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Cleaning is the least fun part of cooking, but we have to do it. Luckily Chowhounds have tips and tricks for everything from kitchen organization to cleaning cast iron and the best kitchen soaps to use.

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Neatly pouring muffin batter?

by TracyPark 8 days ago

No matter how carefully I pour thick bran or corn muffin batter from my 4 quart Pyrex, I end up with drips on the pa...

rasputina commented 5 days ago

How to clean a granite mortar and pestle?

by michaelnrdx 7 years ago

I heard that one shouldn't wash a granite mortar and pestle with soap, because the soap water will permeate into the ...


damiano commented 11 days ago

CLUB aluminum pot--how to clean blackened exterior?

by erica 6 years ago

I just bought a Club aluminum dutch oven for $2 at a yard sale. The price was so cheap probably because the exterior...


pittsburgh4pillows commented 16 days ago

Scratches on Glass Cooktop

by cassis 9 years ago

The surface of my new glass cooktop is scratched and pitted after only 6 month's use. The manual warns against slidi...


mal3601 commented 24 days ago

Easy Off / Ammonia Wash

by mobiledynamics 2 months ago

Anyone ever do that once a year deep clean....I use EO and spray the handles, seam, etc where carbon just builds up. ...


medlar commented 29 days ago

Best way to remove burned oil stains from stainless frypan?

by Yahi 12 years ago

I'd use EasyOff, but I heard that's not good to use, although I don't know why. What product would best remove these...


mobiledynamics commented 1 month ago

How to clean pyrex baking dishes?

by JuliaG 7 years ago

All my pyrex dishes have hard-core baked on food stains that I cannot get off. I have tried scrubbing with baking sod...

kaleokahu commented 1 month ago

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Oven Cleaner - The new SS cleaner on the block

by mobiledynamics 1 month ago

Headscratcher... Every 8 months or so, I'll take out all the heavy hitter skillets and such, spray some lye based ge...

Viking Range Hood Cleaning Nightmare

by liveforfood 7 years ago

Has anyone had the following similar experience with their Viking Range Hood? We have a VCWH 3048/SS model over our ...


william1620 commented 1 month ago

How to Remove Aluminum from Bottom of Oven

by Entore 5 years ago

I lined the bottom of my oven with aluminum foil with the intention of catching drips etc.. to make clean-up easier. ...


lisalolo commented 2 months ago

is bon ami the same as barkeepers friend?

by qwerty78 8 years ago

my all clad needs a scrub but i only have bon ami at home. will it scratch? thanks!


anonuser commented 2 months ago

Trouble With Cheesy Polenta!

by titushome 2 months ago

Hi, I'm new here, looking for a little advice. My whole family really enjoys eating cheesy polenta, but I'm having tr...


truman commented 2 months ago

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

by Pipenta 4 years ago

The bastard child of a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. Might be really nifty, might be ridiculous. I'm wondering ...


silver3526 commented 2 months ago


by thelaird 2 months ago

Have had Mauviel pans for years and have loved cooking with them. They need to be 2.5mm of copper and cast iron handl...

tim irvine commented 2 months ago

Removing silverware marks from plates?

by jacquelyncoffey 8 years ago

Hi, I have Noritake colorwave dishes, which I guess are stoneware, certainly not fine china, and they have dark marks...


truman commented 3 months ago

How to clean All-clad, stainless steel frying pan?

by carmonadeanjesse 2 years ago

I just bought a 12" All-clad, stainless steel frying pan. I bought barkeeper's friend, as well. How do I properly cle...


ernestsewell commented 3 months ago

Cleaning cheese cloth

by bzookaj 3 months ago

What is the best way to clean cheese cloth? I recently used mine for the first time to strain potatoes.


MikeG commented 3 months ago

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Who doesn't like a clean kitchen - tips/tricks

by mobiledynamics 3 months ago

In light of my recent DW thread, I'd figure I'd start a new one... Love cooking. Hate the cleanup. That's life I s...

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BKF turned aluminum baking sheet dull - is the sheet still safe to use?

by Tabasco9 4 months ago

Used Barkeeper's Friend on Nordic Ware natural aluminum baking sheet. Dark grey color started coming off (I was clean...

HELP!!! Fist-Size Pyrex Bowl Stuck in Sink

by grandma_suzee 7 years ago

Doing Dishes & the bowl went in the garbage disposal. Facing Up. Fits like a glove. How may I retrieve without brea...


Notmebutyou commented 4 months ago

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