Trelio in Clovis

by Bakersfield Hound 4 years ago

Story about the revamping of Trelio in Clovis. Good read and how you have to change to meet trends and demands. Danny

Fresno/Clovis Area Dining

by JMacSeven3 6 years ago

Have been reading many posts about long time Fresno/Clovis standards, but thought I would append the list for those from out of town, as there are some under appreciated spots missing. First the...

Asian Markets in Fresno/Clovis

by glazebrookgirl 13 years ago

Recently I embarked on a quest to find "black Chinese vinegar" as I have a wok and a propane burner that I cook with outside. I am learning how to prepare various Asian dishes and getting closer t...

Fresno/Clovis Area

by Bakersfield Hound 7 years ago

Sometime ago, maybe 4-6 years there was a discussion about, I think Mexican, about a place out in the middle of nowhere North of Clovis I believe, maybe along Auberry Road. I've searched the board ...

1979 Hamburger Place in Clovis, CA

by Quake 8 years ago

What was the name of the hamburger restaurant in Clovis, CA where you built your own burger? It was there before Fuddrucker's existed in 1980's at Fig Garden. I think it stared with a "C", but 'm...

Fresno/Clovis Dining

by mrsmegawatt 11 years ago

My husband and I just celebrated our 26th with a lovely dinner at the Cracked Pepper Bistro. It seems to have become our go to restaurant. We adore the food, the atmosphere and the staff . The din...

Buttermilk Pancakes in Fresno/Clovis

by mrsmegawatt 9 years ago

Hi Fresno/Clovis Friends. I'm on a search for great pancakes....light, fluffy, buttermilk, perfectly grilled. I'm not talking IHOP where you can pick it up whole and it doesn't bend. I'm looki...

QN4U BBQ House in Clovis

by Bakersfield Hound 11 years ago

We went there Thursday night after the House races and had dinner. I mean to tell you the food was outstanding. The brisket was very moist and had the smoky taste, the BBQ chicken was very tender a...

Hmong Strawberries .OMG!.......Clovis

by Jeff Avis 10 years ago

I've been frequenting a Hmong Fruit stand on Shaw Ave. just west of the H&E Nursery in Clovis and let me tell you their strawberries are freaking luscious!! They are dark red all the way through wi...

Hunan 2 [Fresno / Clovis]

by PolarBear 9 years ago

We had the good fortune to be invited to the soft opening of Chef Liu's second venture in town. The new spot is located at the SE corner of Clovis and Herndon Aves. Their grand opening is this S...

Monday dinner in Fresno/Clovis

by pmla 11 years ago

Next Monday, my daughter and I will spend the night in Clovis, on our way to a camping trip in the Sierras. Do you have suggestions for dinner on a Monday in the Clovis/Fresno area? Trelio and th...

Fresno/Clovis: Best burger?

by KenWritez 13 years ago

My wife's friend is visiting tomorrow and wants a really good burger. My gas grill is down so Chez KenWritez is limited to fried/oven-cooked and In & Out is always my go-to burger, but I wonder--am...

Thai Fusion Report--Fresno/Clovis

by glazebrookgirl 15 years ago

Managed to make it over to Thai Fusion at Herndon and Willow for a late lunch yesterday. The restaurant is a nice open space which I can imagine can get pretty loud when it is packed. However, hu...


by DiningDoc 15 years ago

I just read yesterday that Trelio which has been recommended on this board in the past will be opening in June under new management by Chris Shakelford who is now the Wine Manager for Erna's Elder...

El Matador Restaurant (Clovis, CA)

by Cecelia 13 years ago

Prior to attending the magnificent Hunan Tasting on the evening of May 31, three of us enjoyed a (hopefully) light meal at El Matador on Shaw Avenue. Smack dab in a pod mall, this little gem offer...

Indian Grill in Clovis

by mrsmegawatt 14 years ago

Anyone know anything about the new Indian Bar and Grill....can't remember the name, opening up in Clovis. It's in the vons/Ross shopping center in that old empty restaurant, (can't remember the na...

Tamales, Tamales Everywhere (well...in Clovis at least)

by alanstotle 14 years ago

This coming Sunday (Nov. 18, 2007) there'll be a tamale festival at Sierra Vista Mall in Clovis (at the community park at the mall, wherever that is). It starts at 11:00am but my information is co...

Where are Fresno/Clovis Chowhounds getting their turkeys?

by glazebrookgirl 14 years ago

So I decided that I better decide what kind of turkey to order for Thanksgiving. This year I am responsible for the turkey, but because I have never done a turkey before, I was wondering where sho...

Clovis...Anything a Hound Would Enjoy

by Lanyboy 15 years ago

Never having been in the Fresno/Clovis area, what could I expect to find? What recs might you have? Don't limit yourself by type of cuisine or price range. I am looking for a list from which to ...