Clarified Butter

How to Make Clarified Butter and When to Use It

There’s a time and place for using regular butter and then there are those recipes that call for the flavor and magic that butter has to offer but with a bolder twist. That’s when clarified butter comes...

Questions on Confit Cooking of Chicken / Turkey

by westes 2 months ago

I want to experiment using the confit method to cook chicken or turkey. Traditional confit is a duck fat used as a poaching substrate for the meat. It is cooked *below* the boiling point of wate...

Clarified Butter

by beef_man 1 year ago

Does anyone know a company that makes clarified butter, not ghee, for retail sale. Please don't include examples that are wholesale only.

Discard milk solids?

by bacon 12 years ago

Most instructions for clarified butter recommend discarding the milk solids. I hate waste. Butter is expensive and the milk solids do contribute to flavour; so I occasionaly add them back into a...

Ghee (clarified butter) Solids

by MadameC 3 years ago

Hello ! I make Ghee alot. Pretty much the same thing as clarified butter I believe. The method I use is, when its ready I strain it through a cheese cloth. The solids that are left are absolute...

Clarified Butter / Indian Ghee on Induction Stoves

by westes 5 years ago

I started a thread in the Cookware section on this topic, and I think it came up with some useful ideas. I welcome people to participate in that thread if this topic interests you: https://www.ch...

Dry brined/spatchcocked turkey-- how to get brown skin?

by doodlenoodle600 5 years ago

This will be our 2nd year doing a dry brined and spatchcocked bird for Thanksgiving, using the serious eats/Kenji Lopez Alt method. I've been doing chickens using the same method over the past mont...

Rubbing the turkey with butter, or oil?

by mazwe 8 years ago

I usually rub the turkey with an herb butter before it goes into the oven (under the skin and all over). However, and despite the air drying the night before, I'm not getting that crispy and brown ...

does clarified butter require refrigeration?

by buzzy715 12 years ago

title pretty much says it all. will clarified butter keep in a jar in the pantry? if so, for how long?

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