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Ever had something so good you just know whoever made it just isn’t playing fair? Privy to some advantage, trick or secret weapon and no matter how hard you try, or closely you follow a recipe, you...

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La Chamba Clay Cookware - How to Season?

by Chai Latte 4 years ago

Hi, I recently just purchased a La Chamba clay casserole dish from Williams Sonoma. The pot didn't come with any instructions on care and use, and the clerks were pretty much clueless on the po...

Terre Dumbria

by Pie175 10 years ago

I was reding the posting last night about the Terre Dumbria clay pot. I got one just last night at TJ Maxx here in Boston MA. You would think if they had problems that they would remove them from a...

Help with clay pot/miriam's earthware for yogurt

by cookincambridge 5 years ago

Does anyone have any experience with Miriam's earthware or clay pots more generally for making yogurt? After a bunch of fails, I finally made yogurt successfully. However, the bottom of the pot i...


by Tom VD 13 years ago

Hi All, As a fan of Middle Eastern cooking, I was wondering where one could buy a good tagine around the Boston area. I am talking about the clay 'pot' itself, not the dish, although restaurant ti...

Chinese Sand Pot, Donabe, or La Chamba clay pot?

by charbelcher 6 years ago

Hi there. I need a clay pot for Chinese dishes. Traditionally that's a sand pot, but I don't care about that. All of these clay pots are designed for cooking over gas/flame, and from my perspect...

Can you cook with a clay pot on a glass topped stove?

by ProvoloneRanger 9 years ago

I was interested in buying a clay tagine, but I have a glass topped electric stove and I'm not sure if I can use it directly on the glass burner. Anyone have any tips?

clay pot cooking

by california sunshine 14 years ago

I've been given a wonderful clay pot, for chinese cooking, and recipes I've considered call for cooking stovetop (and later in the oven)...unfortunately I have an electric stove! Can I cook in the...

Romertopf clay pots--what's the word?

by Marsha 14 years ago

For some reason, I feel the urge to investigate cooking in a clay pot (Romertopf or another brand, if there is such a thing), but I'd like some info first--are they worth the trouble? Are they har...

"VitaClay" clay pot automatic rice cooker / slow cooker

val ann c
by val ann c 12 years ago

Has anyone tried the Vita Clay cooker? It looks like a hybrid of a crockpot and rice cooker. The pot is clay. http://www.amazon.com/VitaClay-VF7900-4-Gourmet-Brushed-Stainless/dp/B000JUXD9Q I'...

Clay Pots Asian Cooking

by cooker33 9 years ago

I need some help finding a good clay pot to make some Asian dishes. I got addicted to these from Mai's in Dallas. http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/cityofate/2010/07/100_favorite_dishes_shrimp_and.ph...

Clay pot roaster

by Doreen 15 years ago

I was given a clay roaster as a gift, however there are no instructions. Does anyone out there know how long it should be soaked before using the first time. I'm dying to make lamb shanks in ther...

Need Clay Pot Help

by vk91356 11 years ago

I have an Amnionware (porous glazed inside, cover unglazed) pot. Soaked in water and used it to make a great bean dish. Washed and stored afterwards, alas, with the cover on. Weeks later, I just...

Casolo clay pot

by roux42 12 years ago

Hello! I am a member of a culinary list serve and one of the latest streams was about pots and pans and a few members raved about their 'casolo' clay pots which can be used on the stove top. I...

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