Vegetarian Visitor

by villainx 7 days ago

Hi community! My family will be visiting Clearwater, St Pete, & Tampa. What are vegetarian and vegetarian friendly ...


villainx commented 2 days ago

A week in Clearwater Beach

by paulajean10774 6 months ago

We will be staying in Clearwater Beach for a week the end of February. Looking for recommendations for restaurants, b...


haygar commented 6 months ago

Tampa Bay Rec

by haygar 1 year ago

I will be in Tampa for 3 days looking for the hidden gems. Not so hidden is one night at Berns but the rest of the ti...


haygar commented 6 months ago

Non chain food stores? Near St Pete/Clearwater?

by SueFH 7 months ago

Hi, I'm hoping for recommendations for non-chain grocery stores or markets. I wasn't impressed with the Publix I vis...

LiveRock commented 6 months ago

Clearwater: Where would you eat before a show at Ruth Eckerd?

by Miss E 9 years ago

We're going to see Bill Maher this Saturday, and will be driving over to Ruth Eckerd Hall from South Tampa. Where sho...

meatn3 commented 9 months ago

Cuban Sandwich/Where goeth Airport Variety Store?

by ralphnf 1 year ago

Hi, Last few times we were in the Tampa/Clearwater area we loved to go to the Airport Variety Store for what were ...

byrd commented 1 year ago

Looking for boba/bubble tea (Tampa/clearwater)

by Tarantula 2 years ago

Hello! I am visiting family in the Tampa and Clearwater area and I wanted to show them boba tea since they have n...


lmalave commented 2 years ago

Finds in Clearwater/Dunedin/Bellair area

by Julie 12 years ago

I will stay in the Clearwater/Dunedin area for the third time in two years, so I read all the messages - pertaining t...


CaptJared commented 2 years ago

Need a rec for dinner near the St. Pete's Marriott Clearwater

by hopegoode 2 years ago

We love fresh fish, seafood and ethnic foods so please make suggestions. By any chance, do any restaurants permit ...

rhnault commented 2 years ago

Orlando & Clearwater/St. Pete choices

by ybnormal 3 years ago

I'll be doing the Disney/Universal thing starting next week with my family (wife and 2 teens who are used to eating a...


Little T. commented 3 years ago

Palm Harbor / Clearwater help please!

by bamabelle 11 years ago

I'm a newbie so please forgive me in advance and don't flame me. I have friends who just moved out of state to Pa...


bmh61 commented 3 years ago

Gentleman's Club(s) Tampa/Clearwater Area

by jrvedivici 3 years ago

There is a thread on the site talk board about the appropriateness of a discussion regarding food at topless bars. Th...


herbert1 commented 3 years ago

Clearwater Aquarium

by rlspike 3 years ago

17 people (including teens) visiting Clearwater Aquarium on a Friday. Any suggestions for a place to eat in the even...

annemarie07 commented 3 years ago

Good Butchers in Clearwater/Tampa area

by Pwelsh4 4 years ago

I live in Clearwater and I've been looking for a good place to get my meats since the grocery store isn't always that...


andy huse commented 4 years ago

Who has the best burger in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater

by Picklesmcd 5 years ago

My wife and I will be coming down to Clearwater for a 10 day vacation. I always love to search out the best burger jo...


flamale863 commented 4 years ago

Marley's Monster Grill and Pizza - Clearwater

by meatn3 4 years ago

I had noticed this place around Thanksgiving. The place felt like it could have Chow potential. This (like most of 19...

Mild Bill commented 4 years ago

Blue Dog Poboys - Clearwater

by RibDog 5 years ago

I heard from a few other boards that this place had recently opened up so I thought I would give it a try. I met my ...


RibDog commented 4 years ago

Downtown Clearwater

by floridaredhed 4 years ago

We're attending a concert at the Capitol Theatre....any recommedations for a pre show dinner/drinks in walking distance?

byrd commented 4 years ago

Good Resturants in Clearwater

by Skateboardmom 4 years ago

My husband and I will be in Clearwater, the middle of January, and we're looking for some recommendations on plsces ...


Little T. commented 4 years ago