Clay Pots

Secrets of the Tandoor Oven

Ever had something so good you just know whoever made it just isn’t playing fair? Privy to some advantage, trick or secret weapon and no matter how hard you try, or closely you follow a recipe, you...

Donabe style dishes - what pot do you use?

by babyraccoon 2 years ago

This fall I'd like to experiment with some Japanese hot-pot style cooking. I'm in induction user, so traditional clay is out, and though induction-capable Donabe pots can be had, I'm not keen on ge...

What kind of pot is this?

by ChallahGood 3 years ago

I got this "pot" at a garage sale. It gives off a very 60s or 70s vibe. It feels ceramic or clay almost, but the exterior is porous yet strong. I was going to use it for baking but it started givin...

Turkey Shaped Clay Roaster - Römertopf?

by CaliforniaJoseph 5 years ago

For the princely sum of $10 I took this bad boy home from a yard sale. I've never seen such a thing before. And I cannot find anything about it on the Internet. The bottom reads "4043 W. Germany...

Mangosteen Bistro in Walnut Creek?

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 years ago

Mangosteen Bistro opened two months ago in Walnut Creek. My friends are liking it, recommending the carmelized fish in clay pot and the grilled pork chop with garlic noodles. Any 'hounds tried it?

Unglazed clay pots

by rasputina 3 years ago

I have some unglazed clay pots that have been in a box for about 5 years. I'm wondering if I should reseason them before using? I have a micaceous clay riffi, a riffi tagra and a bean pot. I've coo...

Help identify this pottery

by alarash 3 years ago

Dear friends, I picked up this pottery at a tag sale for its colorful appearance and difficulty of production (at least it looks hard to make to my untrained eye). The bottom has the words “Bass” ...

Emile Henry Lids Not Fitting Tightly

by estherchung82 4 years ago

I recently bought an Emile Henry 4L Round Stewpot and an Emile Henry 6L Oval Stewpot, and both of their lids jiggle so much that if i walk with the pot in my hands, you can hear the lid clanking ag...

Is this the right way to prep a clay crock before use?

by FluffyKiwiFruit08 4 years ago

I ordered a 2qt VitaClay crockpot. It seems some reviewers of the brand had complaints of the crocks cracking while others had no such issues. From my research on clay, it seems almost everywhere s...

Cook on Clay

by justbeingpolite 4 years ago

I was given a roaster from Cook on Clay, based on Whidbey Island in Washington. I made a Panang Beef Curry on it the other night. Browned the meat nicely on the stove, then cooked the curry in it...

Help identifying this clay pot

by hairhair 5 years ago

See attached pot. Does anybody have any idea what it is for. Not even sure it is cooking related... Could be a flower pot or something? It has a regular cover. Thanks a lot!

A Problem with Pomaireware Clay Pots

by FNS 12 years ago

Okay. I’ve been reading about how metal cookware can be harmful to your health. I have decided to buy some alternative cookware that does not pose a health danger. After reading and investigating, ...

Emile Henry Stewpot Experiences?

by Gareth2 4 years ago

Hi All, My local kitchen store has a very good sale on Emile Henry 2.6 and 5.5 quart flameware stewpots. I have read reviews and people seem to love them. However, I also note a number of compla...

What can I do with my pampered chef Stoneware "dutch oven" baker?

by justinandlaura1 14 years ago

I am trying to get myself in the kitchen and learn how to cook. I just bought some new cookware and have been using each night and liking it. I am in the market for a nice enamel dutch oven and r...

Cooking bacon in a pure clay pot (stovetop)

by montisqu 5 years ago

Is it possible to cook just bacon in a pure clay pot on a stovetop? I would be using either ghee or lard for the oil. Does the pot absorb the leftover oil?

De Silva Terra-Cotta Cookware

by Libranflight 6 years ago

I recently purchased a terra-cotta baker from Goodwill and have never cooked with this material before. It reminded me of the shape of a loaf of bread and had wheat embossed on the lid, so I felt ...

Clay bakers

by lacoet 6 years ago

Hi, I use a Romertopft clay baker to make outstanding artisanal bread loaves. I was wondering if anybody has ever used one of this clay pots to bake biscuits? Like you do it using a cast iron pan?...

Romertopf clay pot

by noeldottir 9 years ago

Hi - I just found my very old Romertopf clay pot in the garage. I remember that both top and bottom must be soaked in water for 15 minutes before using and that it has to go into a cold oven, but I...

Emile Henry Reds

by Libranflight 6 years ago

Can anybody identity the shade of red on the pot in the picture? A while back I got an Emile Henry piece and disliked the color, it was reddish-orange and called rouge. I have since realized th...

help me make a pot roast in a clay pot

by addicted2cake 13 years ago

I bought a 3.5 lb. chuck roast on Friday that I wanted to make for tonight's dinner, but I think I'm running out of time for today. I'm interested in making a tender, fall apart roast with vegetab...

La Cotta clay pot with no instructions

by galway1ca 9 years ago

I purchased this oval shaped La Cotta clay pot at a garage sale with no instruction book. Can't find anything about it on the Internet, so I'm stuck. Can I heat in on a gas burner or only cook in...