Cleaning is the least fun part of cooking, but we have to do it. Luckily Chowhounds have tips and tricks for everything from kitchen organization to cleaning cast iron and the best kitchen soaps to use.

You Are Not Cleaning Your Water Bottle Enough

Who doesn't love a good reusable water bottle? And who doesn't fail to clean it as often as they should? Before you raise your hand, you might want to keep reading. Here is how often you need to clean...

Oven splatter guard/shield

by prophet01 24 days ago

Hi everyone, new member Andrew from the UK here. I really would appreciate your thoughts on a product that I've been developing over the past few years and am now seriously considering manufactu...

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

by krystinamarie 6 years ago

Hey there, Hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out! I have a 7.25 quart enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven. I've been using it for almost 5 years, it's pretty much the first pot I ever pu...

Oven liner? A good idea? Or not?

by fauchon 10 years ago

I spent much of the morning cleaning my oven & wonder if anyone has used an oven liner. Do they really help? Do they affect heat distribution? Is any one brand superior to the others? Thanks fo...

Silicone and odors. Help please.

by Candy 11 years ago

I am at a loss. My gaskets for pressure cookers and my beloved universal silicone lids have become saturated with the stench (now) of old cooked onions and garlic. The odor is nauseating. I tried a...

Cleaning grill

by 1Majikk1 1 month ago

You clean the grill grates because all that charred burnt on hook is just nasty. You don't have to be a compulsive cleaner, you just have to be sanitary.

Best and Safest Way to Clean a super dirty Oven

by burgeoningfoodie 9 years ago

Hello Chowhounds, I've just moved into a place that is pretty fabulous. I'm subletting and the only major problem is that the oven is a nightmare. I mean I've never seen something so utterly...

Is A Rusty Pan Safe to Use? & How to Maintain Stainless Steel Cookware?

by inventivefficiency 10 years ago

I didn't find any educated or informed answers googling, but assumed that it wasn't safe, so I'm getting a new saucepan eventually. I'm still curious to know the answer though. The rusty pan is pro...

Is bon ami the same as barkeepers friend?

by qwerty78 10 years ago

my all clad needs a scrub but i only have bon ami at home. will it scratch? thanks!

HELP!! tin baking pan black after dishwasher cycle

by cinvowell 8 years ago

I'm sorry if there is a recient thread like this, but I'm new. I'm at my wits end. I have a tin pan that was my mother's when I was growing up. It's been through the dishwasher countless times. ...

Mice poop and pots, pans, electric skillet

by bootzy56 6 months ago

I am moving packing things up ! I’m giving my son a lot of my pots n pans skillets ! And mice got in my boxes n pooped !!!! I’m so very grossed out !! I’m an ocd person! So I’m literally freaking o...

Help me! My pizza stone got covered with grease!

by EllieSchnids 6 years ago

So, about a year ago we bought a Williams Sonoma pizza stone and we love this thing! We use it all the time and it never leaves my oven. Well, my parents came to stay and my dad cooked a chicken......

Glass Top stove, what's best to use on it?

by new to cooking 13 years ago

I have a new glass top stove, rather have gas, but not a choice. What should I use to cook on the glass top, that is easy to clean and will not scratch my stove. thanks.

Viking Range Hood Cleaning Nightmare

by liveforfood 8 years ago

Has anyone had the following similar experience with their Viking Range Hood? We have a VCWH 3048/SS model over our 30" Viking Range. I clean it often, about every two months, and find it to be s...

Vintage copper cleaning challenge: Burned-on adhesive

by betsy_VA 2 years ago

Hi folks -- Welcome ideas on whether and how to tackle the residue from a price sticker that is marring my otherwise fabulous vintage Dehillerin pomme-Anna. As the photos show, there is a rectangul...

Best way to clean colanders and graters?

by momnivore 9 years ago

I have such a hard time cleaning my fine colander and my graters (especially my microplane). If I use a sponge it just tears the sponge up. If I don't use a sponge I get little pieces of whatever...

Clorox whip on outside of ZipLock

by borisabrams 11 months ago

Hey folks! I brought a pound of mince beef from the store, and divided it up into three ziplock packs to store in the freezer. It was messy and I got raw meat on the outside of the ziplocks. In...

How to clean All-clad, stainless steel frying pan?

by carmonadeanjesse 4 years ago

I just bought a 12" All-clad, stainless steel frying pan. I bought barkeeper's friend, as well. How do I properly clean the pan? Do I have to apply barkeeper's friend every time? Or, only if a lot ...

Neatly pouring muffin batter?

by TracyPark 2 years ago

No matter how carefully I pour thick bran or corn muffin batter from my 4 quart Pyrex, I end up with drips on the pan between the muffin cups as well as drips on the countertop. My ladle is too la...

CLUB aluminum pot--how to clean blackened exterior?

by erica 8 years ago

I just bought a Club aluminum dutch oven for $2 at a yard sale. The price was so cheap probably because the exterior of the dappled metal had turned almost black with grime. I tried using EasyOf...

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

by Pipenta 6 years ago

The bastard child of a pressure cooker and a toaster oven. Might be really nifty, might be ridiculous. I'm wondering what's involved with cleaning the thing. Anybody got one? Review it for us plz?