Tampa/Clearwater omakase

by Jarrodm2344 20 days ago

Late 30's couple spending a weekend in Clearwater in October 2021. Looking for recommendations for an intimate Omakase experience with the chef. Not just being handed a platter of tuna and salmon. ...

Tampa or Clearwater dining

by Phil_A_Mignon 7 months ago

You're a forty-something male traveling from Pennsylvania to the Tampa/Clearwater area for an extended weekend to meet up with your forty-something high school buddies who you haven't seen in three...

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Palm Harbor FL Thanksgiving Buffet?

by carneydj 2 years ago

The last post I saw about this was 12 years old... suggestions for taking my 94 year old Mom out for Thanksgiving? Not fussy about food, but short distance from Palm Harbor is a plus. Thanks!

What are the best things my adventurous toddler can eat with his hands in/around St Petersburg FL?

by clairelizabeth 3 years ago

Two tired parents and one perpetually peppy toddler arriving in St Petersburg next week. Looking for the best things we can eat/drink in the St. Petes/Clearwater/Dunedin areas. We like places t...

Vegetarian Visitor

by villainx 4 years ago

Hi community! My family will be visiting Clearwater, St Pete, & Tampa. What are vegetarian and vegetarian friendly options? Gluten free choices too! Thanks in advance.

A week in Clearwater Beach

by paulajean10774 4 years ago

We will be staying in Clearwater Beach for a week the end of February. Looking for recommendations for restaurants, bars and things to do in the area. We will have a car and willing to drive to Tam...

Tampa Bay Rec

by haygar 5 years ago

I will be in Tampa for 3 days looking for the hidden gems. Not so hidden is one night at Berns but the rest of the time I am open looking for Tampa Clearwater no going to St Pete

Non chain food stores? Near St Pete/Clearwater?

by SueFH 4 years ago

Hi, I'm hoping for recommendations for non-chain grocery stores or markets. I wasn't impressed with the Publix I visited, would prefer to support a local business rather than TJs or WF if possible...

Clearwater: Where would you eat before a show at Ruth Eckerd?

by Miss E 13 years ago

We're going to see Bill Maher this Saturday, and will be driving over to Ruth Eckerd Hall from South Tampa. Where should we have dinner? I'm not looking for an exhaustive list of places to dine in ...

Cuban Sandwich/Where goeth Airport Variety Store?

by ralphnf 5 years ago

Hi, Last few times we were in the Tampa/Clearwater area we loved to go to the Airport Variety Store for what were the best cuban sandwiches and chicharones I've ever had. I understand they've mo...

Looking for boba/bubble tea (Tampa/clearwater)

by Tarantula 6 years ago

Hello! I am visiting family in the Tampa and Clearwater area and I wanted to show them boba tea since they have never had it. Could anyone point me to a yogurt shop, tea shop or restaurant whic...

Finds in Clearwater/Dunedin/Bellair area

by Julie 16 years ago

I will stay in the Clearwater/Dunedin area for the third time in two years, so I read all the messages - pertaining to this area - that were posted on this useful board. Like many of you, I have ...

Need a rec for dinner near the St. Pete's Marriott Clearwater

by hopegoode 6 years ago

We love fresh fish, seafood and ethnic foods so please make suggestions. By any chance, do any restaurants permit BYOB or charge a reasonable corkage fee- we have a special bottle to bring for o...

Orlando & Clearwater/St. Pete choices

by ybnormal 7 years ago

I'll be doing the Disney/Universal thing starting next week with my family (wife and 2 teens who are used to eating anything). We'll be staying at Windsor Hills Resort for part of it, and then by ...

Palm Harbor / Clearwater help please!

by bamabelle 15 years ago

I'm a newbie so please forgive me in advance and don't flame me. I have friends who just moved out of state to Palm Harbor. As a welcome gift I would like to mail them a gift certificate to a ...

Is there a local non chain casual seafood restaurant in the clearwater area. Prefer picnic table on the beach kind of place.

by pbgirl 7 years ago

Looking for good local seafood in casual setting. Staying in Clearwater. Will be back and forth to Tampa, so anything there would be good also.

Gentleman's Club(s) Tampa/Clearwater Area

by jrvedivici 7 years ago

There is a thread on the site talk board about the appropriateness of a discussion regarding food at topless bars. This made me think of a vacation I took as a much younger single guy to Tampa Bay....

Clearwater Aquarium

by rlspike 8 years ago

17 people (including teens) visiting Clearwater Aquarium on a Friday. Any suggestions for a place to eat in the evening that can handle all of us?

Good Butchers in Clearwater/Tampa area

by Pwelsh4 8 years ago

I live in Clearwater and I've been looking for a good place to get my meats since the grocery store isn't always that great plus you get a bigger variety of stuff at butchers. I was wondering if an...

Who has the best burger in Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater

by Picklesmcd 9 years ago

My wife and I will be coming down to Clearwater for a 10 day vacation. I always love to search out the best burger joint every time I travel. Any suggestions. I would even be willing to travel outs...