Cleaning is the least fun part of cooking, but we have to do it. Luckily Chowhounds have tips and tricks for everything from kitchen organization to cleaning cast iron and the best kitchen soaps to use.

The Best Way to Clean Every Part of Your Instant Pot So It’s Like New

The downside to making everything in your Instant Pot? It gets dirty, of course. So learn how to clean your Instant Pot and how often you should do it. An Instant Pot is a versatile kitchen gadget that...

Is Browning At Bottom of Enameled Cast Iron Permanent Damage?

by westes 27 days ago

When an enameled cast iron pot is overheated, and when the interior uses a white or light-colored enamel color, a brown stain forms. Is this permanent damage, due to the burning of the paint pigm...

Wilton Armetale Silver - did I ruin it?

by AmblerGirl 15 years ago

I recently bought a beautiful (and expensive) set of Wilton Armetale silver serving trays - the kind that can even go in the oven to keep your food warm. Well, I was very dumb and did not read the...

Need to find a good stain remover...

by gutreactions 3 months ago

What do you do about those pesky food & wine stains that land on your clothing? Is there a good portable product out there, and where can you find it? Will take advice on practical home remedies, t...

When to Season Stainless Steel and How to Clean That Off

by westes 5 months ago

Should stainless steel ever be seasoned? With a cast-iron pot, seasoning is essential. A good method is to use a polyunsaturated fat with a low smoke point and to put a light coating on the cast...

Trouble cleaning copper pot

by yasdaz 7 months ago

Hi, I have a new copper pot and cleaned it after using it about 5 times. I am having real trouble cleaning it (I researched all the cleaning tips and options). I tried ketchup and the pot ended up...

Best Technique for Cleaning Cast Iron

by westes 8 months ago

Once you have a good seasoning on a cast iron pan - which is not so trivial to do well - what is the best way to get it clean between seasonings? I have been using salt and oil as a light abrasi...

Cleaning Staub

by berlinrl 8 months ago

I've tried everything to clean my Staub frying pan, including baking soda and barkeepers friend. I'm thinking about trying a magic eraser but of course I don't want to ruin the pan. Has anybody t...

More questions about Bosch dishwashers

by ninrn 10 months ago

I’ve asked here and elsewhere for dishwasher recommendations and the overwhelming response everywhere is to go with Bosch. I understand the differences between the different grades or series of Bos...

Healdsburg's Young & Yonder hand sanitizer (and list of American distilleries fighting Covid-19)

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

At the Saturday morning Healdsburg Farmers Market, I picked up a small bottle of hand sanitizer at the booth of Bernier Farms. It's 80% alcohol by volume and listed ingredients are alcohol, hydroge...

Burned a Demeyere Atlantis Saucepan... Any Way to Clean?

by westes 1 year ago

Unfortunately, I allowed a Demeyere Atlantis saucepan to dry out on a heated place. There is only a slight burn on the outside bottom of the pan, but the inside bottom has white blotching that I h...

How do you clean your non-stick?

by Eiron 1 year ago

From recent discussions it appears that many of us have experienced non-stick pans that don't retain their non-stick properties. When I was a kid I remember seeing a n/s pan demonstration in a depa...

Removing silverware marks from plates?

by jacquelyncoffey 12 years ago

Hi, I have Noritake colorwave dishes, which I guess are stoneware, certainly not fine china, and they have dark marks from the stainless steel flatware, from cutting your meat etc. Is there any wa...

Trying to Refinish Stainless Steel with Citric Acid Failed

by westes 1 year ago

So I have had some luck cleaning stainless steel tools with a 3% citric acid solution. I have an inexpensive stainless steel stockpot that had a small amount of rust on the outside of its rivets, ...

What vacuum do you use at home? I need a new one and suggestions

by Autumm2 1 year ago

My 23 year old Hoover "Elite Supreme" seems to be reaching the end of it's life span. I inherited it when my grandmother passed away while in college- probably one of the few college students out ...

Best way to clean your knives

by julietg 11 years ago

I have successfully trained the DH to never put the good kitchen knives in the dishwasher or leave them in the sink. It took a bit of tears and him having to re-buy a Global he ruined, but I did it...

Can't get my Le Creuset interior clean

by krystinamarie 8 years ago

Hey there, Hoping that one of you lovely people can help me out! I have a 7.25 quart enameled Le Creuset Dutch oven. I've been using it for almost 5 years, it's pretty much the first pot I ever pu...

Did I Ruin My All-Clad?

by LandB20 1 year ago

I am relatively new to using stainless. I know to use low heat and the temp has to be just right to avoid sticking. However I've had my fair share of sticking, white spots and rainbows. I am still ...

Oven liner? A good idea? Or not?

by fauchon 12 years ago

I spent much of the morning cleaning my oven & wonder if anyone has used an oven liner. Do they really help? Do they affect heat distribution? Is any one brand superior to the others? Thanks fo...

Viking Range Hood Cleaning Nightmare

by liveforfood 10 years ago

Has anyone had the following similar experience with their Viking Range Hood? We have a VCWH 3048/SS model over our 30" Viking Range. I clean it often, about every two months, and find it to be s...

Southern California Supermarkets Rocked by COVID-19 Outbreaks

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

" . . . Ralph's spokesman John Votava told NBC4 that there are numerous stores in the chain with employees who have tested positive. When asked how many stores, he said it was "in the double digits...