Get Cozy with Crock-Pot Cocktails This Holiday Season

Crock-Pot cocktails lie at the ideal intersection between festive and no-fuss, and there are so many options for slow cooker drinks. Mulled wine, spiced cider, and wassail—oh, my. Eggnog lattes, gingerbread...

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Unpasteurized cider in Connecticut?

by MissNikki 17 years ago

Is there a cider mill ANYWHERE that makes really excellent RAW (crucial!!!)cider anymore? My mother's family owned a cider mill for like 150 yrs, so I am verrrry particular about cider, nothing ...

greek yogurt and spanish cider

by Dan 17 years ago

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether there is a place in Greektown, or Chicago generally, where one can get really good Greek yogurt. I had some at this place in New York called The Yoghurt Place...

B. F. Clyde's Cider Mill

by Melyna 17 years ago

Recommendation for a fall outing: Spend a weekend afternoon at B. F. Clyde's Cider Mill in Old Mystic, CT. This place is great. They've been pressing their own cider for something around 100 years,...

You Spice up My Cider...???

by Pappy 17 years ago

We're having a big "picnic" dinner for the whole neighborhood the week after next. Along with soda, beer and wine, I'd like to serve coffee and warm apple cider in case it gets a little chilly tha...

Thompsons Cider Mill in Croton on Hudson

by lnwaif 17 years ago

Thompsons is now open again. This is a tiny cider mill lovingly cared for and open only on weekends. Near tea town reservation. The owners carefully try to match apple styles with individual tast...

Fresh cider in So. Cal.?

by C. Silk 17 years ago

Does anybody know where I can find freshly pressed apple cider here in Southern California? I grew up on the east coast, so autumn for me is a time to buy cider in the produce section of the grocer...

Apple Cider

by Bride of the Juggler 17 years ago

Where else can we try local cider besides the apple lady at the 17th and South farm market and Linvilla Orchards? My husband loves the super-strong cider from Delicious Orchards in Monmouth area of...

Truly great Apple Cider?

by Dave 18 years ago

The best apple cider I've had was personally pressed at home within an hour of a pick-your-own-apple session at Linvilla's. The second best was the one I grew up with -- Delicious Orchards in Co...

Unpasteurized Cider

by M-L. 19 years ago

Some time ago there was a request for a source for unpasteurized cider. I replied to that, but that source closes for winter. On Sunday, I bought fresh cider at Soon's Orchard, open year-round, o...

Cider donuts

by Michael B. 18 years ago

Where are the best (freshly made) cider donuts within an hour or two of Boston? I've had the ones at Goodale Orchards (near Crane's Beach) and I wasn't that impressed. Hot and fresh, to be sure, bu...

Apple Cider

by davy 18 years ago

Hey Chowhounds, East coast transplant here and been searching for good apple cider. Back east you can find cider in most supermarkets. I happen to come across some at the SM farmers market but it w...

Best Apple Cider Cinnamon Donuts?

by Kate 18 years ago

I love a good heavy cake donut, especially the apple cider donuts that come out around this year, and of those, especially the ones with cinnamon sugar on top. Where can I find them without going ...

cider doughnuts

by tara 18 years ago

i checked out past threads on the msg board regarding cider doughnuts in nyc, but having not found conclusive answers, i thought i'd raise the issue again. and since they're in season now, i though...

Long Island cider mills?

by FattailS 18 years ago

i have the opportunity of being on long island with a car this weekend and was wondering if there are any cider mills on long island. actually, i'm not sure there are cider mills anywhere in the ...

hard cider recommendations?

by jen kalb 18 years ago

The hard cider thread made me think - of the commercially available hard ciders, which ones do chowhounds like best? We have liked Woodchuck quite a lot but are there others in the US that are eq...

The bad and good news about apple cider

by Jonathan S. White, Cheesemaker 19 years ago

If you've tried to buy cider in a store this year, you've probably noticed that it is virtually impossible to find anything other than pasteurized cider, which is salmony in color, gloopy in textur...

Thompson's Cider Mill

by abigail 20 years ago

Thanksgiving is the last weekend for Thompson's Cider Mill. This is a wonderful family run operation where the owner gives you a knife to try all his different apples, gives out taste samples of h...

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