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What Is the Difference Between Cincinnati, Texas and Classic Chili?

Chili is many things to many people, but let's drill down into a few specific styles and see: What is the difference between Texas chili, Cincinnati chili, and regular chili? Regardless of the details...

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Heads up on Scaleas near Cincinnati

by midwestskidude 18 years ago

I know I've seen good postings about Scaleas in the past and I used to agree, but we just ate there and the food was bad. Our tuna was frozen then microwaved then "seared" absolutely tasteless. N...

In Cincinnati - The World's or at Least the USA's Best Ice Cream

by Steve Cole 20 years ago

I'm new to Chowhound and was stunned to find that there was virtually no mention of Graeter's Ice Cream in Cincinnati. This ice cream is without comparison in the U.S. I have tried ice cream acros...

Cincinnati Chili?

by Howard Christies 19 years ago

I'll be visiting Cinn. for the first time soon and a local said I have to try this. Chili where I'm from (Texas) is beef, onions, jalapenos, cumin, garlic and chili powder. Is this stuff similar an...

Zip's Hamburgers in Cincinnati?

by Niki (Dayton OH) 18 years ago

Someone asked me if I'd heard of a place called Zip's in Cincinnati that supposedly has wonderful hamburgers. I haven't heard of it, but offered to post a query here on Chowhound to see if others ...

Sushi in Cincinnati?

by CCNasato 18 years ago

I will be moving to Cinci in 2 months. I've seen what you chowhounds have as recommendations and the thing I have noticed missing is SUSHI. Does it exist in Cinci?

Primavista -- Cincinnati

by Greg 18 years ago

Ate at Primavista this past Saturday. Service was good. View was great (though the windows were a bit fogged up). Food was outstanding. Primavista is a Northern Italian restaurant on the main l...


by Greg 18 years ago

Wife and I are visiting Cincinnati in a couple weeks to see my sister and her husband. They have a 1 1/2-year-old and as such, they don't get out much for a "real" dinner. The kid will be staying...

Breakfast/Brunch in Cincinnati?

by Lisa M.R. 18 years ago

Any good places for breakfast or brunch? Would prefer buffet style for brunch. Thanks

Wonderful Chinese in Cincinnati!!!! I'm sooo happy!!!!

by midwestskidude 18 years ago

Uncle Yips on Dixie Highway in Fairfield,OH is the tops in the midwest for me. If you love new york or san fran chinese this is the place. They specialize in seafood and do it wonderfully. The r...

Suggestions for Sharonville/Cincinnati

by dogbone 18 years ago

Anyone have any recommendations for the area around Sharonville (Cincinnati)?

Cincinnati's New Year's Eve?

by SizzlingJoe 19 years ago

I'm a SF chowhound transplanted here in Cincinnati. Flying out the fiance to spend New Year's Eve together... and usually we're at the House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. This year, we'll be b...

Best Thai restaurant in Cincinnati?

by Niki in Dayton 19 years ago

In your opinion, what's the best Thai restaurant in the Cinci area? I've only been to Suk Ho Thai in Montgomery, and to Arioli Dee in downtown Cinci. I heard that the Lemon Tree in Montgomery was...

SW of Cincinnati: Food and Markets?

by jpenca 19 years ago

I will be on an assignment in Lawrenceburg, IN for several months and am looking for suggestions in the area between there and Cincinnati. I prefer casual, good food over atmosphere. Also would ...

Cincinnati Eats ?

by JB 19 years ago

Please, some REASONABLE and good eats in Cincy. Don't want the chili type places, but good food at a reasonable price. Thanks for your suggestions. We are staying in Silverton area.

New restaurant find in Cincinnati - Russian

by sudiepav 19 years ago

Last Friday, we went out to a new place recommended to my husband by a Russian customer of his. It's called Peters' Burg, and while I don't know Russian food, this was delicious. I had Gulyash, a...

sri lankan restaurant in cincinnati

by dw 21 years ago

i just read a rave review about a sri lankan restaurant called "aralia" in cincinnati. anyone been there? it sounds enticing. Aralia 815 Elm St. 513-723-1217

Grand Oriental - Cincinnati - Dim sum again

by SBCochran 19 years ago

After a one year hiatus without dim sum service because of re-retirement of its dim sum chef, this full menu restaurant is again serving GOOD dim sum from carts on Sat and Sun from 1000-1400h. The...

Cincinnati and Vienna Beef Hot Dogs?

by Daniel 20 years ago

Is anyone aware of any grocery stores that sell Vienna Beef Hot Dogs in the Cincinnati area like those used for Chicago style hot dogs? Thanks for any replies.

cincinnati 5-way chili

by scott 19 years ago

I'd love some recommendations on where to sample the best 5-way chili in town. I need to compare and contrast, so multiple suggestions would be most welcome.

CA. Seeks Great Food in Cincinnati

by Joan Zoloth 19 years ago

A group of food saavy No Californians are visiting- what is not to miss and a must try?? We are near Harsha LAKE

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