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Clay Pots

Mangosteen Bistro in Walnut Creek?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 hours ago

Mangosteen Bistro opened two months ago in Walnut Creek. My friends are liking it, recommending the carmelized fish i...

Unglazed clay pots

by rasputina 15 days ago

I have some unglazed clay pots that have been in a box for about 5 years. I'm wondering if I should reseason them bef...


rasputina commented 13 days ago

Help identify this pottery

by alarash 18 days ago

Dear friends, I picked up this pottery at a tag sale for its colorful appearance and difficulty of production (at le...


alarash commented 15 days ago

Emile Henry Lids Not Fitting Tightly

by estherchung82 10 months ago

I recently bought an Emile Henry 4L Round Stewpot and an Emile Henry 6L Oval Stewpot, and both of their lids jiggle s...


MacGuffin commented 7 months ago

Is this the right way to prep a clay crock before use?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 7 months ago

I ordered a 2qt VitaClay crockpot. It seems some reviewers of the brand had complaints of the crocks cracking while o...


Madrid commented 7 months ago

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Cook on Clay

by justbeingpolite 8 months ago

I was given a roaster from Cook on Clay, based on Whidbey Island in Washington. I made a Panang Beef Curry on it the...

Help identifying this clay pot

by hairhair 2 years ago

See attached pot. Does anybody have any idea what it is for. Not even sure it is cooking related... Could be a flower...


sr44 commented 8 months ago

A Problem with Pomaireware Clay Pots

by FNS 9 years ago

Okay. I’ve been reading about how metal cookware can be harmful to your health. I have decided to buy some alternativ...


VitalForce commented 8 months ago

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Emile Henry Stewpot Experiences?

by Gareth2 8 months ago

Hi All, My local kitchen store has a very good sale on Emile Henry 2.6 and 5.5 quart flameware stewpots. I have re...

What can I do with my pampered chef Stoneware "dutch oven" baker?

by justinandlaura1 10 years ago

I am trying to get myself in the kitchen and learn how to cook. I just bought some new cookware and have been using ...


kaleokahu commented 11 months ago

Cooking bacon in a pure clay pot (stovetop)

by montisqu 2 years ago

Is it possible to cook just bacon in a pure clay pot on a stovetop? I would be using either ghee or lard for the oil....


eatwell4ever commented 1 year ago

De Silva Terra-Cotta Cookware

by Libranflight 2 years ago

I recently purchased a terra-cotta baker from Goodwill and have never cooked with this material before. It reminded ...


Libranflight commented 1 year ago

Turkey Shaped Clay Roaster - Römertopf?

by CaliforniaJoseph 2 years ago

For the princely sum of $10 I took this bad boy home from a yard sale. I've never seen such a thing before. And I can...


cjmontpetit commented 2 years ago

Clay bakers

by lacoet 2 years ago

Hi, I use a Romertopft clay baker to make outstanding artisanal bread loaves. I was wondering if anybody has ever us...


issyd commented 2 years ago

Romertopf clay pot

by noeldottir 5 years ago

Hi - I just found my very old Romertopf clay pot in the garage. I remember that both top and bottom must be soaked in...


Formiaforever commented 2 years ago

Emile Henry Reds

by Libranflight 2 years ago

Can anybody identity the shade of red on the pot in the picture? A while back I got an Emile Henry piece and disli...


mikie commented 2 years ago

help me make a pot roast in a clay pot

by addicted2cake 9 years ago

I bought a 3.5 lb. chuck roast on Friday that I wanted to make for tonight's dinner, but I think I'm running out of t...


Thorbjorn commented 2 years ago

La Cotta clay pot with no instructions

by galway1ca 6 years ago

I purchased this oval shaped La Cotta clay pot at a garage sale with no instruction book. Can't find anything about ...


iliao56 commented 3 years ago

La Chamba Clay Cookware - How to Season?

by Chai Latte 3 years ago

Hi, I recently just purchased a La Chamba clay casserole dish from Williams Sonoma. The pot didn't come with any ...


nelsonhmb commented 3 years ago

Terre Dumbria

by Pie175 8 years ago

I was reding the posting last night about the Terre Dumbria clay pot. I got one just last night at TJ Maxx here in Bo...


Fabio777 commented 3 years ago