Looking for great food in Cincinatti? Check in with our community to find everything from awesome chili to solid breakfast spots.

What Is the Difference Between Cincinnati, Texas and Classic Chili?

Chili is many things to many people, but let's drill down into a few specific styles and see: What is the difference between Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, and regular chili? Regardless of the details...

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Good Eating in Downtown Cincinnati

by rlcole4346 6 years ago

Thanks to a fast response, I am now posting this in the correct region. Good Eating Downtown Cincinnati Rrlcole4346 about 5 hours ago The four of us were in downtown Cincy for a weddi...

Still my favorite Cincinnati resturant, Sichuan Bistro.

by CinciDiner 7 years ago

My favorite restaurant in the greater Cincinnati area is this small, "real Chinese" restaurant. Unlike the local americanized Chinese food, this is light, savory, and full of complex flavors. S...

10 days in Cincinnati with my kid!

by heidipie 8 years ago

Greetings, Fortune has granted that my 8-year-old daughter and I will be spending January 9-19 in Cincinnati. We will spend two hours each day at the main campus of the Children's Hospital (noth...

Fishmonger in Greater Cincinnati?

by rayzer 11 years ago

Hello all, looking for a reliable fishmonger in and around the Greater Cincy area. I'm planning on making some sushi and need as fresh as i can get. Also, looking to buy some fresh oysters as we...

Cincinnati -- north of downtown

by gbailey75 7 years ago

Looking for a great dinner for Miami University child/student; would prefer avoiding going all the way downtown Cincy on a Friday night. No particular cuisine -- just great good.

Sausage Parm in Cincinnati?

by TJ Jackson 7 years ago

Cincinnati isn't known for great (or even good) red sauce italian joints, and not a lot of them have a sausage parm (or sausage and peppers) sandwich, but I am on the hunt for a good one Best I ...

recommendations for cincinnati for floridians on a quick 2 day visit

by ruready 7 years ago

we are headed to cincy tomorrow - july 9th - for a quick 2 day visit....we would appreciate a few recs....just darn good food for lunch and dinner...we have a skyline chili here in the Clearwater, ...

Cincinnati Asian

by nashnative 7 years ago

Any recommendations for Asian food in Cincinnati: Indian (I miss Cumin), Chinese, Thai?

Best chicken wings in Cincinnati?

by johnbycz 14 years ago

Any thoughts? I've got a few haunts I enjoy -- Anderson Township Pub, for one. The Back Porch has good wings from what I remember, but I haven't been there in a while. My general impression any...

Downtown Cincinnati -- Walking distance to U.S. Bank Arena

by gbailey75 7 years ago

Looking for pre-concert recommendations on a Tuesday evening -- downtown -- close enough to walk to the arena -- doesn't need to be four-star -- gastropub food is fine; so is Italian, American ... ...

Hound-worthy and mid-priced in Cincinnati?

by jdwdeville 7 years ago

Hi 'Nati hounds, Visiting the in-laws for a week over the holidays, and I need some damn good, hound-worthy eats in a medium price range. We initially had a reservation for Jean-Roberts Table, but...

Cincinnati - Russian delis?

by cresyd 8 years ago

Are there any Russian delis in Cincinnati - and if there are, are they any good?

Birthday Dinner in Cincinnati - French food?

by natalienoods 8 years ago

I'm taking my mother to Cincinnati for her birthday. We are looking for a restaurant at which to celebrate her birthday on this Saturday night (the 21st). Ideally we would like to find some French ...

Cincinnati (West Chester) Thursday night

pete k
by pete k 8 years ago

Hounds, We will be making a pit stop Thursday night in Cincinnati and staying in the West Chester area. Can anyone recommend a decent option that will be family friendly with a two year old? I...

Cincinnati Area - Vietnamese Restaurants, especially Bahn Mi

by Lmrbest 8 years ago

Hi, any restaurants other than the one in Findlay Market serving Bahn Mi? Also, are there any Vietnamese Restaurants in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area that you really like? I am absolutely cravin...

Cincinnati airport area

by Michael H 8 years ago

I will be connecting through the Cincy airport with kids and have a very long layover. Any suggestions for lunch in the area? Nothing too fancy, but good.

Cincinnati chili and food trucks

by kasw 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I've been to Gold Star and we have Skyline here in Cleveland, but I've yet to try Camp Washington. I'll be in Sharonville the weekend of July 19-21 and am wondering if CW is worth t...

Vegetarian in Cincinnati

by IndyGirl 8 years ago

Hi everyone, I'll be in Cincinnati for almost two weeks, staying downtown. I will have a car. I am looking for places to eat dinner most nights. I'd prefer not to have to get my car out of the g...

GNO in June in Cincinnati - staying at 21c Hotel

by gina2178 8 years ago

Myself & my cousin are spending 24 hours in Cincinnati on a Saturday night in June. Our hotel is 21c. We are in our mid-late thirties. I'm a foodie and my cousin is starting to become cautiously op...