discussions on farming co-ops, you know the places where you buy a share and get a box o'veg the whole summer. Well there's a good story about them in today's Sun Time...

Harvest Co-op and Maple Butter

by Jaylea 19 years ago

A while back, someone helpfully told me that I could purchase maple butter at Harvest. I haven't been yet, but am wondering if anyone knows what sizes they have, or an estimate of how much it cost...

Produce co-ops in Bklyn?

by Katerina 19 years ago

I take it as a sign of my progressing middle-age-edness (and a confirmation of my yuppie status) that I have been thinking lately of finding one of those organizations that deliver local, possibly ...

food/veggie co-ops?

by Jason Perlow 20 years ago

Recently Rachel and I joined a local organic produce co-op, The Purple Dragon -- which services the NY/NJ area. So far, quality of the stuff has been pretty good, fees seem reasonable enough ($15 e...

food co-op

by pat hammond 23 years ago

I'm hoping to help a friend in Manhattan. She read about a produce co-op in the NY Times a while back. This outfit delivers fresh produce to people in NY City. Of course, one has to join the ...

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