Beef co-op or sides of beef sales

by Robert 17 years ago

Hi, Anyone know of a good source of quality beef by the side or quarter near the Tampa area. Being from Alaska, we often got together bought an entire animal for some great beef at a very reasonal...

SF's Rainbow Grocery: a counterculture success story

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 6 years ago

Since we're talking Rainbow Grocery as a stop on a hippie food tour of our fair city, here's a link to Jonathan Kauffman's piece marking Rainbow's 40th anniversary this month. "...The store just...

Rhone wine co-ops fighting 'supply war' with negociants

by zin1953 7 years ago


Have Co-op Produce Prices Risen Astronomically, or Am I Just Noticing?

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 7 years ago

Went to Linden Hills and noticed that most produce was at least a dollar more per pound or unit than at Whole Foods. It seems to me that Linden Hills prices rose once they moved - on every item...

Bountful Baskets Co-op (question and info for those that are interested)

by fluffitude 10 years ago

I just participated for the first time in our local Bountiful Baskets program. It's the only co-op I'm aware of that is still available to those in the Phoenix area. Anyway, if anyone else is us...

Organic Co-ops

by Bobolouli 8 years ago

Hi there, Wondering if anyone can help me out with other options for organic produce?? I'm currently purchasing from Lufa Farms, but often times their produce is limited & it is a bit expensive....

Food Co-op's - How Do They Work, Good/Bad Experiences?

by Atomic76 8 years ago

I've heard of people here and there mentioning that they are in some sort of food co-ops, but I've never really personally looked into them much. I've tried looking for some information on ones in ...

Karma Food Co-op

Wench Foraday
by Wench Foraday 8 years ago

There is an article today in The Star about Karma Co-op's financial woes. I live reasonably close by and would consider joining, but does anyone know how the prices compare to those of Fiesta Farm...

co-op to purchase raw milk

by luvabrgn 9 years ago

Are there any co-ops to purchase raw milk. I live near Boston and will occasionally drive to Framingham to get my raw milk. However, the hour drive and tolls make it an expensive venture. I'm lo...

Fresh Organics SWFL Co-Op

by duckfat73 9 years ago

I just stumbled upon this while Googling for organics meats in Fort Myers. Has anyone ever ordered from here before, especially the meats? http://freshorganicsswfl.com/index.htm

Produce Co-ops/buying clubs

by richw 9 years ago

Hi, I'm interested in trying out one of the local organic produce co-ops. Would love to hear from anybody participating in one in the Broward area. I live in East Broward and work in West Browar...

Western Washington pig farms/co-ops for leaf lard?

by bigsuff 10 years ago

Hi all, Was hoping someone might know of a pig farm or co-op in the greater Seattle area that is able to supply heritage pigs or the very least leaf lard (what I was initially searching for). I ...

Where to buy Middlefield Cheese Co-op [Cleveland]

by gourmanda 10 years ago

products? I really like the cheese they make from grass-fed cattle. I was able to buy it from several farmer's markets this summer--but now what??? My supply has run out and I 'd really like to ...

Niko or Co-op Food and Drink?

by Sparkles 10 years ago

Thoughts? Opinions? Reviews?

Linden Hills Co-op New Location – Thumbs Up!

MplsM ary
by MplsM ary 11 years ago

Honestly I actually hated it when they first re-opened. Even with a real cheese counter, I just felt so let down. I merely loathed it all through October. When I shopped for Thanksgiving I realized...

Calgary Co-op Turducken

by AriaDream 11 years ago

Has anyone else gotten the turducken from Calgary Co-op this year? I decided to give it a try and it was great! :) The stuffing was so much better than the one I got last time from Sobey's. I wou...

organic food co-op/ delivery

by staceybl 13 years ago

I live in Pasadena and am thinking of joining an organic food co-op or delivery service. Has anyone had luck with Organic Express or LOVE? Any other recommendations?

Twin Cities co-op's ??

by cookkevin 11 years ago

Looking to join a area co-op it would be great to hear some feed back, pros/cons of the of of the TCs co-op's, many thanks for any and all replies.