We Taste-Tested 7 New Drinks and Our Favorite May Surprise You

Nutritionists tout that the key to a healthy lifestyle is hydration, which is precisely why we held a beverage taste test in the Chowhound office to determine which new drinks were the best on the market...

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cider vs. juice

by Sandra W. 15 years ago

What exactly is the difference between apple cider (non alcoholic) and apple juice? Can't seem to get a definitive answer.

ISO Hot Cider near Wollman rink

by jgrass 15 years ago

Hi, Have a night out with the girls planned, and will be skating over at Wollman rink this weekend. We would like to go to a casual bar afterwards for spiked apple cider drinks. Does anyone kno...

Which Cider for Basting?

by TanQ10 15 years ago

I've got a recipe that uses apple cider for the basting liquid. At the local grocery store, I can only find bottles of the clear, yellow liquid labelled as 'cider'. It looks like filtered apple jui...

Apple Cider

by Chulent Hound 15 years ago

Does anyone know where I can find kosher Apple Cider? Alternatively, does anyone know if apple cider requires a hechser?

recipe for chix braised in hard cider...

by abdul alhazred 15 years ago

anyone know a recipe for this? wanna make it this weekend. could be stove-top, oven, or crock-pot. tanks! abdul in nyc

local hard cider?

by snowflake 15 years ago

Where can you get some good farmhouse New England Style hard cider within an hour drive from the boston area? I'm looking to go pumpkin picking and pick up some good cider and cider donuts, any re...

Unpasteurized cider/Northern Spies

by curiousbaker 15 years ago

Anyone know of a source for either unpasteurized cider or Northern Spy apples via public transportation from Cambridge? Thanks.

Cider Mills? Especially Near NW Burbs

by debtro 15 years ago

Neighbors are burning their leaves, the air is chilly, and it's cider mill time! We just moved here a month ago. I grew up visiting cider mills every fall in the Detroit area, enjoying fresh presse...

Where can u get good buffalo wings and cider in Los Angeles?

by jg 15 years ago

Where can u get good buffalo wings and cider in Los Angeles? Westside is better.

Cider vs juice

by koshermaven 16 years ago

Apple juice requires a hashgocha because clarifying agents might be added. I don't know if the risk is any less with cider in particular, but the clarifier often used in juice is called chitosan wh...

No more unpastuerized cider?

by Bookhall 16 years ago

I hear that starting Jan. 1, 2004, it will no longer be legal to sell unpastuerized cider in PA. I'm sure I'm not the only one who looks forward to fall, and that first batch of great cider from ...

Strawberry Cider...and other unique blends

by Elle 16 years ago

I was just wondering where I could find Strawberry Cider or some of the other less common flavors than the Martinellis Apple. I am looking for an alternative for my friends that don't drink. I woul...

Apple Cider

by eastcoaster 16 years ago

ISO fresh apple cider. I've read previous posts suggesting locations that are a bit out of the way fo me (I live in Miracle Mile). Any suggestions for farmers markets or supermarkets that sell gr...

ISO Apple Cider served in SF Chinatown

by Lion Dancer 16 years ago

The restaurants in San Francisco's Chinatown serve a brand of apple cider I can't find in the supermarkets where I live in Los Angeles, but I like it more than the cheap Martinelli's or other brand...

Apple Cider - The Real Stuff

by J & J 16 years ago

Has anyone tried the cider at the Montgomery Farm farmstand on 9G in Red Hook? It is made there, without preservatives for the first time this year and it is the best I have had in a long time. F...

Breezy Hill Cider/Pies

by Jimmyjazz 16 years ago

I went to this Octoberfest event at Chelsea Piers last weekend. It was a real old-fashjioned German hoe-down lots of beer and other goodies, notably some of the best cider and apple pie I've ever t...

Hard Cider (Dutchess, Columbia, Ulster or Greene county)

by elvislives 16 years ago

Hi - I'm looking for a cidar mill (in Dutchess, Columbia, Ulster or Greene County) that makes their own hard cider. We found one out in Sullivan County that was wonderful - would like to find one w...

Thompson's Cider Mill

by foxy lettuce 16 years ago

Hi, does anyone know if this place has cider donuts? looking for a good place to pick apples and that has good donuts...thanks

Fresh Cider Pressing in Sterling, IL (long)

by Cathy2 16 years ago

A few weeks ago, I met Erik on a Cider production run in the vicinity of Sterling, Illinois. Sterling is west of Dixon and the twin city to Rock Falls. The exit on I-88 for Sterling/Rock Falls is...

cider donuts without the wait?

by bluebird 16 years ago

went to shelburne farms in stow and waited 45 min for great donuts. i'm wondering if there are any other orchards that serve hot cider donuts with fewer lines?

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