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MSP: attention co-op shoppers

by soupkitten 13 years ago

north country co-op is closing. their last day will be nov. 4th. :(

Looking for a local Co-Op

by erinbear7 14 years ago

Does anyone know of any Co-Ops besides Santa Monica/Venice in LA county...perhaps in OC?

Any good co-ops in Indianapolis?

by sammyjr 14 years ago

Just wondering if there are any good co-ops in the Indianapolis area (something like Bloomingfoods in Bloomington), preferably on the east side of town. Might also be interested in a CSA if any ar...

North Texas Co-Ops

by adkim 14 years ago

I remember seeing an old post where some the CH regulars were talking about some co-ops in the area and had some experience with them. I searched through the board and can't find that old post. D...

PARK SLOPE FOOD CO-OP: what's good this week? (redux)

by pitu 14 years ago

I ranted about all the great new butters a few months ago. I've moved on to cheese -- an aged pecorino in Cheese of the Week (not the Toscano, the one next to it), and a semi-hard organic aged goat...

What's the goss on the new Flatbush Co-Op?

by Poindexter 14 years ago

So the Flatbush co-op is evidently moving into the much larger space on Cortelyou and Marlborough Road that is being vacated by Associated (R.I.P.-nice people, but of another era in foodstuff retai...

Best bulk items at your local co-op?

The Dairy Queen
by The Dairy Queen 14 years ago

Midwest 'hounds, what are the best bulk bin items at your local co-op or grocery store? I shop at Mississippi Market in St. Paul and they have a nice selection of bulk bins. Dried fruits and nuts...

Farm Fresh to You? Farm Co-Op? CSA?

by mindy02 14 years ago

Hi all, We live in Berkeley and we're looking for the best home delivery of fruits/veggies from local, sustainable, organic farms. Does anyone have any recommendations? I've heard about Full ...

Harvest Co-op Markets: Has anyone been?

by icculus 15 years ago

I came across a site called ecofish.com today and made an inquiry as to where in the Boston area I could find their products. Has anyone shopped here? Sounds a bit like a WholeFoods/Trader Joe...

Karma Co-op

by Livingtoeat 14 years ago

I was thinking joing the Karma Co-op. I live fairly close to the Big Carrot but I find it rather expensive. I am wondering if the co-op would be along the same lines as the Big Carrot and would i...

Are there Food Co-ops in Fairfield County?

by nbermas 14 years ago

A place that is NOT Whole Foods or Wild Oats, the old fashion ones? Where you get real butter and milk from the farm!!!

Willimantic Food Co-op (CT)

by mels 14 years ago

Has anyone been there? I was wondering what the selection/quality of food is like, as well as if anyone can shop at the co-op or if you must be a member to shop there.

Una Comida Co-operativa in Quiroga, Michoacán

by Anonimo 14 years ago

Some local amigas have invited us to a Community Co-operative Dinner on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving!) at CANJE in Quiroga, Michoacán. Various clubs are bringing a specialty dish. For ...

MSP Co-ops/Natural Foods

by cayjohan 14 years ago

We're really lucky in Minneapolis-Saint Paul to have so many options for buying orgainic/locally grown/cooperatively sold food. My neighborhood co-op is near-and-dear, but I often feel like there i...

Berkshire CO-OP Market- Tasty lunch! ( Gt. Barrington )

by niccole 15 years ago

today i went into the co-op for a sandwich. this was my first time ordering anything from them. looked at menu and they have alot of tasty treats to choose from. i got the "athenas theory" which...

Santa Monica Co-op

by Frank 16 years ago

Can anyone vouch for this place as being extraordinary? Is it comparable to a Whole Foods? It's not all that much of a bargain. Thanks for the input. Frank

[PDX] Local CSAs/farm co-ops

by Freddy 16 years ago

Have we really never talked about CSAs on this list? Correct me if I'm wrong, but if not we should definitely discuss. CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), in case people aren't sure, is a kin...

CSAs/CO-OPs by the beach?

by amanda 16 years ago

Hi all, I just moved to Venice Beach and am interested in joining a co-op or subscribing to a CSA. I've done some research online but haven't found anything too promised, so I thought I'd bring i...

Who here is in a food co-op?

by Eric 17 years ago

I was just wondering earlier today, how many chowhounds here are part of a food co-operative? I had never been a part of one before I moved here, but once I got to DC I heard about food co-ops tha...