Read up on can't-miss restaurants in Cleveland, plus get advice on the best ice cream, butchers, and more.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland: where to eat?

by gutreactions 1 year ago

Thinking of taking a road trip to Cleveland, Ohio and visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. We'll be driving from New York metro. It's a bucket list thing. Need food & dining recs and advice for Clev...

Where can I find Dromedary Dates?

by Janice Thorne 17 years ago

I live in Cleveland, Ohio and used to love these dates - they were the best in the world! Unfortunately, I haven't seen them in any supermarket for a very long time. I don't even remember who makes...

Categories for pickle party?

by AeroGal619 1 year ago

I’m hosting a pickle party- where everyone has to bring a dish featuring pickles. It will be a small gathering, so I only want like 3 or 4 categories for priZes. Most creative or unique? Best o...

Dinner and Brunch in Cleveland and Cleveland Heights

by elizabetheatsfood 1 year ago

Hey Everyone! We will be arriving in Cleveland Heights a Saturday night in August exhausted from the airport and would love some advice on where to have dinner, close. We will have a car. We would...

Dinner in/near Tremont (Cleveland)

by sammyo 2 years ago

Visiting our son and looking for a dinner suggestion. Not fancy but good food, relatively quiet. All cuisines are doable.

Cleveland - Detroit area road trip food suggestions?

by kwfoodiewannabe 2 years ago

I have tickets to see Jays vs. Indians on Fri 7/21 in Cleveland. Looking for suggestions for a pre-game dinner (and parking?) Something upscale but not necessarily fine dining. Also, brunch/lunch i...

Need help in Cleveland on a Monday night (out of the city)

by rcburli 2 years ago

Will be in town with a small group and our hotel is on Golden Gate Blvd in Mayfield Heights. On a Monday night, is there anything near there worthy of a really good meal? Most of the group won't v...

Suggestions for a trip to Cleveland with the family?

by Titus0327 2 years ago

Hello all, At the end of April, my wife and I will be traveling to Cleveland for a mini vacation with my 5 and 7 year old daughters. Our definitive stops will be the zoo and the aquarium. We'r...

Bagels- if only Kiva were still with us

by polishjeweatswonderbread 3 years ago


Cleveland Cocktailing

by LudBag 5 years ago

I make the trek from Chicago to Cleveland a few times a year and was wondering if there are any notable craft cocktail places. I've done a fair amount of eating in Cleveland yet have never really ...

Downtown Cleveland Suggestion for Rock Hall Induction

by Jambalaya 4 years ago

I will be attending the Induction ceremony on 4/18 and am looking for a place to eat before. The event is at Cleveland Public Hall and I plan to arrive in the area around 5 PM, park the car and wa...

Stone Mad Pub in Cleveland

by albinoni 4 years ago

I'm a New Jersey Chowhounder--we've been visiting Cleveland once a year for the past few years, and discovered the Stone Mad Pub on W. 65th St. in the Gordon Square Arts District. It's a beautiful...

Short trip to Akron/Cleveland

by digga 3 years ago

Took a short trip to B’s mom’s house in Akron last week. Mercifully, we didn’t encounter any RNC craziness (had I seen Trump in the street, I would have been tempted to do something very foolish). ...

Cleveland: asian market?

by kadachi 12 years ago

Recently moved to the Cleveland area. Don't expect to find the wealth of asian markets I had available in LA and NY, but was hoping someone might know of an asian market or two in the Cleveland ar...

Clevelanders: Where do you buy your meat?

by kathrynanne 9 years ago

Hi local Hounds. I wanted to get everyone's opinion on where is the best place to shop for meat and poultry. I frequent the West Side Market, but I don't always think the value and quality rival...

Lotus Thai House Cleve Hts

by Jambalaya 3 years ago

Has anyone been lately? Would appreciate a review or some comments. Thanks

Cleveland for a weekend

by rooky 4 years ago

Hi all, My wife and I are going to Cleveland briefly in October for a wedding. We are arriving early Saturday morning on a red-eye flight and leaving around dinner-time on Sunday. Obviously di...

cleveland, beechwood, eton chagrin, kent trendy restaurants

by pooky 3 years ago

hi. I am travelling with my 25 year old daughter to Cleveland for a few days. We are staying near Eton Chagrin area. I would love to go to a couple of fun trendy restaurants with her while we ar...

NE Ohio / Cleveland Dinners

by orphalese 3 years ago

Updated suggestions for NE Ohio / West side / Cleveland dinner - vegetarian friendly? I'm looking for more moderate pricing than Greenhouse Tavern, an obvious favorite. Looking for dinner out with ...

Lunch between DC and Cleveland

by florwoman 3 years ago

We are driving from DC to Cleveland this Friday (I-76) and are looking for a good place to stop for lunch. Doesn't need to be fancy, just real food (not a chain or fast food). Thanks.